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Byzantine Empire, c. 10th - 12th Century AD. A lovely Byzantine bronze applique of the Virgin Mary. Depicted with her arms outstretched, a pin for mounting at back. Dimensions: 1 1/4 x 1 1/8" (3.5 x 3 cm). Nicely patinated. Ex Los Angeles private collection. #AB2027: $299

Medieval Europe, c. 8th-12th century AD. Neat bronze icon pendant depicting the Virgin Mary with arms upraised "orans", baby Jesus in her lap. Set into custom silver bezel. 22mm total diameter, weighs 3.08 grams (total). Olive-green patina. Artifact ex-London, UK gallery. #AM2224: $325

Byzantine Empire, c. 8th-11th century AD. Interesting bronze central element of a processional cross. This cross-bar would have likely held long wooden or inlaid cross terminals. 1 1/8" (2.9 cm). Intact with minor chips, deep olive-green patina and some earthen deposits. A rare and interesting piece! Ex Texas private collection. #AB2006: $85

Late Roman / Byzantine, c. 7th - 8th Century AD. Fantastic ceramic oil lamp with a cross! Decorated with laurel-wreath around the shoulder and beautiful cross between the wick and
fill-hole. Small ring base and knob handle. L: 3 1/4" (8.3 cm). Cf. Bussière, Rivel Coll. No. 350. Intact and well-preserved. ex-J. Rilling private collection, Orange County, CA. #AB2010: $499

Byzantine Empire, c. 5th - 6th Century AD. Great Byzantine ceramic oil lamp. Ovoid in shape with sharp carination, angled ridge around wick-hole and fill-hole, which is also bordered by a ring of vertical lines, two raised circles on spout. The handle triangular with a stylized male head in high relief, ring base on bottom. Some charring still evident on spout from use. L: 4 1/2" (11.3 cm). Ex New Orleans private collection. #AB2022: $325

Byzantine Empire, c. 8th-12th century AD. Fantastic and absolutely huge bronze buckle. Heavily detailed with ornate raised designs, with a central medallion where a semi-precious stone or glass inlay would have once been. Tip of hook broken off, otherwise intact with great olive-green patina. 65 mm (2 5/8"). ex-Los Angeles, CA collection. #AB2018: $125

Late Roman / Byzantine, c. 7th - 8th Century AD. Fantastic ceramic oil lamp with a cross! Decorated with raised cross on spout, vertical ridges around the shoulder, small knob handle. (L: 4 1/2" (11.7 cm). Intact with light earthen deposits. ex-J. Rilling private collection, Orange County, CA. #AB2008: $450

Byzantine Empire, c. late 6th Century AD. Great and large Byzantine terracotta jug. Intact with light earthen deposits. H: 7 1/8" (18.1 cm). Ex Dr. Gilles collection, Germany, acquired prior to 1970. Faded antique collection tag on handle (stand not included). #A11045: $399

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Byzantine, 6th - 7th Century AD. An attractive light blue-green mold-blown jar with body consisting of four sides, each with a central lozenge pattern, and raised ring base. The neck is tubular and straight with ground rim. Some repair. 2 3/4” (7 cm) tall. Ex Boston Museum of Fine Arts, deaccession. #0910-129: $350 SOLD

Late Roman / Early Byzantine bronze scale-weight. 5th-9th century AD. Beautiful piece with classic early Christian fish and "Beta" inscribed. White inlay still visible in details. 23 mm diameter, weighs 53.1 grams. #byz690: $125 SOLD

Byzantine Empire, 8th-11th century AD. Long bronze priest's wand. Used to anoint a drop of Holy water to the forehead of the devout. Very nice condition for these, an excellent display piece! From my own personal collection. 199 mm (7 7/8") long! #54167: $399 SOLD

Byzantine Empire, c. 8th-11th century AD. Fantastic bronze buckle in the shape of a cross. The front cross element attached loosely to the backplate by one rivet, the buckle hoop and pin still move freely. I would not suggest wearing this but it would go perfectly in one of my frames! Measures 53 mm (2 1/8"). Great brassy patina. #AM2071: $325 SOLD

Eastern Mediterranean, c. 7th - 9th Century AD. Great grey-ware amphora. The body near round, the base tapering to a disk foot. The neck is narrow with collared mouth and thick lip, the handles joining just below the collar from the shoulder. H: 10 3/4" (27.3 cm). Intact with light deposits. A few areas of iron staining, perhaps from the chain which supported the stopper or held it onto the deck of a ship. Ex Donald Simmounds collection, UK. A very attractive display-piece! #AH2222: $750 SOLD

Byzantine Empire, c. 630-668 AD. Fantastic bronze ring engraved with the True Cross atop 2 steps. Likely made when the True Cross was returned to Constantinople after the Persians seized it in 630 AD, as indicated on gold coins of the period. Glossy olive-green patina. About a US size 8. #JR2218: $299 SOLD

