Ancient Islamic Coins for Sale:
Artuqids & Turkmen Dynasty, 1102-1233 AD
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Medieval Islamic. Seljuqs of Rum, Kay-Khusraw I (1205-1211 AD, 601-607 AH). Second reign. Bronze Fals. 7.35g. 29mm. King on horseback rt., long scepter over shoulder, star hehind / Titles of King. aVF and quite nice. #su-mtp535: $145

Turkomen, Zangids of Mosul, Izz al Din Mas'nud II. AE-Dirhem, 607 AH. mosul. Roman-type male bust diademed lt. / Inscription. 9.59g. 6h. 27mm. ref: Mitch. 1126; Album 1867. Nice contrast patina. #mtp547: $65

Ancient Islamic Artuqids of Mardin. 30 mm bronze. Rare beauty!
#artuq607: $185

Ancient Islamic Artuqids of Mardin. 22 mm bronze. Excellent detail, killer tone! #artuq608: $175

Ancient Islamic Artuqids of Mardin. HUGE 32 mm bronze.
#artuq610: $175

Ancient Islamic Artuqids of Mardin. 29 mm bronze. Stylized portrait. #artuq611: $175

Artuqids of Hisn Keyfa & Amid. Fakr al Din Kara Arslan. AE 29 mm dirhem of 560 A.H. obv: Bust of ruler 1/4 left. #artuq709: $125

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