Authentic Ancient Mayan Artifacts for Sale

Mayan, c. 250 - 700 AD. Great and large Maya blade from Belize. A fine uni-face flint dagger or spear point with a bi-facially flaked tang. L: 16 cm (6 1/4”) with strong mineral deposits, edges still sharp! From the collection of Arthur Pecou, New Orleans, LA. #PR2269: $375

Maya, c. 400 - 700 AD. A large strand of huge Mayan ceramic beads from Honduras. The strand measures 27 1/2" (69.8 cm) long and consists of 20 unusually large ceramic beads, in earth tones from brown to reddish-pink, light earthen deposits. Found on Roatan Island in the 1960’s. Ex Medlin collection. #PR2125: $299

Ancient Mayan ear spool, c. 600 - 800 AD. Large terracotta ear spool / linear cruciform motif. 39x18 mm. Nice! #271014: $225

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Ancient Mayan, c. 400 -700 AD. An excellent Maya stamp from the Sula Valley of Honduras. This choice orange paste example depicts and ornately attired shaman holding a serpent. Deeply carved and beautifully detailed, good mineral deposits. H: 2 1/4". Ex Tribal Treasures Gallery. Cf. Schmidt 'Maya', page 565. #PR2265: $399

Mayan, c. 500 - 800 AD. Nice group of six Maya copper bells from Tazumal, El Salvadore. Each nicely detailed and formed part of the exclusive jewelry and ornamentation worn by elite individuals. Some still ring! Largest measures 1 1/8" high. Cf. Guzman, Museo National de Antropologia, page 118. Rare! Ex East Coast USA collection. #A09296: $175 each

Mayan, c. 400 – 700 AD. Fine Maya poison pot from Guatemala. This nice Portrait-type vessel depicts an individual adorned with large ear ornaments. The rim damage attests to the extensive usage as a snuff container. H: 67 mm (2-5/8"). Acquired at auction from the Clayton estate, Dallas, TX. A former US diplomat serving in Central America in the 1960's and 70's. Nice! #PR2240: $399 SOLD

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Excellent Maya stamp seal from the Sula Valley of Honduras, c. 600 - 800 AD. It is 2" in diameter and depicts Ozomatli, the God of Dance, surrounded by a rayed solar symbol. Nice deep-cut detail, good mineral deposits. Ex-Tribal Treasures Gallery #PR2157: $399 SOLD

A very attractive Mayan stone nose ornament from Guatemala, c. 250 - 700 AD. Nicely carved in translucent chalcedony, with six indentations around the edge. 2 7/8" x 3 1/4" (7.3 x 8.3 cm). Intact, light deposits. Mounted on a custom stand. Ex Midwest private collection. Nice display piece! #PR2073: $499 SOLD