Ancient Celtic Artifacts for Sale:
Bronze Fibulae, Brooches and Toga-Pins

Ancient Celtic Britain, c. 2nd Century AD. Gorgeous inlaid plate brooch in the form of an axe. The bronze with a deep green patina contrasting nicely with the deep blue enamel. Traces of yellow, orange and reddish-brown enamel evident as well. A nice and scarce example found in the Burnham Market region England. 1 1/8" (2.8cm). Well-preserved, lacking pin as typical. Ex Florida private collection. #AC2015: $399 SOLD

Ancient Celtic. La Tene II type brooch, 2nd-1st century BC. Fantastic bronze fibula / toga pin. Elaborate construction with ornate twisted wire terminal to the pin catch. Beautiful olive-green patina. ref: Hattat, A Visual Catalog of Hattat's Brooches, p. 289, # 225. 64 mm (2 1/2") long. Gorgeous! #AR2015: $250 SOLD

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Ancient Celtic. La Tene II type brooch, 2nd-1st century BC. Fine "crosshow fibula" type brooch. Fine twisted wire spring mechanism, ornate pin catch. Beautiful green patina. An extraordinary example! This must have taken the ancient artisan quite some time to make. Intact, pin still moves freely. 59 mm (2 3/8") long. #AR2016: $250