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Many deliberately broken off in antiquity to be given as offerings... thrown into a well or buried near a shrine.

Greek, c. 4th-2nd Century BC. Terracotta head of a lady of fashion. Wearing earrings, with her hair tied back. H: 1 7/8" (4.8cm). Mounted on custom stand. Ex English private collection; ex-Bonham's, UK. #AG2041: $375

Greek, c. 3rd-2nd Century BC. Nice terracotta head of the goddess Athena, with her hair tied up in classic fashion. Nice serene look upon her face. H: 1 1/2" (3.8cm). Mounted on custom stand. Ex French private collection; ex-Royal Athena Galleries, New York. #AG2042: $375

Hellenistic Greece, c. 3rd - 1st Century BC. Terracotta head of a lady. Lovely little piece, her hair styled back into a bun behind a diadem. Intricately-sculpted hair! 20 mm (3/4") tall. Ex French private collection. #AG2046: $125

Ancient Greece, c. 5th - 3rd Century BC. Lovely small terracotta head of a lady. Nicely sculpted facial details, her hair tied back. 28 mm (1 inch) tall. Ex-French private collection. #AG2043: $225 SOLD

Ancient Greece, c. 3rd - 2nd Century BC. A pretty Greek terracotta female head, her features quite beautiful and her hair in a sakkos and tied at back. H: 1 1/2" (3.9cm). Mounted on a black base. Ex collection gifted to a housekeeper of Betty Baronowitz in the early 1990's. Betty was the sister of Norbert Schimmel, noted collector and specialist in antiquities who died at 85 in 1990, and much of his collection was gifted to his sister. #AG2069: $475 SOLD

Ancient Greek Egypt. Ptolemaic period, c. 3rd - 2nd Century BC. Attractive terracotta figure of Harpokrates. Depicted nude and wearing side-lock, his right hand playing a drum or tambourine. H: 3" (7.6 cm). Losses below the waist, nice facial details. Mounted on a wooden base, entire piece stands 4 1/4" tall. Ex New Jersey private collection, acquired in the 1970's. #AG2010x2: $450

Hellenistic Greece, c. 3rd - 1st Century BC. Terracotta head of a youth. Nicely-detailed facial features, with long, flowing hair. Remains of white glaze on surfaces, small area of red probably from an early 19th century collection mount. Traces of fingerprints left by the maker on the edges. 47 mm (1 3/4") tall. Ex French private collection. #AG2048: $125

Ancient Greece, c. 4th Century BC. Excellent molded terracotta face of Selinus. Wearing a diadem with central stone, his face extremely well detailed. Flat on the back and probably a decorative element for a larger composition. 49 mm (1 15/16") tall. Ex old New Jersey collection #AG2009: $425

Ancient Greece, c. late 5th-4th century BC. Mold-made terracotta head and upper torso of a lady. Pleasing style. Measures 60x51 mm (2 3/8 x 1 7/8"). ex-Los Angeles, CA collection. #51107: $150

Ancient Greece, early 5th Century BC. Fantastic large Greek ceramic protome of Kore. Depicted with attractive and serene features, the forehead framed by tight curls with long ringlets to each side running down to the shoulder. H: 4 1/8" (10.5 cm). Some losses and light earthen deposits. Mounted on a custom metal stand. ex-Los Angeles, CA collection. Large and magnificent display piece! #AG2031: $575 SOLD

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Ancient Greece, c. 3rd - 2nd century BC. Terracotta head of the god Selinus, corpulent with pointed ears. Great detail! A nice and large piece at 60 mm (2 3/8") tall. #271046x2: $199 SOLD

Ancient Greek clay head of a goddess, c. 6th-4th century BC. She has soft features and wears a tall, elaborate headdress. White to light green in coloration, likely was part of a small statue. Measures 58 mm (2") tall. #gr5988: $125 SOLD

Ancient Cyprus, Greece. Cypro-Archaic, c. 8th Century BC. Highly stylized terracotta head of a male from a small statue. From the Hr. B. collection, Switzerland, acquired in the 1960's. Stands 73 mm (just under 3" tall) with stand. Very interesting and rare type! #gr5803: $125 SOLD

Ancient Greece. Hellenistic period, 2nd-1st century BC. Beautiful terracotta head of a lady. Dark reddish brown in color, her hair pulled into a low chignon. Mounted on custom wood stand. From an old English collection. Head measures 27 mm (1"); with stand entire piece is 53 mm (2") tall. #51110: $199 SOLD

