Ancient Egyptian Wood & Stucco Artifacts, Sarcophagus Pieces

All my Egyptian artifacts were legally exported from Egypt prior to the 1970 UNESCO treaty, and subsequent international trade laws regarding antiquities. The items are from old American and European collections and auctions.

Ancient Egypt, Third Intermediate Period c. 900-700 BC. Rare pair of very large Egyptian pieces of cartonnage from a sarcophagus. Forming part of the back of the head and shoulders with extremely well-preserved white and blue pigment bordered in vibrant red and yellow. Both pieces are linen with multiple layers of linen panels, which support the plaster and paint on the outside. The inside with several layers of mummy-wrappings with dark coloration from the bitumen and resin used during the mummification process. During the Third Intermediate Period the mummy was entirely encased in cartonnage and was laced up the back. The feet were open with a board covering them at the bottom. This example resembles examples found at Lahun. 31" x 11" and 32" x 9 1/2". Ex B.C. Antiques, Los Angeles, CA, closed during the 1970’s. #AE2438: $2500

Ancient Egypt, Middle Kingdom, c. 2061 – 1690 BC. Large and excellent Egyptian wood tomb figure of a man. Depicted wearing a short wig and kilt, his eyes large and original paint well preserved. Gorgeous color! H: 6 1/8 in (15.6 cm). Ex B.C. Antiques, Los Angeles, closed during the 1970’s. #AE2376: $1200

Ancient Egypt, 2nd - 1st Millennium BC. Rare Egyptian wood nail or dowel. Nicely patinated with antique collection labels still attached, one noting what seems to be the name 'Schafris'. L: 3 3/8 in (8.7 cm). Nice old-time collection piece. Ex North Yorkshire private collection. #AE2701: $250

Ancient Egypt, Late Period, c. 664-323 BC. Nice and large cartonnage fragment. Simple white color, the back with layers of mummy-wrappings with dark coloration from the bitumen and resin used during the mummification process. Measures 82x57 mm (3 3/8" x 2 1/8"). ex-B.C. Antiques, Los Angeles gallery, closed in the 1970's. #AE2384: $199 SOLD

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