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After years of ancient coin and artifact collecting, and producing a series of ancient history documentaries for the History Channel,
I have compiled a list of "must-have" books... perfect for interested beginners, advanced collectors, and history buffs alike!
Here you can find the best prices on these books, read reviews, and purchase direct from!

The Complete Gods & Goddesses
of Ancient Egypt

Definitely a great resource for understanding the massive pantheon of Gods and Goddesses of Egypt, and all their symbolism. I use this all the time!

The Symbolic World of Egyptian Amulets
A beautiful book. Illustrates nicely the various types of amulets used in ancient Egypt, their meanings, and symbolism. High-quality photography, great museum pieces.

Greek & Roman Warfare: Hellinistic Greece to the Rise of Rome
A beautiful, in-depth look at the armor, weapons, and tactics of ancient Greece. A good reference book for specialists and beginners alike.

Ancient Coin Collecting
My first book on ancient coins... got me hooked! A great resource for beginners and collectors alike! Highly recommended.

Roman Coins & Their Values: Volume II
I use this book all the time. In-depth attribution of coins and emperors from Nerva through Severus Alexander (96 AD-235 AD).

Roman Coins & Their Values: Volume III
I use this book all the time too. Moving forward in history, this covers Maximinus through Carinus (235-285 AD). Excellent.

Roman Silver Coins
A fantastic and thorough look at silver coins during the dawn of Rome. From the early days as a Republic through the Age of Augustus.

A History of Rome
An overview of Roman life, history, art and culture from Augustus through Constantine the Great.

History of Greece & the Hellenistic World
Art and architecture, laws and leadership from the time of Homer through the conquests of Alexander the Great and Rome's rise to power.

Myths of the Greeks and Romans
A great overview of the various gods and goddesses of Greece and Rome, tracing their origins in fact and history, and religious myth.

The Forgotten Empire:
The World of Ancient Persia

A beautiful look at the many lost cultures of ancient Persia, the rise and fall of the world's greatest and largest ancient empires.

Cuneiform Texts and the Writing of History
Cuneiform -- the earliest form of writing-- explained. A great resource for beginners and experts alike.

A nice look at the Byzantine Empire and all its rich art, culture, iconography and history

Amulets of Ancient Egypt
A great reference book for understanding the various types of amulets revered by ancient Egyptians, from peasants to royalty.

Ancient Jewelry
You see all the ancient jewelry I offer on this site? This gorgeous book weill help you make sense of it all!

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