Byzantine Lead Seals for Sale

Byzantine Lead Seal-bulla
8th-10th century AD. Three lines of Greek letters, left by the impression of a bronze seal. Used to seal an important document in antiquity.
15 mm diameter. #7802: $95

Byzantine Empire, 8th-10th century AD. Interesting lead seal


Roman Empire, 1st-4th century AD. Beautuful lead seal/bulla. Eagle with head turned left. Crescent above. Measures 17 mm. #bul18: $135 SOLD

Byzantine Empire, 8th-10th century AD. Beautuful lead seal. Depicts the nimbate bust of Christ on the front and the Christogram (Chi-Rho) ornamented with monogrtams on the back. Great contrast & detail! 20 mm tall. #7789: $175 SOLD

Byzantine xx. Large lead seal/bulla. Depicts a monogram which, when inverted, appears as a trident. The back is holed through where it would have been attached to a string, however the hole is now plugged up with earth. 28 mm (1 1/8") diameter. #7834: $150

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