Byzantine Empire, late 6th - early 7th century AD. Fantastic clear glass flask with a cross, found in the Holy Land! Mold-blown, the body with six vertical registers, each side with two panels of chevrons framing a central cross above a funerary monument of columnar form. The neck is of tubular form with rim flattened inward, trail handles applied to each side in an 'S' style. H: 3 7/8" (9.8 cm). Area of loss on one side, otherwise a very rare and attractive piece with Christian symbolism. Cf. Constable-Maxwell, p. 180 for vessels from this same series; Ex English private collection. An interesting vessel thought to have been used as containers for holy oil and other substances by the Christians for funerary offerings and sold in Jerusalem to pilgrims (Cf. Barag, JGS, XII (19170), pp. 35-63 & Barag, JGS, XIII, (1971), pp. 45-63). #0611167x2: $975 SOLD

Late Roman / Byzantine, c. 4th-6th century AD. Great bronze buckle in the form of a cross. Intact but pin fused in place. Olive-green patina. 45 mm (1 3/4"). ex-Dudley Short collection, UK. #AR2100x2: $175 SOLD

Byzantine Empire, c. 8th - 10th Century AD. Excellent terracotta "Greek Fire" hand grenade. Nice rounded form with nipple at base and black slip on the spout. H: 4" (10.2 cm). Intact with light earthen deposits. Ex Thomas Cotterill collection, early 19th Century, UK. #AB2004: $525 SOLD

Byzantine Empire, c. 8th-11th century AD. Incredible gold cross pendant. With central red stone or glass inlay surrounded with "braided" gold raised circular design, fine raised looped elements on the extremeties. H: 30 mm (1 3/16"), weighs 2.85 grams. Suspension loop intact. Perfectly preserved! ex-Tom Cederlind, Portland, OR. #JM2233: SOLD

Byzantine Empire, c. 7th-10th Century AD. A nice PAIR of small etched Carnelian beads. There are 2 here, a matched set. Nice light orangish-red color, with white painted details. Each 6-7 mm (1/4"). Ideal to be set into earrings! ex-Los Angeles, CA collection. #AB2020: $99/pair SOLD

Late Roman to Byzantine, c. 4th - 7th Century AD. Excellent bronze tool for rolling the edges of bread or pastries. The handle is looped for suspension and decorated with crossing incised lines, the grooved wheel spinning freely on an iron axel. Intact and still functional! An incredible interesting piece. L: 122 mm (4 3/4"). Ex Bedford, England private collection. #AR2329: $399 SOLD

Byzantine Empire, 5th-7th century AD> Fantastic large bronze buckle. Prominent cross in center, holes and crescent-shaped elements reminiscent of a face! Excellent green patina. 50 mm (1 15/16") and intact. ex-Los Angeles, CA collection. #AB2001: $225 SOLD

Byzantine, c. 580--640 AD.
Incredible gold wedding / marriage pendant. Depicts groom standing with bride, holding long cross between them. Greek inscription across bottom. Made with gold leaf over bronze backing. An exceptional and rare museum-quality piece! 23 mm (7/8 inch) tall. #gold7310: $925

Amazing Byzantine bronze belt buckle. 8th-11th century AD. Two original pieces, still fit nicely together. I've had this in my collection for years. Whole piece measures 85 mm. #278: $195 SOLD

Late Roman / Early Byzantine carnelian ring intaglio. Finely-rendered with elaborate monogram, inscribed in reverse to appear correct when impressed into a wax or clay seal. Used to seal important documents in ancient times. A very high quality intaglio! Measures 10 mm x 5 mm. #5083: $350 SOLD

Late Roman / Byzantine, 6th - 8th Century AD. Nice ceramic oil lamp, decorated with herringbone pattern on shoulder and nozzle. Small ring base and knob handle. L: 3 1/4" (8.3 cm). Cf. Bussière, Rivel Coll. No. 341. Intact and well-preserved. ex-J. Rilling private collection, Orange County, CA. #AB2011: $199 SOLD

Byzantine, c. 6th-8th century AD. Nice bronze bread stamp, with rotating suspension loop. ΛЄON around the inside of the square frame. 33x31mm. Nice olive-green patina, earthen deposits. Intact with a few light scratches. ex-CNG. #AB2012: $750 SOLD

Byzantine Empire, c. 8th-11th century AD. Bronze arrowhead. Green patina with heavy earthen deposits. Missing one barb (shown in center here). Remains of original wood shaft still inside! Very rare. 24 mm (15/16"). Ex Arizona private collection. #WP2143: $99 SOLD

Byzantine Empire, c. 7th - 9th Century AD. Gorgeous Byzantine bronze buckle plate with Christ. An attractive lyra-shaped buckle plate with the face of Christ, with cross in the halo, within a large circular frame, Apostles or saints within the smaller registers, all within a twisted border. L: 1 3/4" (4.3 cm). Great olive-green patina and earthen highlights. ex-Texas collection. #AB2005: $225 SOLD

Byzantine Empire, c. 8th-12th century AD. An absolutely stunning bronze icon pendant depicting the Virgin Mary, with arms upraised Orans, Baby Jesus in her lap! The suspension element at top depicts a male face looking down - perhaps the Heavenly Father? Measures 55x40 mm (2 1/8" x 1 1/2"). Olive-green patina, excellent detail! ex-London, UK gallery. #AM2139: $575 SOLD