Ancient/Pre-Columbian Artifacts:
Michoacan, Mexico. 800 - 1000 AD

All of these Pre-Columbian artifacts were legally and ethically acquired, coming from old American and European collections, museum deaccessions and auctions throughout the US and Europe prior to UNESCO and subsequent international trade laws. Every item is painstakingly screened for authenticity and legality. Provenance is not always listed in every item description due to restricted space, but is provided on the certificate of authenticity that accompanies each item. Enjoy!

Michoacan, Mexico, c. 800 - 1200 AD. Lovely large Michoacan orange-ware jar, with zoomorphic spout and a decorative swirl motive around the outside of the body, contrasting nicely with the vibrant burnished orange slip. H: 7 1/2" (19 cm); W: 7 1/2" (19 cm). Intact. ex-B. Schneider private collection, San Diego County, CA; Ex Dr. J. Hilsabeck Estate. Rare! #PR2093: $599

Michoacan, Mexico, c. 500 - 100 BC. A choice Michoacan standing pregnant 'Pretty Lady', depicted wearing a wide headdress, large ear spools and an elaborate necklace, she is wonderfully detailed with traces of original pigment. H: 3 1/2" (8.9 cm). Right leg with clean repair, otherwise intact with light mineral deposits. Ex Dr. J. Hilsabeck estate, acquired from the 1950's to early 1980's. #PR2114: $375 SOLD

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