Ancient Sumerian Bead Jewelry
3,000 -- 2,000 BC.
Sumerians valued jewelry as a sign of status and wealth. Each bead was carved with great care, and drilled through with pinpoint accuracy, a stunning achievement given the technology available at the time. Most retain their original creamy white and rich black color, with some earthen deposits on the surfaces. These beads are from an old upstate New York collection, legally excavated in Syria in the 1960's. Re-strung on sturdy flexible wire with sterling silver clasps and findings, and are perfectly wearable.

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Sumerian bead necklaces:
Black and white stone and shell beads. Approx. 17 inches long but can be longer. #sum2903: $299 SOLD OUT

Sumerian bead earrings.
Stone and shell beads.

Type #1. #sum440: $199 / pair.
SOLD - Ask about alternates!

Sumerian bead bracelets.
Stone and shell beads.
Please indicate length required.
#sum2905: $199 each SOLD OUT

Earring type #2. On sterling silver or gold-plated surgical steel hooks and findings. #js2013: $195 / pair
SOLD - Ask about alternates!

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