Ancient/Pre-Columbian Artifacts:
Chancay Civilization, Peru, 1100--1450 AD

All of these Pre-Columbian artifacts were legally and ethically acquired, coming from old American and European collections, museum deaccessions and auctions throughout the US and Europe prior to UNESCO and subsequent international trade laws. Every item is painstakingly screened for authenticity and legality. Provenance is not always listed in every item description due to restricted space, but is provided on the certificate of authenticity that accompanies each item. Enjoy!

Chancay, Peru, c. 1100-1450 AD. Lovely long textile sash. Intricately-woven colorful decorations throughout. One piece detached, but remarkably well-preserved and still quite flexible and soft! Total length (including detached piece): 51 cm (19 1/2 inches).
Ex-East Coast USA private collection. #PR2246: $299

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