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Medieval Europe. Luik (Liège). Chapter of St. Lambert. Copper Méreau (Token), dated 1686. Skull-and-crossbones left, ANNIVERSARIVM; date below / Crossed long bones; flames above and below, ECCLESI LEODI. 21mm, 5.00 g. ref: Dengis Me.01-05. Good VF, brown surfaces, planchet flaws. Extremely eerie! This is one I'd love to keep for my own collection. #CM2470: $450 SOLD

Medieval Nuremberg, copper "jetton" or reckining counter. 1586 Hans Krauwincel II Rose orb Jeton. Crowns & fleur-re-lys, HANNS KRAVWINCKEL IN NVRENB / Imperial orb with cross patty in a tressure with 3 main arches. 22 mm, 1.28 g. Holed in antiquity, flan a bit bent, with earthen deposits. #1262: $65

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Spanish occupied Netherlands. Massive silver "Patagon" dated 1635. Crowned St. Andrew's cross, crown above, fleece below, PHIL IIII D G HISP ET INDIAR REX / Crowned coat of arms on shield in collar of the Golden Fleece, ARCHID AVST DVX BVRG BRAB Z. Excellent clear date! Massive 43 mm, 28.06 g. #jw5204: $399 SOLD

Massive silver Dutch "Lion Daalder" dated 1634. The original silver dollar used in New Amsterdam (America)! Minted in Holland for trade in the 17th century, the Leeuwen-daalder was used in the original American colonies... the origin of the silver dollar. Armored knight with plume in helmet looking right, shield with lion. MO ARG PRO CON FOE BELG VIEST F / Rampart lion facing left, CONFIDENS DNO NON MOVETVR 1634. Outstanding, huge coin! 40 mm, 27.36 grams and thick! #jw5201: $299 SOLD

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Hoard of Medieval French silver coins
Feudal France, Middle Ages, 1093-1112 AD. Silver deniers. Found buried in an ancient leather satchel/purse in Northern France. SOLD OUT!