Ancient Artifacts: Greek South Italy

Ancient Greek. Apulia, South Italy, c. 4th century BC. Gorgeous small black-ware footed cellar dish. The rim and bowl decorated with delicate incised and impressed designs, with floral design at the center, traces of red and white paint still visible in the details. With rounded foot and short, decorative stem. W: 9.2 cm (3 5/8"); H: 4 cm (1 5/8"). Ex-Lester Gross Collection, New York City, collected in the 1970's. Beautiful! #AG2151: $650 SOLD

Ancient Greek South Italy, c. 3rd-1st century BC. Nice large terracotta architectural relief fragment, depicting a palmette over an arch. H: 4", W: 2 7/8". Ex New York private collection. #AG2161: $150 SOLD

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Greek South Italy. Campanian, mid-4th Century BC. Fantastic Guttus with face of Zeus in the center. Measures 117 mm (4 3/4") across, 10 cm (4") tall at tip of spout. Gorgeous piece with lustrous surface and iridescent tone. Green light in photo is an unfortunate reflection. Ex-Superior auction 1183, Ex-Dr. Geoffrey Smith collection, San Diego CA. Cf. Como, Museo Archeologico: C133 for a very similar example. #GS412x2: $1100 SOLD

Ancient Greek South Italy. Apulia, mid-4th century BC. Lovely miniature Xenon-ware olpe. Finely painted patterns in orange/creme, delicately formed spout and rim. Single handle on back. Intact! Stands 65 mm (2 1/2") tall. #90918x2: $399 SOLD

Ancient Greek South Italy. Magnia Graecia, c. 350 - 330 BC. Gorgeous Apulian red-figure olpe. Depicts a lady of fashion on either side, palmettes below each handle and a band of pellets around the neck. Intact and attractive! H: 4" (10 cm). Ex W. Levy collection (1916-2006); Ex. Charles Ede Ltd, London, 1992. #0611201x2: $750 SOLD

Ancient Greek South Italy. Apulia, mid-4th century BC. Beautiful black-slip single-handled cup or pot. Amazing deep black glossy surfaces. Repaired from fragments. Some finger-prints of the maker still visible in the slip around the lip. Looks great and feels wonderful in-hand. 88 mm (3 3/8") tall x 94 mm (3 5/8") across the top. #90917: $399 SOLD

Apulia, ancient Greek South Italy c. 350 - 330 BC.
Gorgeous Gnathian-ware kantharos with lady of fashion on either side. The heads of the ladies are between palmettes and a crook design, a nice wave pattern just below the rim. The ladies are depicted wearing necklace and earrings, hair in skyphos, with rows of pearls and hair pins at front. Restored from sherds and a very attractive piece. Stands 3 3/4" (9.7 cm) tall. Ex-old Los Angeles collection. #m14157x2: $750

Greek South Italy. Campanian, 4th Century BC. Excellent large black bowl with incised detail. Measures 168 mm (6 1/2") diameter, stands 65 mm (2 1/2") tall. Wonderful impressed design in center, consisting of a small central face surrounded with 7 impressed leafs and dotted and linear elements. Gorgeous glossy surfaces. Intact! Cf. Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum: ENSERUNE, MOURET, 27, PL.(257) 28 for similar incised vessels. Ex-Dr. Geoffrey Smith collection, San Diego CA. #GS406: $650 SOLD