Ancient Colima and Mexican Artifacts for Sale

West Mexico, c. 300 BC - 300 AD. Small circular pottery vessel with three large holes in the sides and three round protrusions between them. Likely an ancient incense burner. Interesting little piece. 52 mm (2") wide, thick and sturdy construction. ex-Los Angeles, CA private collection. #PR2016: $145

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Colima culture, west Mexico. 300 BC - 300 AD. Deep brown burnished terracotta ear spool. 34x22 mm. #271015: $175 SOLD

Colima culture, west Mexico. 300 BC - 300 AD. Deep brown burnished terracotta ear spool. 33x21 mm. #271016: $175 SOLD

West Mexico, 300 BC - 300 AD. Small handled vessel. Nice dark patina, likely burned in antiquity. 65x73 mm (2 1/2 x 3 1/4"). #PR2018: $125 SOLD

West Mexico, c. 300 BC - 300 AD. Small pottery vessel. Was once a tripod vessel but the three legs had been intentionally removed, probably to serve a different purpose. One edge has been burned in antiquity. One small surface crack, otherwise intact. Stands 50 mm (2") tall. #PR2017: $95 SOLD

Vera Cruz, Mexico. Xolalpan, 400 - 650 AD. Nice terracotta head of a man. Expressive eyes and mouth, large ears and hair in two curls upon his head. Broken off at neck from a larger statue, hollow inside. Nice reddish tone. Excellent detail. 32 mm ( 1 1/4") wide. #6310: $125 SOLD

Colima culture, west Mexico. 300 BC - 300 AD. Lovely terracotta whistle in the form of a bird. Still works, and makes a lovely tone when blown through! Stands 75 mm (3") tall. Ex Florida collection. #271010x2: $350 SOLD

Ancient West Mexico, c. 250 BC - 250 AD. Fantastic grey-ware ceramic whistle in the form of a bat! 58 mm (2 1/4") long and finely crafted. Still makes great sound when blown through! Original ceramic ball still inside. Ex Indiana private collection; ex-Malter Galleries, Encino, CA. #PR2035: $299 SOLD

Western Mexico, Nayarit and Jalisco areas. 200 BC-350 AD. Painted pottery tripod-bowl. Evidence of being burned on the bottom, nice red painted striped across the inside. Partial loss to one leg. Measures 5 1/2 x 3 1/4 inches. Nice, rustic art piece! ex-Los Angeles, Ca private collection. #trip74: $199 SOLD