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Ancient Mesopotamian and Sumerian Cuneiform Tablets For Sale
Old Babylonian and Ur III (c. 2150 -- 1700 BC)

Sumerian and Mesopotamian artifacts are quite rare, and prized on the collector market. Because of this, countless destructive archaeological atrocities have been committed, including the pillaging of museums and looting of archaeological sites throughout the Middle East. This destruction must stop, and I hope that all of those ill-gotten artifacts find their way back to where they belong. Every single item I offer for sale here has been painstakingly authenticated and the legal origin of their source determined. These come from old private collections, museum deaccessions, and auctions with proven legal ownership outside their country of origin prior to 1970 and the UNESCO treaty. Enjoy!

Ancient Sumeria/Mesopotamia. UR III period, 2100-2000 BC. Fantastic cuneiform tablet from an old collection. An administrative tablet recording the delivery of a total of 168 oxen and 10 cows on 12 days of the month. Probably for a festival of Enlil, but the ending is damaged, this bit is unclear. There are no personal names mentioned, this is a list of numbers of animals on a given day, ending with a total of the oxen and a total of the cows delivered. ex- Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Hamilton Carr collection, purchased on a trip to the Middle East in 1967-1968. #AP2269: $950

Every item comes with a 100% Lifetime Guarantee of Authenticity.

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Fine cuneiform tablet from the collection of Ernest Freemark (1882-1966), collected between 1913 - 1915

Sumerian, Ur Dynasty, from Umma, 2111 BC. Time of Biblical Abraham! Exquisite small cuneiform tablet. A Messenger Text, standard format listing quantities of beer, bread, oil, potash, garlic for “messengers” (couriers) who travelled among cities delivering offical goods and messages. The individuals named here are: Shu-Ishtar, Gi-nu-lum, x […..], and Ur-Sin. Month 7, the 4th day, Year Shu-Sin 3. Shu-Ishtar, Gi-nu-lum, x […..] and Ur-Sin). Month 7, the 4th day, Year Shu-Sin 3, from Umma. Beautiful surfaces with extremely fine, small cuneiform text. Measures 24x21x8 mm (7/8" x 13/16" x 5/16"). A mini masterpiece! Freemark reference #6 with his numbered tag inked on edge. Also included is Mr. Freemark’s handwritten envelope reading “No. 6 Sumerian Cuneiform Tablet 2117 BC Ur Dynasty, Time of Abraham." From the collection of Ernest Freemark (1882-1966), collected between 1913 and 1915; ex-R. Knickerbocker collection, New York, by descent (the famous Knickerbocker family of New York). Comes with a full copy of the envelope, letter, and identifications provided. This includes: Letter from the University of Michigan, dated April 29, 1952, from George G. Cameron, Chairman, Department of Near Eastern Studies. "Cuneiform Documents in the possession of E.C. Freemark, Elmore, Ohio." "The tablets were all rebaked and translated by Albrecht Goetze of Yale University". #AP2065: $950 SOLD

Ancient Sumeria/Mesopotamia. Ur III, c. 2055 - 1940 BC. Small Ur III cuneiform tablet, with six lines of cuneiform text on one side and three on the other. An administrative receipt for local commodities. 30 x 25mm (1 3/8” x 1”). Good color, light deposits. Ex-Collection of Professor Walter Davis. #AP2248: $499 SOLD