Display Cases, Frames, Stands, Gift Boxes and Settings for Ancient Coins and Artifacts
Ask me about adding one of these nice products/upgrades to your order!

Clear Ring Bases for Artifacts

These work gret for displaying round-bottomed and unstable items with a mostly uniform, curved base. I have two sizes available which work for most of the applicable items I carry, but other sizes can be custom ordered.

Size 1: 1" high, 2" diameter. #SPACR012: $7
Size 2: 1" high, 2.5" diameter. #SPACR125: $8

Easel Stands
These sturdy little clear acrylic stands work great for propping up flat, rigid artifacts, the clear "security frames" shown at left on this page, and the small ones can be used to stand up the little clear "coin flips" that my ancient coins come in, making them easily viewable on a shelf!

The small one at left: H: 1.5", #SPME1: $3,
The medium sized one at center: H: 2 1/8", #SPME2: $6
The largest one shown at right, H: 3.375", #SPME3: out of stock.

Clear "Security Frames" for Low-Profile Artifacts
These screw-tight clear acrylic display frames work great for artifacts such as fragile papyrus fragments and Coptic Textile fragments.
Well worth the investment protecting these fragile items. #SPCF1: $10

Custom Armature Stands
I also have a top-notch stand maker who makes these amazing armature stands for certain artifacts. Please contact me for a quote.
I pulled these examples from various areas of my site... most are sold, but some examples can be seen below:

Ancient Egypt. Late Period, c. 664-525 BC. Large faience ushabti. H: 6" (15.2 cm).

Ancient Rome, c. 1st-3rd century AD. Bronze figure of Apollo.
H: 7 cm (2 3/4").

Fantastic Roman ceramic amphora, c. 4th Century AD.
H: 9 7/8" ( 25cm).

Every item comes with a 100% Lifetime Guarantee of Authenticity.

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Armature Stands. Adjustable stands of sturdy metal structural rod, with "T-arm" ends that can be cut and wrapped around a standing artifact. The structural rod can also be cut down to size. Black-lined acrylic base in varying widths. Ask for details. #SPTARM. SOLD OUT