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Philip V of Macedonia, 220-179 BC. Bronze drachm. Head of Herakles right, wearing lion skin / Horseman right, raising right arm in greeting, on horse prancing right. NL-E and star below. 17 mm, 5.48 g. #CG2019: $99

Bruttium, Brettian league. The Brettii, c. 211-208 BC. Bronze Reduced Semuncia. Winged bust of Nike right; thunderbolt below / Zeus driving galloping biga right; grape cluster below. ref: SNG ANS 112; Rutter, HN 1989v. 16 mm, 3.36 g. Nice detail, olive-green patina. #CR2043: $125

Ancient Greece. Pontos, Amisos, 120-63 BC. Bronze drachm. Aegis with head of gorgoneion in center / Nike advancing right, holding palm, AMI-SOU across. Monograms ME-So across fields. ref: SNG BMC Black Sea 1183. 22 mm, 6.32 g. #CG2016: $125

Ancient Greece. Pontos, Amisos, 120-63 BC. Bronze drachm. Aegis with head of gorgoneion in center / Nike advancing right, holding palm, AMI-SOU across. Monograms ME-So across fields. ref: SNG BMC Black Sea 1183. 22 mm, 7.46 g. #CG2017: $99

Ancient Greece. Sinope, Paphlagonia, c. 85-65 BC. Bronze drachm. Aegis with head of gorgoneion in center / Nike advancing right, holding palm, SIN-OP across. 20 mm, 6.75 g. ref: SNGCop 309v. Great detail, nice patina. #CG2018: $135

Greek Kings of the Bosporos. Asander, c. 47 - 17 BC. Bronze tetrachalkon, struck c. 47-43 BC. Young male head rt. / Prow of galley left, ARXONTOS ASANDR. ref: SNG BM I, Black Sea, pl. XXXVI, no. 964; Anokhin pl. 9, no. 224; RPC I. 1846. 21 mm, 6.03 g. #GVCG2054: $125

Ancient Greece. Parion, Mysia, 480 BC! Silver hemidrachm. Gorgon head with protruding tongue / Cruciform incuse with pellet in center. 13 mm and thick! ref: sear 3918. #0411: $45

Ancient Greece. Ephesus, Ionia, c. 202-183 BC. Bronze drachm. Stag standing rt., palm behind / Bee. 18 mm, 4.06 g. ref: BMC134. Nice patina. Stag very clear, bee a bit worn. #25186: $99

Ancient Greek Syria. Seleucia and Pieria. Antioch, under Roman rule, dated year 127 (Caesarean era) = 77-78 AD. Beautiful bronze coin. Turreted bust of Tyche rt., ANTIOXOXION / Garlanded and lighted altar, Greek inscription below. ref: RPC !!-2020, SNG Cop. 112. 19 mm, 5.38 g. Excellent black patina! #424646x2: $145

Seleucid Kings of Syria. Antiochus III, 223 - 187 BC. Bronze drachm. Head of Antiochus ight / Apollo seated left on omphalos, inscription around (mostly worn in antiquity). 23 mm, 8.01 g. #CG2039x2: $99

Seleucid Kings. Antiochos V. #0814

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Syracuse, Greek Sicily. Time of Hiketas, 289-288 BC. Bronze coin. Laureate, beardless bust of Zeus Hellanios right / Eagle standing upon thunder-bolt, wings open, SYPAKOSIWN. 23 mm, great emerald-green patina and sharp details. ref: Sear 1211, BMC 468. #0484: $95 SOLD

Euboia, Chalkis. c. 290 - 271 BC. AE-12. Facing bust of Hera wearing diadem. / Eagle with a snake in it's talons. 12 mm, 1.82g. ref: BCD 218. Nice black patina. #mtp382: $29

Sicily, Syracuse, Ancient Greece. 3rd century BC. Nice bronze obol. Head of Zeus rt, wearing low cap and beard / Goddess standing to left, holding long staff. Greek inscription "SYPAK..." around (SYRAC...). chunky 20 mm diameter. #279002: $45

Ancient Greece. Pella, Macedon, 2nd-1st century BC. Bronze 21mm coin. Helmeted head of Athena rt / Nike riding in biga (2-horse chariot) rt, stalk of grain and "PELLHS" below. #mtp325: $29 SOLD

