Ancient Mesopotamian and Sumerian Cuneiform Tablets For Sale
Old Babylonian and Ur III (c. 2150 -- 1700 BC)

Sumerian and Mesopotamian artifacts are quite rare, and prized on the collector market. Because of this, countless destructive archaeological atrocities have been committed, including the pillaging of museums and looting of archaeological sites throughout the Middle East. This destruction must stop, and I hope that all of those ill-gotten artifacts find their way back to where they belong. Every single item I offer for sale here has been painstakingly authenticated and the legal origin of their source determined. These come from old private collections, museum deaccessions, and auctions with proven legal ownership outside their country of origin prior to 1970 and the UNESCO treaty. Enjoy!

Ancient Sumeria/Mesopotamia. Ur III, c. 2037 - 2029 BC. Gorgeous Ur III Cuneiform tablet with fingerprints of the ancient maker! Neatly incised text recording the delivery of 15 talents of a plant (unin) from Ur-sagpae, delivered via Shakuge. Year: 'the (ceremonial) boat of Enki was fashioned.' = Shu-Suen year 2, c. 2036 BC. The characters perfectly preserved, the tablet with dark coloration likely from a fire. Fingerprints of the ancient maker visible on several sides. W: 1 1/4" (3.3 cm). Chip to one corner, mineral deposits throughout. Ex collection of Addis Finney, a chemical engineer from Akron, OH, whose professional career was based in Basil, Switzerland from 1935-1965. #AP2098: $1200
Just in!
A fantastic small collection of cuneiform tablets from the collection of Ernest Freemark (1882-1966), collected between 1913 and 1915; ex-R. Knickerbocker collection, New York, by descent.
Each with translation paperwork done in 1952. Photos available upon request!

Every item comes with a 100% Lifetime Guarantee of Authenticity.

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Sumeria/Mesopotamia, c. 2nd Millennium BC. Large terracotta fragment with cuneiform text. The incised characters neatly laced within five vertical columns. Measures 3 1/2" x 2 1/2", 1 1/2" thick! Very neat piece. ex-Sue McGovern, Sands of Time; Ex Paul Ilton collection, acquired prior to 1950. #AP2055: $475 SOLD