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Auction 62: Fine Ancient Antiquities, October 22, 2017
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* After-auction price is 20% above auction start price, still well below low estimate
* Reduced 19.5% In-House Buyer's Premium applies.
* First-come, first-served; some lots may sell before list is periodically updated.
* There is no fee for payment by check; other payment methods' fees can be found in the auction terms.
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2: Fantastic Egyptian green glazed amulet of Pataikos: $600
6: A large and colorful Egyptian wooden 'mummy' mask: $720
7: A nice Romano-Egyptian terracotta head of a woman: $180
8: A stunning Greek terracotta protome of a female: $960
9: A Roman pottery vase in the form of an African youth: $420
11: Wonderful Roman bronze fitting in form of a goose: $720
16: Wonderful Apulian Xenon-ware kylix with central duck: $600
18: A beautiful Roman amber glass pitcher: $360
19: A Roman glass mold-blown janiform head flask: $540
20: Near Eastern granite fabric stamp or mold: $300
21: Egyptian bicolor faience ushabti, 3rd Intermediate: $480
22: Egyptian bicolor faience ushabti, 3rd Intermediate: $300
23: Egyptian terracotta reis ushabti, 3rd Intermediate: $300
24: A nice Egyptian faience Reis or Overseer ushabti: $360
25: Wondeful Egyptian bicolor faience ushabti, Late Period: $720
27A: A stunning, large Egyptian glazed faience ushabti : $3600
28A: An Egyptian wooden ushabti, Late New Kingdom: $600
28B: An Egyptian wood ushabti, Late New Kingdom: $420
29: Egyptian amulet of snake-headed god Nehebkau: $480
30: Egyptian green-glazed faience amulet of Taweret: $240
31: Handsome Egyptian blue-glazed amulet of Taweret: $300
32: Egyptian green-glazed faience amulet of Apis Bull: $120
33: Egyptian green-glazed amulet of recumbent lion: $140
34: Egyptian faience amulet of Anubis, Late Period: $360
34A: A lovely Egyptian faience amulet of Pataikos: $600
35A: Egyptian faience amulet of the White Crown, Late Period: $240
36: Egyptian green-glazed amulet, Isis with child Horus: $140
38: Rare green-glazed faience amulet of Vervet monkey : $180
40: A group of Egyptian stone amulets, Late Period: $120
40A: An Egyptian faience combination amulet of Pataikos: $240
41: A nice Roman-Egyptian faience amulet of a dwarf: $240
42: A lot of 3 Egyptian faience amulets, Late Period: $240
43: A nice pair of Egyptian faience amulets: $180
44A: A lot of 6 Egyptian stone amulets, Late Period: $180
46A: A lovely light green glazed faience offering cup: $360
47: Egyptian green-glazed faience scarab set in gold ring: $960
49: Egyptian scarab in bronze stamp seal mount: $360
51: Nice Egyptian steatite scarab, 2nd Intermediate Period: $180
52: A cute Egyptian scaraboid in form of a double hedgehog: $180
53: Egyptian plaque in ring, Amenhotep III & Queen Tiye: $1500
54: Egyptian steatite scarab with Tuthmosis III cartouche: $300
56: Egyptian steatite scarab with Tuthmosis III cartouche: $240
57: A large Egyptian basalt heart scarab, nicely carved: $420
58: A pair of Egyptian steatite scarabs: $180
60A: A wonderful Egyptian limestone head of a pharaoh: $7200
60B: A fantastic Pre-Dynastic/Old Kingdom stone vessel: $2400
61: Nice Egyptian banded alabaster conical kohl vessel: $360 SOLD
62A: Fantastic Egyptian banded alabaster bowl, Middle Kingdom: $2400
63A: A stunning Egyptian bronze standing figure of Osiris: $3600
64: A nice Egyptian bronze figure of Osiris: $540
65: Egyptian bronze figurine of Osiris, Late Period: $240
66A: Beautiful Egyptian bronze figure of a Harpokrates: $2400
67: Egyptian bronze figure of a goddess, Late Period: $300
68B: A rare Egyptian bronze human-headed cobra, Late Period: $960
69: A very well-preserved Egyptian wood male figure: $960
70: A large Egyptian wooden figure, Middle Kingdom: $360
71A: A pair of Egyptian wood figures, Middle Kingdom: $360
71C: An Egyptian wood figure of a scribe, Middle Kingdom: $3000
72A: A large Egyptian wooden mummy 'mask', Late Period: $840
