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Crusades grenade! Near East, Islamic Period, c. 7th-9th Century AD. A terracotta ‘grenade’ in the form of a stylized fish. The body of the weapon has a fin-like backside and a small tail, raised and incised bands with rippling decorate the back. The lip is very thick with a narrow neck to tie a stopper. Intact, light yellowish earthen slip with some Arabic markings on one side. 3 7/8" (10 cm) long. Ex Henk Huffener 19th Century collection, UK. #0411149: $599

Byzantine Empire, c. 8th - 10th Century AD. Excellent terracotta "Greek Fire" hand grenade. Nice rounded form with nipple at base and black slip on the spout. H: 4" (10.2 cm). Intact with light earthen deposits. Ex Thomas Cotterill collection, early 19th Century, UK. #AB2004x2: $525 SOLD

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Spanish Bronze Age, 1000-700 BC. Bronze deltoid cast head, pointed barbs. 79 mm long and sharp! #mus12: $225 SOLD

Holy Land. Rare Canaanite bronze short sword, Late 2nd - early 1st Millennium BC. The blade with a heavy midrib, a long rectangular bar separating the angled shoulders of the blade and the top of the tang. Gorgeous light green patina. 15 5/8" (39.6 cm) long, and heavy! Intact with evident of repeated sharpening and use. Ex Los Angeles private collection. A13159x2: $975 SOLD
Holy Land. Bronze Age, 1st millennium BC. Bronze dagger blade. Narrow blade with midrib, the tang short with a hole for the attachment of a handle. 197 mm (7 3/4") long. Intact with nice red to green patina, some earthen deposits. Ex-Midwest USA museum deaccession. #WP2006x2: $275 SOLD

Holy Land. Bronze Age, c. 1500 - 1000 BC. Nice bronze socketed spear head. Long mid-rib and short socket. Still very sharp, with narrow blades from weathering and re-sharpening in antiquity. Nice brown "river" patina. Petrified wood remains inside the socket! Measures over 9 1/2" long. Very very cool. Ex-Midwest USA museum deaccession. #WP2007x2: $350 SOLD

Holy Land bronze spear-point, circa 1200 - 1000 BC. Biblical Palestine/Judaea. This fantastic genuine ancient weapon has survived Intact and untouched with a gorgeous blue-green crystalized azurite patina and age related encrustation. It has a prominent rased mid-rib terminating proximally into a rat tail handle. Fine engraved "V"-shaped design up the mid-rin on both sides. 103 mm (4 inches) long. Ex-Old English collection. #2x4847: $275 SOLD