Roman Artifacts Depicting Gods and Goddesses

Ancient Rome, c. 350 - 450 AD. A rare and very large Late Roman bronze steelyard weight in the form of a bust of Minerva! The goddess is depicted wearing a crested helmet and breast plate with aegis, her features nicely detailed. Remains of suspension loop atop the crest and hollow interior which was originally filled with lead to give the piece a certain weight. H: 7 inches (17.5 cm). A very heavy and substantial display piece! Deep olive-green patina with areas of mottled red and green. Ex Los Angeles, CA private collection. Photos do this no justice! I am happy to provide further photos upon request. #A88088: SOLD

Ancient Roman depiction of Venus, Mars, and Fortuna!
Ancient Rome, 1st-3rd century AD. Fantastic lead Tessera. Depicts Venus Victrix standing right, resting arm on cippus and holding transverse scepter and clasping hands with Mars, standing left / Fortuna standing left, holding rudder and cornucopia. 18mm, 3.29 g. ref: Rostowzew 153; Overbeck, München 16-7 for type. Brown-gray patina. VF. From the Dalzell Collection. One of the most finely produced issues of tesserae, this example particularly crisply engraved and finely cast. #AR3430: $375

Ancient Rome. Gordian III, 238-244 AD. Silver antoninianus, struck c. 240-243 AD. Set into custom .925 silver bezel. His radiate, draped, cuirassed bust right, IMP GORDIANVS PIVS FEL AVG / Hercules, naked, standing right, right hand on hip, left hand on club on rock, lion-skin beside club, VIRTVTI AVGVSTI. ref: RIC IV-3 95; RSC 404; Sear 8670 for type. Choice Extremely Fine with mirror-like surfaces and incredible detail! Total bezel diameter 30mm. Coin ex Los Angeles, CA collection. #CR3319: $325 SOLD

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Excellent Roman bronze figure of Mars, 2nd - 3rd Century AD. Found in the Holy Land! He is shown wearing Roman military attire and crested helmet, left hand at his side clenching an uncertain object, right resting on spear (now lost). Some losses to feet and legs. H: 2 1/4" (5.8 cm). Ex Canadian private collection. Very very cool. #0611129x3: SOLD

Ancient Rome, c. 1st-3rd century AD. Fantastic bronze chariot fitting depicting the bust of Mars, the god of War. He is shown wearing cuirass and tunic, gazing upward and to the right. His helmet once was adorned with a crest, lost in antiquity. This was likely a chariot element, the remains of the iron rivet still attached to the back. The rounded area behind his neck apparently was used to hang reins or rope, evidenced by signs of wear. to 37 mm (1 1/2") tall, with deep olive-green patina. ex-Gorny & Mosch auction; acquired before 2000 for a South German collection. #AR2033x2: $525 SOLD

Ancient Rome, c. 1st century BC - 1st century AD. Interesting bronze bust of Zeus. Depicted from the shoulders up, with hair, eyes and muscular neck and shoulders. Likely was part of a handle from a large Greek or Roman vessel. 42 mm (1 5/8") with nice olive-green patina. ex-Los Angeles private collection. #AR2050x2: $150

Ancient Rome, c. 1st-2nd Century AD. Excellent and very large bronze wing, likely that of a god. Intact and nicely detailed. Big 112 mm (4 2/8") and heavy! Ex collection of Joseph Klein (1899-1987), New York City. Mr. Klein sought out and acquired these souvenirs as part of his vast collecting interests. Said to have collected in the manner of an 18th century connoisseur, his overall collection showcased his diverse array of artifacts acquired over a period of 45 years and included the art of ancient China, Egypt, Persia, Greece and Rome. #AR2094: $399

Ancient Rome, c. 1st-2nd Century AD. Wonderful Roman bronze figurine of Jupiter. Depicted standing, nude except for chlamys over shoulder. Repaired at the ankles, missing both hands. 69 mm (2 3/4"). Nice olive-green patina, excellent facial detail and musculature. Comes with custom base. A fantastic display piece! ex-Los Angeles, CA collection. #AR2459: $750 SOLD

