Ancient Colima and Mexican Artifacts for Sale

Colima, West Mexico, c. 100 BC - 250 AD. A nice Colima female 'Bed Figure', depicted nude and strapped to a rectangular pallet with pillow beneath head and wearing a low headdress. The figure is beautifully detailed with expressive features and remains of red cinnabar on the entire piece. H: 3 3/4" (9.5 cm). Intact with light deposits, a very nice example! Ex Dr. J. Hilsabeck estate, acquired from the 1950's to early 1980's. #PR2112: $375

West Mexico, c. 300 BC - 300 AD. Small circular pottery vessel with three large holes in the sides and three round protrusions between them. Likely an ancient incense burner. Interesting little piece. 52 mm (2") wide, thick and sturdy construction. ex-Los Angeles, CA private collection. #PR2016: $145

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