72B: A large Egyptian wood mummy mask with long beard: $1500
72C: A large Egyptian wooden 'mummy' mask, Late Period: $840
74: A lot of 3 large Egyptian terracotta molds: $240
76: Lovely Egyptian ceramic concubine figure, Late Period: $540
77: An Egyptian terracotta figure of Harpokrates: $360
77A: An ceramic Egyptian model of house or other building: $1800
77B: Egyptian terracotta figure of Harpokrates seated on ram: $360
78: A Romano-Egyptian 'frog' lamp: $180
79: Attractive Coptic terracotta souvenir pilgrim's flask: $360
80: A terracotta souvenir pilgrim flask, Coptic Egypt: $240
81: A Coptic textile panel with floral motif, Roman Egypt: $120
84: Coptic Liturgical text fragment, Ephesians I on paper: $4200
85: Important Coptic Biblical vellum fragment of Galatians: $4800
87: A nice set of Egyptian beaded jewelry: $300
87A: Antique silver bracelet set with amulets and scarabs : $2400
91: An Egyptian faience beaded necklace, Late Period: $180
92A: Anatolian marble Kylia head from a Stargazer idol: $180
92C: Rare Southern Mesopotamia stone bowl, 3rd Millennium BC: $240
92D: A beautiful Bactrian green chlorite cylindrical jar: $4200
92E: A Sabaean marble head of a man, c. 1st Century AD: $3000
93: An impressive Roman life-size marble head of Caracalla: $35,000
93A: A beautiful Roman marble head of an enraptured Venus: $4200
94: A well-detailed Roman marble head of a man: $2400
95: A fantastic Neo-Punic limestone stele with togate male: $9600
95A: Marble panel from a sarcophagus, Late Roman / Byzantine: $3000
96: An attractive Near Eastern bronze bell: $75
96B: A nice Near Eastern bronze finial with rampant felines: $720
97: An attractive Near Eastern bronze cymbal: $420
98: A nice Achaemenid bronze bowl, 4th – 3rd Century BC: $300
99A: A nice Near Eastern bronze horse bit with cheek pieces: $1500
100: Bronze fragments depicting sacrificial scene of a stag : $420
101: A Thracian Greek bronze horse figurine: $720
102: A lovely Roman bronze applique of a youthful male: $240
103A: A nice Roman bronze figure of Apollo standing nude: $540
104: A Roman provincial bronze figure of Venus: $3600
105: A Roman provincial bronze figure of a man: $240
105A: Roman bronze figurine, Mercury seated sideways on eagle: $1800
106: Roman bronze head of an actor with nice detail: $180
106A: A pair of heavy Roman bronze lion-faced finials: $4200
109A: A beautiful and large Roman bronze serving vessel: $4000
111: A Roman bronze winged phallic amulet: $420
114A: A large Roman iron key: $120
115: A lot of 3 mixed Roman bronze fibulae: $180
117: A nice Roman bronze crossbow fibula: $180
120: A pair of Byzantine bronze crosses: $240
120A: A Medieval bronze barrel key, c. 12th – 13th Century AD: $180
121: A pair of Northern European Neolithic stone tools: $360
122: A pair of Near Eastern bronze blades: $140
123: A Near Eastern bronze dagger blade: $300
123A: A choice Near Eastern bronze axe-head with horned goat: $720
125A: Creme marble amulet in the form of a knobbed mace-head: $170
125B: A Levantine amulet in the form of a 4-knobbed mace head: $150
125C: Group of five ancient Near Eastern animal amulets: $450
126: A Mesopotamian terracotta votive Astarte-like figure: $240
128: A Near Eastern terracotta Astarte figurine: $420
128B: A beautiful Near Eastern terracotta fertility figure: $300
130: A lovely Cypriot terracotta head of a woman: $240
130A: Fantastic Archaic Cypriot limestone head of a male: $2400
131: A nice Greek terracotta figure of a woman: $360
132: A lovely Greek ceramic head of a woman: $300
132A: A Greek Tanagra female figurine holding a fish or eel: $720
133A: A large Greek terracotta figure of the goddess Hera: $1500
135: Greek terracotta loom weight inscribed with text: $540
136: A large Greek terracotta conical loom weight: $360
136B: Greek terracotta antefix depicting the head of a Gorgon: $3000
138: A lovely Roman terracotta antefix depicting Eros: $960
138A: A fantastic Etruscan terracotta votive head of a youth: $1500
139: Roman terracotta plaque with facing bull's head, Holy Land: $300
