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Tairona culture, Colombia, c. 1000-1500 AD. Charming bone staff terminal in the form of a seated pelican with cross design on either side. Nice orange-brown coloration from age and mineral deposits. Small trace of red pigment below tail of pelican. A minor repair at feet and another at the bird’s neck, otherwise a nice piece! H: 3 3/4" (9.8 cm). #0310304: $399

Ancient Mexico. Chinesco, c. 50 – 200 AD. Interesting ceramic figure of a seated female. H: 5" (126 mm ). Legs widely splayed, her arms curved, hands on her hips. Her nose and breasts are raised, with traces of red pigment around her neck, face, waist, and pubic area. She wears large earspools and a tall curved headdress. With mineral deposits and some repair. From the estate of Fred Eisernam - Houston, TX. #PR2072: $175

Jamacoaque culture, Ecuador, c. 900-1200 AD. Beautiful terracotta maskette. Nicely detailed with highly burnished surfaces. Intact with good age deposits and great style. Measures 3" (7.7 cm). Mounted on custom stand. See Labbe, "Columbia Before Columbus" for similar example. Ex East Coast collection. #1210358-2: $325

Colombia, Tairona culture 1000 - 1500 AD.
Lovely group of 10 Tairona zoomorphic pendants, 3/8" - 3/4" long, made from nicely colored jasper and agate. Superbly detailed, includes monkeys and felines. Ex-East Coast museum deaccession. #14302: $50 each / $375 for the group.

Colombia, Tairona culture, 1st-11th century AD. Large deep dish with finely-etched linear designs. 7 1/4" dia. x 4 1/4" tall. Old museum numbers inked in red on base. Nice substantial piece, could still be used to store or display dry goods! ex-Museum deaccession; ex-Arte Xibalba, FL. #PRC272: $225

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Manteno, Ecuador
1000-1500 AD

Manteno, Ecuador 1000-1500 AD

Wooden Santos figures from Mexico & Central America

Costa Rican Jade Pendants
c. 500 BC-1000 AD

Manteno, Ecuador
1000-1500 AD