Ancient Persian Coins and Artifacts for Sale
Important: I am no longer able to ship items of Persian or Iranian origin outside the USA due to new amendments
to the US-Iran embargo and subsequent export restrictions. Shipping within the USA is not a problem.

White Huns / Hepthalites

Arab-Persian Coins, 654 - 1344 A.H.

Coins of Elymais, Persian Descendants of the Biblical Elamites

Sasanian Persian Stamp-seals

Ancient Persian Handwritten Documents:
Book of Kings (Shah-Nameh)

Ancient Persia, Achaemenid period, c. 5th-3rd century BC. Great bronze arm-fibula. The earliest "safety pin"! Big and chunky 52 mm (over 2 inches) with olive-green patina, earthen deposits. Pin repaired otherwise intact. #AP2025: $99

Amlash, ancient Persia, c. 7th – 6th century BC. Beautiful gold clothing ornament. Masterfully crafted from hammered sheet gold, with central raised boss and repoussé decoration. Dia: 3/4" (20 mm), 0.27 g. Perforated for attachment. Ex Taisei Gallery. Gorgeous! #AP2051: $250 SOLD

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Special: A pair of beautifully incised Antique Persian bronze bowls, 19th Century AD, each decorated with scenes of men and woman drinking amidst elaborate floral devices. An inscription runs around the rim of both vessels. Intact with incredible workmanship. 5 1/8" (13 cm) diameter. Ex English collection. #0910233: SOLD
Islamic Persia, c. 17th-18th century AD. Bronze ring set with a beautiful carnelian intaglio delicately engraved with beautiful Persian script. 31 mm tall, about a US size 8. ex-Southern California collection. #A110211x3: $175 SOLD

Special: Achaemenid, ancient Persia, c. 6th - 5th Century BC. Great silver head of a bull. With naturalistic features and round ornaments at the tip of each horn. Well preserved with great surfaces and an attractive dark tone. H: 1 1/2" (3.8 cm). Mounted on a custom lucite base. Ex Los Angeles private collection. #0611117: $625 SOLD

Special: Sasanian, ancient Persia/Iran, c. 3rd-6th Century AD. Gorgeous carnelian intaglio (ring seal). Depicts an animal with what appear to be tusks and a ridge down its back, possibly a boar.
Could still be set into a ring today! 9 mm (3/4") diameter, with great red tone. #272128x2: $199

Achaemenid Dynasty, ancient Persia. 5th-4th century BC. Fantastic silver plaque depicting a standing nude female figure, made in reposse. Nicely toned, and intact! Extremely rare. H: 18 mm (just under 3/4"), weighs 0.35 grams. ex-Los Angeles private collection. #AP2024: $375 SOLD