Latin American Antiques and Icons:
Carved-Wood Santos Figures, 1775 - 1875 AD.

Polychrome and gilt female saint, 16th - 17th Century. Probably from Uruguay. An attractive piece with a stoic expression, both hands missing and some typical age cracks and chip to base. Traces of pigment throughout, nice blue coloration on robes on back. H: 9 3/4" (24.5 cm). #A13309: $425 SOLD

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Kneeling polychrome santo statue from Oaxaca, Mexico. Dates from the late 1700's. Measures 11 3/4" tall. #n2kk-2: 525

Choice wooden Santos depicting Jesus
Latin America, 17th - 18th Century. Beautifully carved with sensitive features, the arms are jointed at the elbows, wearing a simple black robe belted at the waist and black boots. Very large - measures 18 3/4" (47.8 cm) tall. Intact and nicely painted. Ex Los Angeles collection. A choice example in a superb state of preservation! #V0411227: $800