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From the World Famous Philip Mitry Collection

A lovely necklace and earrings composed of Ancient Egyptian beads, with modern gold beads and findings.
The amazonite beads were sometimes referred to as green feldspar. They were used sparingly in jewelry, as most gemstone beads were considered to be of great value, used for royal jewelry and some scarabs. These beads were very popular during 18th Dynasty, especially during reign of King Thutmose III & IV who originally built the great Temple at Karnak. It was only in recent years the ancient amazonite quarries were discovered in Egypt. The Egyptian faience tube beads have a colorful glaze, getting green hues from the iron content, blue from copper salts. When they were fired at high temperatures, the glaze would form on the surface. These beads are 3500 yrs old, found in Upper Egypt, at a time when Egypt was thriving with abundant craftsmanship, writing, and new temples. The black glass beads are from Late Dynasty times when Egypt was under Roman rule. Found in Thebes, Upper Egypt, New Kingdom, circa 1500-1300 B.C. (Roman beads circa 300 B.C.-600 A.D. Also on the necklace are ancient Egyptian faience tube beads, and 4 handmade 14k gold beads (made to look as in ancient style), with new clasp of high quality vermeil (24k gold over SS). Matching earrings of same beads, with vermeil setting, & vermeil ear wires. A beautiful matching set and ready to wear. Length: 17 in (12.8 cm). The beads are from the Philip Mitry Collection and papers showing highly reputable provenance of Philip Mitry, and copy of brochure of his museum & shop in Cairo available with this jewelry set. #JE2025: $950 for the set


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