Ancient Greece. Bruttium, Lokroi Epizephioi, 300-268 BC. Large bronze AE27 coin. Laureate, bearded bust of Zeus left / Eagle standing upon thunder-bolt, wings spread, cornucopia to left. "LOKPWN" around. 27 mm, 11.67 g. A large and absolutely gorgeous coin! #74116: $150 SOLD

Magnificent large Greek bronze coin. Greek Italy, Lokroi Epizephyrioi, 300-268 BC. AE-27. Head of Athena rt. in crested Corinthian helmet, LEY behind / Persephone enthroned left, holding phiale & sceptre surmounted by poppy-head. LOKPWN, two stars in upper field, before and behind. ref: sear666. Amazing emerald-green patina. A striking, large coin! #gr2b: $150 SOLD

Carthage, Zeugitana, 220-205 BC. Nice bronze AE18. Bust of Tanit left, wearing jewelry and hair up / Horse standing rt., tall date-palm tree behind. Amazing coin with sharp detail and nice patina. #0828: $199 SOLD

Ancient Greece. Maroneia, Thrace, 400-350 BC. Bronze coin. Horse prancing right, monogram below / MAR WNI TWN around three sides of linear square containing vines, YE monogram below. 15 mm. ref: sg1636. #5276: $99

Ancient Greece. Thessalian League, 196-146 BC. Bronze 17 mm coin. Helmeted head of Athena rt / Horse prancing rt, THESSALWN below. 6.20 g. Lovely coin in-hand! #mtp304: $60 SOLD

The Kingdom of Macedon, Kassander, c. 306-297 BC. AE-18. Head of Herakles rt. wearing lionskin. / BASILEWS KASSANDPOY, above & below youth on horse rt., grape leaf below. SNG Cop 1151. 18 mm, 5.62 g. Nice brown patina. #mtp523: $49 SOLD

Sicily, Syracuse, c. 395 BC. Huge bronze drachm. Head of Athena left, wearing Corinthian helmet, olie-wreath around / Sea-star between two dolphins. 31.28 mm, 29.8 g. ref: SNG ANS 454ff, Calciati #62. Outstanding example! #1301: $150
Ancient Greece. Thessaly, Larissa, 400 - 344 BC. Beautiful bronze drachm. Head of a nymph right, hair wreathed in ivy / Horse grazing left, LAR-ISEWN above. Lovely golden patina. 14.5 mm, 2.08 g. A mini masterpiece! #860601: $135 SOLD

Ancient Greece, Chalkis, Euboia. 340-330 BC. Bronze 15mm coin. Head of Hera rt. with hair rolled / Horse grazing rt. #0769: $35 SOLD
Ancient Greece. Bruttium, Lokroi Epizephyrioi. 281-272 BC. Time of Pyrrhos. Bronze coin, helmeted bust of Athena left / Pegasus springing to left. 22 mm, 8.05 g. ref: SNG ANS575. Pegasus. #215: $125 SOLD

Seleucid kingdom of Syria. Greek period. Apamea, Seleukis ad Pieria, mid-late 1st century BC. Bronze AE21. Helmeted bust of Athena rt. / Nike advancing L holding wreath. Greek inscription APAMAEON EIPAS KAI AYTONOMON. 21 mm, 8.32 g. ref: RPC 4338v. #27913: $95

Ancient Greece. Pitane, Mysia, 1st century BC. Small bronze coin. Head of Zeus-Ammon rt, with ram's horn / Pentagram (star). Very cool little piece. Blurry photo. Only 10 mm (3/8") diameter! #1308: $75 SOLD

Thrace, Maroneia. 2nd - 1st Century BC. AE-20. Head of Dionysos rt., wreathed with ivy. / Dionysos standing lt., holding grapes and 2 stalks of narthex. 6.01g, 20mm. Moushmov 3942. aVF. Gorgeous coin! Nice green patina. #mtp543: $99

Seleucid Kingdom. Alexander I Balas, 152-144 BC. Bronze AE23. Bust of Alexander I in Crested helmet / Nike standing left, crowning king's name, upside-down anchor, BASILEWS ALEXANDPOY. Beautiful black tone with desert-sand patina! #0778: $95 Sold?