Ancient Rome, c. 1st-3rd century AD. Great bronze figure of Apollo. Depicted standing, quiver on back, holding patera. H: 7 cm (2 3/4"). Olive-green patina with light earthen deposits. With nice custom stand. ex-Los Angeles, CA collection. #AR2554: $750 SOLD

Ancient Rome, c. 1st century BC-1st century AD. Nice lead bulla depicting the helmeted head of Mars, god of War, with a Latin inscription around. 14x18 mm. Nice detail! ex-David Liebert, Time Machine, NY. #AR2856: $250 SOLD

Eros / Cupid!
Etruscan, c. 3rd-2nd century BC. Charming Etruscan bronze figure of winged Eros. He is depicted standing nude on an integral rectangular base, with short wings, right hand raised clutching the base of either a palm-frond or a torch, left hand at his side. His face is rounded with detailed features, hair in curls framing his face. Incised details throughout. H: 2 3/8 in (6 cm). Beautifully patinated and well preserved, mounted on a tall rectangular calcite base. Ex Southern California private collection; ex-I.M. Chait, Beverly Hills, CA. #NAV139: $950 SOLD

Ancient Rome, c. 1st-3rd century AD. Fabulous bronze discus fragment depicting the Moon goddess Luna! Her facing head is shown with nicely detailed eyes, nose, mouth and hair. This would have been at the center of a discus, likely used as an applique attached to a cultic object. W: 4 cm (1 5/8") with great dark olive-green patina. ex-P. Siegel, Herakles Numismatics. #AR2813: $299

Ancient Rome, c. 1st-3rd century AD. Fabulous small bronze statuette of Venus. Depicted draped in robes, holding single finger to her lips. Her other hand raises her robes to expose her left leg. Suspension loop on back to be worn as an amulet or such in ancient times. H: 42 mm (1 5/8"). Excellent green patina. ex-Herakles Numismatics. #AR2703: $850 SOLD

Maximianus, 286-310 AD. Bronze antoninianus with Hercules!
Rome mint, struck 291 AD. His radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right, IMP MAXIMIANVS P F AVG / Hercules standing left holding branch and club, lion skin over arm, HERCVLI PACIFERO. Mintmark XXI-epsilon. ref: RIC 502, Cohen 287. 23 mm, 3.65 g. Incredible detail on Hercules! #CR2654: $150 SOLD

Ancient Rome, c. 1st-3rd century AD. Fantastic small bronze amulet of Priapus. The Roman god of fertility, protector of fruits, plants, and gardens. Shown with his classic permanent oversized erection, Priapus was a popular figure in Roman erotic art and literature. H: 23mm (15/16"), with olive-green to deep coppery patina, suspension loop on back. ex-Los Angeles, CA private collection. #AR2936: SOLD

A museum-quality Roman bronze figure of winged Eros, c. 1st - 2nd Century AD
This is a spectacular piece! The youthful deity is depicted nude with chlamys over shoulder and wearing a winged helmet. He stands on an integral base with legs crossed and supported by a low column with decorated capitol, head to left. He reaches back to draw an arrow from the quiver at his back, his right hand presumably held a bow. In beautiful style showing great detail. H: 3 1/8 in (8 cm). Nice glossy green patina and mounted on a black wood base. This is by far the nicest Roman bronze I have ever offered, right out of my personal collection, any museum would be thrilled to have it in their collection! Ex Royal Athena Gallery, New York. #AR2288: $4500

Ancient Rome, c. 1st - 2nd Century AD. Nice bronze torso of winged Eros (Cupid). Nice olive green patina with good detail. Casting flaw on shoulder and side of head, probably originally a miscast. H: 1 3/8" (3.4 cm). Mounted on antique base. Ex Dr. Gilles collection, Germany, acquired prior to 1970. #A11013x2: $375

Ancient Roman, c. 2nd - 3rd Century AD. Nice bronze figure of Genius. Depicted standing with cloak draped over shoulder and holding cornucopiae. Right hand, which most likely held a patera, is missing and with thick olive patination. H: 2 5/8" (6.6 cm). Mounted on antique stone base. Ex old French collection, acquired in the 1970's. #AR2148: $575 SOLD