Ancient Greece. Archaic period, c. 6th Century BC. Terracotta seated votive figure of the goddess Kybele, wearing towered headdress, H: 6 1/2" (16.4 cm), head reattached.Great style, nice detail and some earthen deposits. Some finger-prints of the maker still visible on the back surface. Ex Orange County, CA private collection. #A11230-2: $325 SOLD

Ancient Greece. Hellenistic, c. 3rd - 2nd Century BC. Nice terracotta head of a woman, from Magnia Graecia. Her hair styled back behind a diadem into a chignon. An attractive piece with good style and detail. H: 1 1/4" (3.4 cm). Mounted on a custom base. Ex French private collection; Ex Royal Athena Galleries, New York. #A15132: $399 SOLD

Greco-Roman Egypt, c. 1st - 3rd century AD. Terracotta head of Isis wearing solar disc and plumes. Beautiful piece! Loosely mounted on custom stand. Ex-Royal Athena Galleries, New York. Head measures 50 mm (2 inches) tall (without stand). #271019x2: $250 SOLD

Ptolemaic Egypt, c. 3rd-2nd century BC. Fantastic terracotta head of goddess Isis. Mold-made, with elaborate hair and headdress. Headdress consists of solar disc and plumes. Quite large at 90x70 mm (3 1/2 x 2 3/4"). Great style! #51112x2: $375

Ancient Greece, c. 4th century BC. Mold-made terracotta head of a lady of fashion, wearing elaborate coiffure. 38 mm (1 3/8") tall. from an old collection; small amount of plaster and paint on back of neck/hair. #51108: $65 SOLD

Ancient Greece, 4th - 3rd Century BC. Gorgeous Greek terracotta head of a lady wearing a diadem, her hair styled back in rows into a chignon. Some minor chipping to back of head, her facial features quite attractive. Mounted on a custom base. H: 2 1/8" (5.4 cm). Ex Dr. Gilles collection, Germany, acquired prior to 1970. #A11034: $350 SOLD

Ancient Greece, c. 3rd - 2nd century BC. Attractive Hellenistic terracotta head of a woman wearing a diadem or headband, her hair parted down the middle and styled back in waves. H: 2" (5.1 cm). Mounted on a custom base. Ex New Jersey private collection. Lovely... the photo does no justice. #A14106: $350

Hellenistic Greece, c. 3rd - 2nd century BC. Nice terracotta head, depicting a fashionable lady wearing a hooded garment. She is nicely detailed and has remains of white dressing. H: 2 1/4" (5.7 cm). Mounted on Lucite block. #A11245: $150 SOLD

Ancient Greek Terracotta Head of a Veiled Goddess. Hellenistic Period, 350-100 BC

The Goddess is shown veiled, wearing elaborate stephane (crown), hair ornament and earrings. Rather than being a fragment of a larger statue, this head was made as a stand-alone piece, almost certainly for a votive purpose. When archaeologists and scholars talk of votive artifacts, they refer to the ancient belief that one could "win favour" with a God/Goddess by the offering of a gift. Thus, this head would have been commissioned and then placed in an ancient shrine to the relevant Goddess in thanks for, or in anticipation of a favor. Height on stand: 4 3/4"; Height of head alone: 2 3/4". #gr0344: $525 SOLD

Ancient Greece, c. 4th century BC. Terracotta head of a female wearing veil and diadem. ref: Mollard-Besque, Terracottas in the Louvre, #B365. Measures 60 mm (2 3/8") tall. On custom wood stand. #271047: $145 SOLD

Ancient Phoenicia / Eastern Mediterranean, 3rd-2nd century BC. Molded terracotta head of a youth. Nicely rendered hair and facial features. Mounted on custom marble stand. Entire piece stands 60 mm (2 3/8") tall. #271017x2: $160 SOLD

Ancient Greece, c. 5th - 4th Century BC. Nice and LARGE molded terracotta head and shoulders of the satyr Selinus. The facial features are well detailed, the beard extending down to his chest. Frontally molded with some loss to the right shoulder and top of head. Light earthen encrustation. H: 4 1/2" (11.4 cm). #861214: $299 SOLD

Ancient Greece, Archaic period, c. 6th Century BC. Gorgeous large terracotta female mask, the hair styled in tight waves with plaits to the sides, long curls descending below. She wears a stephane and necklace, her features in attractive archaic style. 4" (10.3 cm) tall. Repaired break through center. Cf. Mollard-Besques, Figurines et Reliefs (Louvre), 1954. Pl. XII, no. B93; Ex old New Jersey collection. #0211186: $550