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Mesopotamia is known as the 'Cradle of Western Civilization', and included the empires of Babylon, Sumer, and Assyria in ancient times. Its borders encompassed modern-day Iraq, southeastern Turkey and northeastern Syria. Its great empires were responsible for the origins of writing, urban planning, and agriculture, among many other accomplishments.

Sumerian and Mesopotamian artifacts are quite rare, and prized on the collector market. Because of this, countless destructive archaeological atrocities have been committed, including the pillaging of museums and looting of archaeological sites throughout the Middle East. This destruction must stop, and I hope that all of those ill-gotten artifacts find their way back to where they belong. Every single item I offer for sale here has been painstakingly authenticated and the legal origin of their source determined. These come from old private collections, museum deaccessions, and auctions with proven legal ownership outside their country of origin prior to 1970 and the UNESCO treaty. Enjoy!

Cuneiform Tablets
Mesopotamian, Sumerian, & Babylonian. c. 2800 - 1700 BC

The Ancient Animals of Noah's Ark
Sumerian amulets relating to the Flood story of the Biblical
Book of Genesis, and the Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh.


Mesopotamia, c. 2nd millennium BC. Fantastic group of very rare Mesopotamian sling bullets. Made of ceramic, they are rounded with pointed ends and quite heavy, capable of serious damage in the hands of the skilled Mesopotamian warriors. Sizes from 1 1/2" - 1 3/4" (36-46mm). Ex Royal Athena Galleries, New York City acquired on the London Art Market October 1989. $250 each
AP2105, AP2106 & AP2107
SOLD, AP2108 still available!

California Museum of Ancient Art De-accession!
Ancient Mesopotamia. Neo-Assyrian, c. 800 BC. A small Assyrian amphoriskos. Unglazed, the rounded body with disk base, narrow neck with collared rim and two strap handles. A nice example with incised decoration and light surface deposits. 3 3/4 in (9.5 cm). Ex-New Jersey private collection; Ex-California Museum of Ancient Art. #AP2244: $750

Ancient Mesopotamia. Old Babylonian, c. 1894-1595 BC. Fantastic steatite fragment. Deeply engraved with fine detail, this was likely part of the wall of a temple or other important structure. L: 56 mm (2 1/4"), H: 28 mm (1 1/16"), and 15 mm (9/16") thick! Nice dark to light grey color with excellent patina and light earthen deposits in the crevices. ex-Edgar J. Banks collection, Field Director from the Babylonian Expedition from the University of Chicago, American Consul to Bagdad, collected in the 1920's-1930's. Excellent display piece! #AP2036: $750

California Museum of Ancient Art De-accession!
Ancient Mesopotamia, c. 2nd Millennium BC. A rare steatite amulet in the form of a stylized axe. Nicely carved with central hole for suspension. 16 x 15mm. Excellent deep green color. Ex-East Coast private collection; Ex-California Museum of Ancient Art, acquired in 1989 (inv #0428). Very rare! #AP2270: $299


Ancient Sumeria. Uruk/Jemdet Nasr period, 3300-2900 BC. Incredible carved bone amulet of a human head. With stylized features, large eyes, pierced for suspension, toward what appears to be the bottom which is quite odd. Intended to be worn upside-down? Truly a mysterious, eerie, almost ghostly charm to this piece. Light earthen deposits in the features. H: 21 mm (13/16"). Rare! ref: Erlenmeyer, cat no. 318 for similar type. Ex-Thomas Bentley Cederlind estate, Portland, OR. #AP2261: $850

Ancient Sumeria/Mesopotamia. Old Babylonian, c. 1900 - 1750 BC. Great large terracotta seated figure of a goddess. She sits on her throne suckling an infant in the manner of the goddess Isis who suckles the young god Horus, who she cradles with her left arm. She wears long robes and is richly adorned with a diadem, earrings, necklaces and armlets. Extremely well-detailed features, light earthen deposits. H: 4 3/8” (11 cm). Ex-New Jersey estate. #AP2249: $750

Sumeria, Late Uruk/Jemdet Nasr Period, c. 3100 - 2900 BC. Great Sumerian black and white marble stamp seal. The base with multiple drill dots, hole lengthwise for suspension. 32x32mm. Ex Time Machine Company, New York. Very nice! #AP2143: $599

California Museum of Ancient Art De-accession! A gorgeous Sumerian creme and pink marble conical cup. Early Dynastic Period, c. 2500 BC. Wwell-hollowed with narrow flat bottom. An elegant example with attractive mineral deposits. H: 2 in (5 cm); Dia: 2 3/8 in (6 cm). Very rare. Ex-New Jersey private collection; Ex-California Museum of Ancient Art. #AP2243: $925

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Cuneiform Tablets
Mesopotamian, Sumerian, & Babylonian. 2800--1700 BC
Cuneiform Foundation Cones
Gudea of Lagash, 2144--2124 BC

Elegant Mesopotamian gypsum goblet, c. 2nd Millennium BC. A very large and substantial vessel carved of stone, likely reserved for a person of high importance or nobility in ancient Mesopotamia. Of cylindrical form with flaring lip resting on a short stem foot with disk-shaped base. Nice pale green color with grey, darker green and black speckling. H: 5 3/8" (13.7 cm). A rare and lovely piece, probably from the Euphrates valley. Ex Christie's New York, June 1997; ex-Royal Athena Gallery with Royal Athena/Jerome Eisenberg's tag. An excellent piece with stellar provenance! #AP2020: $3800 SOLD

Mesopotamia. Old Babylonian, c. 2000-1500 BC. Fantastic ceramic head from an important collection. With large angular nose and wide eyes, hair styled into a square plait at back of head and down to left shoulder, wide collar around neck. H: 1 3/4" (45 mm). Mounted on old metal disk base. Ex Wiltshire, UK private collection, from the estate of Amold Walter Lawrence, 1900-1991, younger brother of TE Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia). Historian who participated in, among others, the excavation of UR. Collected prior to WWII. #AP2118: $750 SOLD

Mesopotamia! Under Roman rule. Gordian III, 238-244 AD. Large bronze As struck at Carrhae, Mesopotamia. His laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right. / Veiled and turreted bust of Tyche left; Marsyas standing right on pedestal before. 28mm, 16.24g. ref: BMC 55-6. Lovely coin. #CR2572: $125 SOLD

Ancient Mesopotamia, c. 1st millennium BC. Neat ceramic fertility amulet. In the form of a stylized figure with wide headdress, holed through at top to be worn as a pendant. H: 25 mm (15/16"). Dark pinkish color. Ex-Thomas Bentley Cederlind estate, Portland, OR. #AP2263: $175 SOLD

Mesopotamia. Uruk / Jemdet Nasr- Dynastic period,
c. 3300-2350 BC. Shell amulet in the form of a human head, with deep-drilled eyes, triangular nose and wide mouth. 20 mm (3/4"). Ex-Thomas Bentley Cederlind estate, Portland, Oregon.
#AP2259: $525