Roman, c. 1st-3rd century AD. Interesting lead applique depicting Medusa or a gorgon, with horns on sides of the head. Very stylized. ex-old Southern California coll. 1 1/4" (3.1 cm) #AR2121: $85

Rome, c. 1st-2nd Century AD. Beautiful terracotta bust of Apollo. Nicely detailed with Roman tunic and locks of hair flowing down to his shoulders. Nicely-executed facial features. H: 3" (7.6 cm). Mounted on a lucite base. Ex Collection of the late Margaret 'Maggie' and Norwyn Rowe of Washington, DC. #AR2275: $599 SOLD
Ancient Rome, c. 2nd-3rd century AD. Fantastic bronze head of Mars, the God of War. Very nice facial features, wearing Athenian helmet with long crest. From a larger statue, likely broken deliberately as an offering in antiquity. 23 mm (7/8"). Nice dark olive-green patina. ex-UK collection. #AR2079: $225 SOLD

Ancient Rome, c. 2nd-3rd century AD. Fantastic bronze head of Mars, the God of War. Very nice facial features, wearing Athenian helmet with long crest. From a larger statue, likely broken deliberately as an offering in antiquity. 28 mm (1 1/8") long. Nice dark green patina. ex-UK collection, acquired prior to 1980; Ex-Timeline Auctions, London. #3129515x2: $299 SOLDakles Numismatics. #AR2703: $900

Ancient Rome, c. 2nd – 3rd Century AD. Nice Roman bronze figure of a soldier. Depicted wearing military attire, arms in positions for hands to have held a spear and shield. H: 3 1/16" (77 mm). Mounted on custom Lucite base. ex-Philadelphia, PA collection formed in the 1960's. #AR2421: $699 SOLD

Gallienus, 253-268 AD. Bronze antoninianus, Rome mint. His radiate head right, GALLIENVS AVG / Mars standing left, holding olive-branch, spear and shield, MARTI PACIFERO; H in left field. ref: Cohen 617; RIC 236, H. 20 mm, 2.83 g. #CR2843: $125 SOLD

Ancient Rome, c. 2nd - 3rd Century AD. Neat Roman bronze votive figurine of Hermes. Depicted nude with chlamys over left arm standing on a domed base, wearing petasos and holding purse and cornucopia. H: 2 in (5.1 cm). Deep olive-green patina. Better than this washed-out photo allows! Ex Malter Galleries, Encino, CA. #AR2997: $275 SOLD

Greco-Roman Egypt. Ptolemaic period, c. 3rd-1st century BC. Rare terracotta bust of Herakles (Hercules)! H: 4.8 cm (1 7/8"). Mounted on wood base (entire piece stands 3" tall). Ex-Glendale, CA collection, purchased from Tarshish, King David Rd, Jerusalem, Israel, purchased April 1985, with certificate. #AE2664: $175 SOLD

Ancient Rome, c. 1st-3rd century AD. Neat small lead head of Aphrodite. Likely from a larger votive figure, but could have been an inlay as well. Nice features and detailed hairdo. Light gray patina with light earthen and mineral deposits. H: 19mm (3/4"). ex New Jersey private estate collection. #AR3054: $175 SOLD

Medusa! Ancient Rome, c. 1st-2nd century AD. Great ceramic or glass inlay with the face of Medusa! HL 19 mm, light greenish color. ex-David Liebert, Time Machine, NY. #AR2855: $225 SOLD

Ancient Rome, c. 1st-3rd century AD. A fantastic bronze bust of Silenos, with silver inlaid eyes! Silenos was the early Roman god of wine-making and drunkenness, and adoptive father/tutor of the wine god Dionysos who had been entrusted to his care by Hermes. Silenos was the Roman god of musical creativity, prophetic ecstasy, drunken joy, and dances. He is depicted as a satyr, with goat-like attributes, wild beard, and pierving silver eyes. W: 36mm (1 1/2"). Ex Los Angeles, CA private collection. #AR3428: $750 SOLD