Pontos, Amisos. Time of Mithradates VI, 85-56 BC. Beautiful bronze AE22.Aegis with Gorgon's head at center / Nike advancing rt. holding long palm branch, AMI-SOY with monograms around. Radiant golden patina! #0934: $95 SOLD

Ancient Greece. Euboia, Chalkis, c. 338-308 BC. Silver Drachm. Head of a nymph right / XAL, Eagle flying right, carrying serpent in talons, caduceus below. 17 mm, 3.39 g. ref: BMC 33. #CG2012: $99 SOLD

Ancient Greece. Euboia, Chalkis, c. 338-308 BC. Silver Drachm. Head of a nymph right / XAL, Eagle flying right, carrying serpent in talons, caduceus below. 17 mm, 3.14 g. ref: BMC 33. #CG2011: $125 SOLD

Ancient Greece, under Roman rule. Koinon, Macedonia, 3rd Century AD. Helmeted head of Alexander the Great right, ALEXANDROU before / KOINON MAKEDONWN B NEW, snake emerging from basket with open lid. 27 mm, great copper tone! #mtp306x2: $125 SOLD

Ancient Greece. Pantikapaion. Tauric Chersonessos. 3rd-2nd century BC. Bronze AE11 coin. Diademed, male head rt. / Bow in quiver; PAN to left. 11 mm; 1.7 g. #V0267: $45 SOLD

Ancient Greece. Euboia, Chalkis, c. 338-308 BC. Silver Drachm, set in custom silver bezel. Head of a nymph right / Eagle flying right, carrying serpent in talons, caduceus below, LAX. 18 mm dia. reference: BMC 33. #JN2030: $225

Ancient Greece. Pentagram/Pentacle coin! Mysia, Pitane. 4th-3rd century BC. Bronze AE18 coin. Horned head of Zeus Ammon facing three-quarters to right / Pentagram, PITANAIWN. 18.2 mm, 3.20 g. ref: BMC 13; SNG Cop 536. Fine. #CG2176: $199 SOLD

Ephesus, ancient Greece, c. 2nd-1st century BC. Excellent small lead token depicting Ephesian Artemis. Likely an ancient theater token! 14 mm, 1.72 g. ex-Santa Barbara County, CA private collection. #AG2087: $225 SOLD

Ancient Greece. Pontos, Amisos, c. 120-63 BC. Bronze 22mm coin. Helmeted head of Mars rt. / Sword in sheath, AMI-SOY. 7.93 grams. ref: SNGBMC 1148. #27912: $150

Seleucid Empire. Antiochos I Soter, 280-261 BC. Head of Athena facing, in triple-crested helmet / Nike standing left, holding wreath & palm, BASILEWS ANTIOXOY.15 mm. ref: Sear6883. #0799: $45 SOLD

Ephesus, ancient Greece. #0819 Sold?

Seleucid Kingdom. Demetrios II, 183-129 BC. Beautiful bronze AE18, Tyre mint in Phoenicia. Diademed head of Demetrios rt. / Stern of galley, BASILEWS DHMHTPIOY TYPIWN, Phoenician script below. A gem! #0806: $165 SOLD

Seleucid Kingdom, ancient Greek Syria. Antiochus IV Epiphanes, 175-164 BC. Bronze drachm. Radiate bust of Antiochus rt. / Eagle standing on thunder-bolt rt., Greek inscription around. 20.5 mm, 9.01 g and very thick! Glossy black patina. ref: Sear 6987. #mlv083x2: $99 SOLD

Ancient Greece. Mesembria, Thrace, c. 351-323 BC. Bronze hemidrachm. Crested helmet facing / META within quarters of wheel with four spokes. 15 mm, 2.5 g. ref: Topalov, Messambria 10; SNG BM Black Sea 275; SNG Copenhagen 654-5. Nice green patina. #99199: $99 SOLD

Kingdom of Cappadocia, Ariobarzanes I, 95-63 BC. Silver drachm. His diademed youthful head right / Athena standing left holding Nike, resting hand on sheild to right, BASILEWS APIOBAPZANOY FILORWMAIOY. M and E in field. 18 mm, 4.13 g. ref: sg7300. #CG2007: $99 SOLD

Ancient Greece. Aegean Islands. Bithynia, Kios, c. 330-300 BC. Bronze hemidrachm. Head of Mithras right, with laurel wreath / Kantharos (Greek pot) with emerging grapes and vine, K-I to sides. 11 mm, 1.35 g. ref: RG p 314-8, Lin II.1465. A lovely little coin! #CG2014: $99 SOLD

