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Phoenician, c. 8th - 5th Century BC. Nice carved bracelet terminal in the form of a lion. Beautifully carved with exquisite style and detail, a band of acanthus leaves around the neck, tiny hole drilled through mouth for suspension. L: 7/8" (2.3cm). A superb example of ancient stone carving! Ex Los Angeles private collection. #AG2052: $599

Ancient Phoenicia, 1st-2nd century AD.
Tall terracotta unguentarium or oil vial. Nice remains of red painted stripe around top of neck and rim. Large 162 mm (6 3/8") tall. Repaired at the neck. #901271x2: $299

Phoenicia, Byblos. King Adramalek, c 4th Century BC. Silver 1/8 Shekel. Galley left with two hoplites; hippocamp below / Lion left, attacking a bull, Phoenician script around. ref: BMC 10, SG 6010. Tiny 9 mm, 0.35 g! ex-Malter Galleries, Encino CA. #CG2078: $99

Phoenicia, Tyre. 113-112 BC. Bronze AE16. Turreted head of Tyche right / Astarte standing left on galley, date across, TY monogram of Tyre to left, Phoenician inscription below. ref: BMC 248, Sear 5922v. 16 mm, 2.73 g. ex-Colosseum Coin Exchange. Gorgeous patina, excellent detail! #CG2077: $225

Phoenicia, Arados, 400-350 BC. Silver 1/12 stater. Wreathed and bearded head of Melkart right / Galley to right; eye on prow, OX above. ref: BMC 45, Sear 5973. Tiny 9 mm, 0.76 g. A mini-masterpiece! Truly a beautiful example. #CG2076: $199 SOLD

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Phoenicia, c. 3rd - 1st century BC
Lovely Phoenician glass miniature jug. Beautiful black glass with multi-colored "mosaic" glass globular decorations overall. Bright hues of yellow, red, orange, green and white. Expertly repaired from three pieces. Measures 25 mm tall. #3775: $299

Ancient Phoenician glass-bead earrings! 3rd-1st century BC. Made of green glass with concentric-circle white "eyes". Very cool. Some dings in the beads but very rare. On gold-fill earring hooks and findings. 51 mm (2"). #21414x2: $175 SOLD

Ancient Phoenician glass-bead earrings! 3rd-1st century BC. Made of swirled red, white & yellow glass. On gold-fill earring hooks and findings. Excellent! 55 mm (2 1/8") top to bottom. #21406x2: $175 SOLD
Phoenicia, Tyre. 15-16 AD. Bronze drachm. Head of Tyche right, palm-branch behind. / Galley left, with prow terminating in volute and aphlastron at stern. Inscription above. ref: BMC Phoenicia 256.. 20 mm, 5.59 g. #CG2040x2: $150 SOLD

Late Greek-Phoenician, Eastern Mediterranean, c. 4th - 5th Century. Nice redware oil lamp.T he body decorated with incised lines and the nozzle strait with rounded tip, bottom flattened with incised ring base. 3 1/8" (7.9 cm). Intact, nice example of the type. Ex Charles Ryan collection, early 20th Century. #A13247-0011x2: $225 SOLD