Egypt and Jordan Expedition 2005
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Travelogue #5: Alexandria, Egypt

Very little of "Old" Alexandria still remains. This Pillar of Pompey and a Sphinx of Cleopatra atop the central hilltop stand out. And yours truly, there beside Cleo/Bastet.

The catacombs underneath ancient Alexandria. Christmas Day was spent here. Cleopatra's Egypt.
I got to spend it with
Cleopatra's Egyptians.

The Greek theater at Alexandria.
Really beautiful.

Seats at the Theater of Alexandria inscribed with numbers and names.

The undergraound remains of
One Library at Alexandria.

The sea. Cleopatra's temple complex lies about 20 meters out here.

The site of the Lighthouse of Alexandria. One of the 7 Wonders of the World. This medieval Arab fortress was built partially of the stone blocks recovered from the lighthouse.

A freakin' huge piranha.
Aquarium of Alexandria.

An exhibit labeled "Some type of fish"
but containing a sea turtle.

The "illustrious" Aquarium of Alexandria

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