Phoenicia, Byblos. King Adramalek, c 4th Century BC. Silver 1/8 Shekel. Galley left with two hoplites; hippocamp below / Lion left, attacking a bull, Phoenician script around. ref: BMC 10, SG 6010. Tiny 9 mm, 0.35 grams! ex-Malter Galleries, Encino, CA. #CG2078: $99 SOLD

Ancient Greece. Abdera, Thrace, c. 345-323 BC. Bronze hemidrachm. Gryphon (griffin) crouching rt., upon club of Herakles / Diademed head of Apollo, ABD HPI TEON. 17 mm, 3.02 g. ref: SNG Cop 374v., Strack 216. Great green patina with earthen highlights. #CG2023: $85 SOLD

Ancient Troy! Troas, Ilion, c. 3rd century BC. Bronze drachm. Head of Athena right, in crested Corinthian helmet / Athena Inias standing left, holding spear and distaff, ILI behind. ref: CGV 4105, BMC 17, 57.6. 18 mm, 5.46 g. Rare! #CG2010: $175 SOLD

Ancient Carthage. Zeugitana, 4th-3rd century BC. Bronze drachm. Head of Tanit left, wreathed with corn / Horse right, palm behind. ref: Sear #6444, SNGCop 109, Calciati 20. 16 mm, 3.28 g. ex-Frank S. Robinson collection. #0412017x2: $199 SOLD

Greek Syria, under Roman emperor Nero. Bronze drachm, struck 66-67 AD. Laureate bust of Zeus rt, "ANTIOXOY" to rt. / City goddess seated left, placing vote in voting urn. 18 mm, 4.96 g. Glossy green patina. Ex-Guildcraft 1992. #MLV087: $75

Ancient Greece, Sicily, Syracuse. Hieron II, 275 - 215 BC. Bronze AE-19 coin. 5.72g. Head of Poseidon left / Ornamented trident-head, between two dolphins, dividing his name "IERW-NOS" in Greek. ref: BMC 530, SNG Cop 850. 19 mm, 6.30 g. Nice chocolate-brown patina, excellent detail. #2612: $125 SOLD

Kings of Thrace. Lysimachos, 323-281 BC. Beautiful 19mm bronze coin, struck 306-281 BC. Helmeted head of Athena rt. / BASILEWS LYSIMAXOY above and below lion charging rt. Nice olive-green patina (sorry for the washed-out photo). #0761: $85 SOLD

Pegasus! Pantikapaion, Tauric Chersonese. Bronze tetrachalkon, struck 47-16 BC. Laureate head of Apollo right / Pegasus grazing left, PANTIKA-PAITWN. MacDonald, ref: Macdonald/Bosporus 218. 20 mm, 5.74 g. Great green patina! #GVCG2052: $150 SOLD

Phoenicia, Tyre. 15-16 AD. Bronze drachm. Head of Tyche right, palm-branch behind. / Galley left, with prow terminating in volute and aphlastron at stern. Inscription above. ref: BMC Phoenicia 256.. 20 mm, 5.59 g. #CG2040x2: $150 SOLD

Phoenicia, Tyre. 113-112 BC. Bronze AE16. Turreted head of Tyche right / Astarte standing left on galley, date across, TY monogram of Tyre to left, Phoenician inscription below. ref: BMC 248, Sear 5922v. 16 mm, 2.73 g. ex-Colosseum Coin Exchange. Gorgeous patina, excellent detail! #CG2077: $225 SOLD

Pantikapaion, Tauric Chersonese. Bronze tetrachalkon, struck 310-303 BC. Black Sea Area. Bearded head of satyr Pan right / Forepart of griffin left; below, sturgeon left "PAN" around. 20 mm, 6.52 g. ref: MacDonald 69; Anokhin 111; SNG BM 869-871, sear 1700. #GVCG2053: $125 SOLD

Ancient Greece. Tauric Chersonese. Pantikapaion, c. 310-303 BC. Nice bronze AE21 coin. Head of satyr Pan left / Lion’s lead left with open mouth, “PAN” around, dolphin below. 21 mm, 5.78 g. ref: MacDonald 70, SNG BM Black Sea 883-9. Lovely deep olive-green patina. #PM1070: $125 SOLD