Ancient/Pre-Columbian Artifacts:
Zapotec Civilization, Mesoamerica.

Zapotec, Mexico, c. 250 - 600 AD. Gorgeous large Zapotec fluted grey-ware vessel, with incised decoration around the base of the neck. H: 8 1/2" (21.6 cm). Rare, restored chip on rim, otherwise intact. ex-B. Schneider private collection, San Diego County, CA; Ex Kim Martindale Gallery, Venice, CA. #PR2094: $525

Zapotec, c. 500 - 800 AD. Excellent Zapotec head fragment from Oaxaca, Mexico. Depicts the face of a masked deity, perhaps the God Cocijo. Beautifully detailed, with strong mineral deposits and find site inscription. W: 2-3/4", mounted on base. From the estate of Joe Magor, Chicago, IL, collected in the mid-1960's. #PR2182: $225

Zapotec Mexico, c. 100 - 500 AD. Neat Zapotec head fragment. Nicely detailed with decorated face and large headdress. Originally was part of a larger urn. W: 53 mm (2"). With custom base. Ex-Arte Xibalba, FL. #PR2251: $150

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