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Ancient Islamic Persia (Pre-Seljuq). Ghaznavids, AH 388-421 (998-1030 AD). Enormous silver Multiple Dirham coin struck under Yamin al-Dawla Abu'l-Qasim Mahmud, Andaraba (Andarab) mint. Struck AH 389 (998–999 AD). Citing Balkategin. Diameter: 46mm (1 3/4 inches!), 11.95 g. ref: Album 1608; ICV 1704. Toned, typical surface granularity, hints of hard green on obverse. VF. From the J. Eric Engstrom Collection; Ex-CNG. #CP2271: $399

Morocco, 1271 A.H. (1855 AD). Reign of Moulay 'Abd al-Rahman (1822-1859 AD). Cast copper falus. Seal of Solomon / Mint and date. 19 mm, 4.23 g. Catalog reference: KM 122b.1. Olive-green patina with earthen deposits. Nicer than photo! #CP2208: $99

Ancient Islamic, c. 8th-11th century AD. Gorgeous silver attachment. Square in form with raised, arch detail accented with red and light blue inlaid stones. Fine braided silver border around, and the finest coiled silver "hinge" I've ever seen on an artifact. A truly gorgeous little piece. 35x33 mm, weighs 7.09 g. Found in the Holy Land. ex-David Liebert, The Time Machine, New York. #AP2408: $199 SOLD

A mixed group of 25 Medieval Islamic silver and bronzes coins of varying types and places, spanning a thousand years! Largest 24mm in diameter. A good study group! Ex East Coast USA archeology professor’s collection. #CP2119G: $225/all SOLD

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Islamic Egypt. Fatimid Dynasty, c. 13th Century AD. Very large glazed pottery fragment, with partial inscription and geometric decoration in white, brown and green over a tan ground. 7 1/2" x 8 1/4" (19.1 x 21 cm). Ex Dr. Gilles collection, Germany, acquired in the 1950’s-60's. An awesome display-piece! #1011306: $525 SOLD
Medieval Islamic Hand-Grenade!

Time of the Crusades, Holy Land, c. 6th - 9th Century AD. Choice very large Islamic-period grey ware hand grenade! The body with stylized bands with what resembles seeds from a pomegranate, parallel grooves between each. Domed top with opening for flammable liquid and wick. H: 5 1/8" (13 cm). Intact , minor age crack. A beautiful example! Ex Orange County private collection. #A15176x2: $799

Ancient Islamic / Arabic, 10th - 12th Century AD. Fantastic Islamic glazed ceramic oil lamp, with circular body and small rounded spout and handle. L: 4 in (10.2 cm). Gorgeous blue-green color! Intact and well-preserved. ex-J. Rilling private collection, Orange County, CA. #AH2039: $299 SOLD

Islamic, c. 10th - 12th Century AD. Nice blue glazed ceramic oil lamp. Wheel made with flat base, the body rounded with raised ridge around the large fill-hole, spout tubular with angled nozzle, small tab handle. Reddish clay with much of the nice blue and green glaze remaining. 3 7/8" (99 mm) long and intact. ex-Detroit, MI collection. #AP2011: $250

Seljuqs of Rum. Kaykhusraw II, 1236-1245 AD. Silver dirham, Konya mint, struck 641 AH. 22.5 mm, 3.01 g. ref: Album-1218. Lion & sun, excellent strike, well centered, EF! ex Ruud Schuttenhelm collection; Ex-Stephen Album. Choice! #CP2046: SOLD

Early New Testament Verses
Written in Arabic

A superb Christian Book of Prayers from early 17th Century,
Written in Arabic!

Islamic Iran, Samanid Dynasty. Nasr II, 914-943 AD. Huge silver multiple dirham, [Ma'dan], ND mint. 'ayyar / khayr in obverse margin, hasbi rabbi above obverse field. Massive 42 mm, 6.02g. ref: A-1450, SNAT-384 (same dies!) Bold strike, lustrous EF, Rare! ex-Stephen Album collection. #CP2024: $450 SOLD

Islamic, c. 14th-16th century AD. Lovely small red glass ring stone. Each side with a central crescent and star, surrounded by 7 stars. Dia: 12.5 mm (1/2 inch). Holed through for suspension. Light earthen deposits. Ex Los Angeles private collection. #AP2124: $95 SOLD

Seljuk Turks, c. 12th - 13th Century AD. Time of the Crusades. Bronze ornament in the form of a stylized goat, with large almond eyes. Some loss to back legs, but an attractive and scarce piece. L: 2 1/2" (6.3 cm). Mounted on base. Much nicer in-hand than photo allows. Royal Athena Galleries, New York. #272109x2: $225

Ancient Islamic grenade! Near East, Islamic Period, c. 7th-9th Century AD. A terracotta ‘grenade’ in the form of a stylized fish. The body of the weapon has a fin-like backside and a small tail, raised and incised bands with rippling decorate the back. The lip is very thick with a narrow neck to tie a stopper. Intact, light yellowish earthen slip with some Arabic markings on one side. 3 7/8" (10 cm) long. Ex Henk Huffener 19th Century collection, UK. #0411149: $599 SOLD

Ancient Islamic, c. 7th-9th century AD. Molded blue glass jar. Round foot and top, but sides squared off with panels on each side. Each panel has a central oval "shield" detail with linear designs. Intact but with losses to neck and mouth. Bright white iridescent encrustation. 35 mm (1 3/8") tall. #901264: $175 SOLD

Large Islamic papyrus scroll fragment. Holy Land, c. 6th-7th century AD. Written in Arabic calligraphic script. H: 63 mm
(2 1/2"). Characters on both sides! Ex-Tom Cederlind Estate, Portland, OR. #AH2212: $350

Holy Land, c. 12th-14th Century AD. Rare and very large pair of Islamic bronze medical forceps with incised floral decoration. Nicely patinated and well-preserved! L: 8 1/4" (21.2cm). Absolutely huge and vert impressive. They still work! Ex-Israel Rosen collection, Tel Aviv; ex-Robert Deutsch, Archaeological Center, Israel. These were used by the Islamic community in the Holy Land during the Crusades! #AP2483: $425 SOLD