Ancient South American / Pre-Columbian Artifacts:
Moche and Chimu Culture, Ancient Peru. 200 - 1400 AD
All museum de-accessions and ex-private collections, acquired prior to 1960

Moche, Peru, c 400 - 700 AD. Great standing female figure. Depictes with hands held to chest, wearing long garment. Wide, expressive eyes, nice facial features. H: 5 1/2" (14 cm). Great reddish-orange color. ex-Lost Worlds artifacts. #PR2007: $299

Chimu, Peru, c. 1100-1450 AD. A nicely framed Inca textile, with animals amidst floral elements in vivid colors against a golden yellow ground. The primary character is a feline, likely a jaguar or puma (possibly a feline deity), surrounded by an agricultural/plant motif. The textile is professionally conserved and mounted with the label from the museum on the back side. Textile measures 10 3/4" x 2 3/4" (27.5 x 5.9 cm). The entire frame measures 15 5/8" x 6 1/2" (39.6 x 16.6 cm). Ex Santa Barbara Museum of Art deaccession, with original museum label with donor on back of frame. Museum catalog number; donor: "Gift of M/M E. C. Watson". Incorrectly catalogued as Egyptian. Gorgeous! #AE2276: $699

Ancient Peru. Moche, c. 200-700 AD. Fantastic ceramic figural pendant. 27 mm (1 1/16") tall, perforated through the top of the head for suspension. Gorgeous deep red-brown color. ex-Arte Xibalba; From the collection of Andrea Sarmiento - Miami, FL;
Ex Llerena family collection - Miami, FL. #PR2048: $225

A fine Chimu calero from Peru, c. 1100 - 1450 AD, made from a gourd and decorated with a carved neck made from other material. The dipper is carved from dark wood. Caleros were used to store and carry ground lime to chew with coca leaves. L: 6". Intact, with nice patina from usage and just minor insect damage. See: "Inca - Peru," p. 238, for similar examples from the Royal Art Museum in Brussels. A great piece! #0310315: $325

Chimu, Peru, c. 12th-15th century AD. Interesting carved-bone centerpiece from a balance scale. Nicely decorated with geometric perforations. Repaired at center, 1/3 restored. 104 mm (4 1/16"). Ex-East Coast USA collection. #PR2027: $125

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A nice Moche figural bottle from Peru, c. AD 400 – 700, depicting an individual adorned with large ear spools and a complex, segmented necklace with matching bracelets. His face is expressive, the arms are molded in relief along the chamber and his mantle is indicated with crisp incising. A very pleasing example and unusually well detailed for the type. 5 1/2". Good mineral deposits and calcification on the rear of the chamber. Ex Gallatin, TX estate. #PR2120: $399 SOLD

Ancient Peru. Moche, c. 400-600 AD. A choice Moche figure from Peru. Stands 4-1/2" high and depicts a musician playing a drum. He is adorned with a segmented necklace and has long incised hair flowing down his back. ex-Arte Xibalba; from the collection of Israel Pachenko, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, by descent from the M. San Marco estate, Houston, TX. #PR2088: $499 SOLD

Ancient Peru. Moche, c. 550-700 AD. A rare Northern style Moche V figurine, from Pacatnamu in the Jequetepeque Valley, Peru. This beautiful standing female is 6-7/8" high and is wearing layered clothing with ornamental collar and large ear ornaments. The arms are modeled in his relief and the downturned hands are extending from the body, a rare feature. Great paint and mineral deposits. Rare type. ex-Arte Xibalba; from the collection of Israel Pachenko, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, by descent from the M. San Marco estate, Houston, TX. #PR2090: $650 SOLD

Ancient Peru. Chimu, c. 1100 – 1450 AD. Excellent and huge Chimu figural vessel. Depicts a figure wearing a fancy headdress with matching necklace that has large pectoral ornaments dangling. His finely sculpted face is expressive and the arms are molded in relief over the top of the chamber. Nicely burnished, good mineral deposits. H: 197 mm 7-3/4". Choice detail! Acquired at auction from the Elizabeth Cohen Trust. #PR2242: $399 SOLD