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Frequently Asked Questions

Are these items authentic? How can I be sure?

  • This is so important: Every ancient artifact and coin sold by Ancient Resource is guaranteed authentic. I do not deal in fakes, forgeries or modern reproductions. Each piece is carefully researched, graded, and a full, signed certificate of authenticity and origin accompanies all my items. This lifetime authenticity guarantees that in the unlikely circumstance that an item is found by a reputable expert to be not authentic, we provide a full money back guarantee. With our impeccable record of honesty, integrity and diligent research and authentication, it has never happened yet! I sell confidently to many other major dealers, scholars and institutions, and my items always stand the test. I believe that nearly 99% of my customers turn into repeat clientswhich I feel is attributed to the quality of the items, the fairness of the prices, and the honest and friendly customer service I provide.

Where did these ancient artifacts come from? Are they legal to own?

  • These items come from years of collecting and study. Many of my pieces have been purchased at auctions throughout the USA and Europe. I also buy old collections and museum deaccessions. I never purchase or export items from restricted countries such as Egypt, Mexico, Peru, Greece, Iraq, Italy or Turkey, etc. All items from these places of origin have come from old collections brought into the USA prior to 1969 and the UNESCO convention and related antiquities laws. I strictly adhere to these laws and make no exceptions. Every coin or artifact I sell is legal to own without encumberance or restriction.

Do you ship to other countries?

  • Yes. Much of my business comes from overseas. I am happy to put together any shipping and/or insurance package you like. My shipping costs are honest!

What payment methods do you accept?

  • I accept Visa and MasterCard, Paypal, check, money order, bank wire transfer, etc.

How do I contact you?

  • There are "Contact Gabriel" buttons at the top of most pages. You can also call me at (818) 425-9633, or email me at

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Ancient Resource, Coin Dealers, Supplies, Montrose, CA