140A: An Assyrian green ware juglet, Neo-Assyrian: $240
141: A Bronze Age terracotta spouted jar: $240
142: A large and attractive Iron Age pitcher, Holy Land: $240
142A: A Near Eastern spouted askos in the form of a goose: $480
143: A large Euboean handled jar, c. 8th Century BC: $720
143A: A nice Cypriot black on red olpe: $240
144: An attractive Cypriot miniature amphora: $180
145: A large Corinthian trefoil oinochoe: $1800
147: Attractive Greek guttus depicting Helios in relief: $420
147A: A beautiful Greek red-figure footed plate, Apulia: $1800
147B: Greek red-figure oinochoe depicting a lady of fashion: $1200
147C: A choice Greek red-figure lekanis with painted lid: $720
147E: Wonderful Greek lekythos depicting Hercule's 7th Labor: $4200
148: A large Greek black-glazed skyphos: $240
149: Campanian Greek black-glazed kylix: $480
149A: Lovely Campanian lekythos depicting an Amazon: $2100
150: A Greek black-glazed olpe, Magnia Graecia: $240
151: Greek black-glazed stamnos, 4th Century BC: $300
153: A Greek black-glazed olpe, Magnia Graecia: $180
153A: A charming Greek black-glazed kantharos: $600
154: Greek black-glazed plate shallow bowl or plate: $180
155: A nice group of 4 black-ware pottery vessels: $300
155A: An Apulian amphora with large straining sieve and lid: $480
156: A Canosan ceramic kantharos, Magnia Graecia: $360
157: A Villanovan impasto round-bottomed vessel: $180
158: An Etruscan Bucchero footed kyathos: $720
159: An Etruscan Bucchero handled jug: $140
160: A pair of Holy Land pottery vessels: $120
161: Great group of 5 Terra Sigillata pottery fragments: $180
162: An incredible Greek ceramic transport amphora, Spain: $4800
163: A wonderful Greek ceramic amphora: $1800
164: A Byzantine orange-ware pilgrim's flask, Egypt: $480
167: Roman terracotta oil lamp depicting a Satyr's head: $240
168: A nice Roman red-ware oil lamp: $300
170: Roman ceramic oil lamp depicting Artemis: $75
172: A group of 4 Roman terracotta oil lamps: $300
175: A lovely Nishapur glazed oil lamp: $300
176: A pair of Islamic green glazed lamps: $120
177: An Islamic alabaster oil lamp from Afghanistan: $480
178: A choice Roman mosaic glass dish: $960
180: A Sidonian pale purple mold blown bottle: $360
184: A squat Roman green glass jar: $180
185: Gorgeous Roman golden yellow glass sprinkler vessel: $600
186: A Roman pale-yellow glass bottle: $360
187: An attractive Roman glass sprinkler bottle: $360
187A: Roman yellow-green glass oinochoe, Eastern Mediterranean: $540
187B: A large Roman glass two-handled bottle: $720
188: A nice Roman blue-green glass bottle: $420
188A: A nice Roman pale green glass handled cup: $480
190: An elaborate Roman glass double unguentarium: $1500
191: Roman pale blue glass bottle, Eastern Mediterranean: $480
192: A Roman blue-green glass double unguentarium: $420
193: A pair of Late Roman glass jars: $360
194: An Islamic blue-green glass amphora: $300
197: A choice Persian gold foil plaque, Achaemenid: $1000
198: A Coptic bone stylus: $180
202: An attractive pair of Roman glass bracelets: $180
203: A Phoenician multicolored glass face bead: $180
204: A beautiful Parthian faceted carnelian bead necklace: $180
205: A large strand of Native American glass trade beads: $180
207: A trio of Persian faience bead necklaces: $180
208: Fantastic Eastern Mediterranean eye bead necklace: $5400
209: Strand of Sasanian/Parthian carnelian & faience beads: $120
210: Group of 4 ancient beaded necklaces of varying types: $240
211: Strand of mixed ancient stone, glass, & faience beads: $120
212A: A lot of 4 Near Eastern beads: $80
212B: A group of 8 Near Eastern faience and stone beads: $120
212C: A lot of three Near Eastern stone beads: $180
215: Two strands of fine antique trade beads: $75
217: A pair of antique silver bracelets from the Holy Land: $180
219: Nice large silver coin of Alexander the Great: $250
220: A lot of 4 Greek silver coins: $180
221B: A lot 7 Greek and Roman coins in silver and bronze: $180
222: Silver 4-reale 'cob' from the wreck of the Sao Jose: $360
223: A lot of 50 late 19th Century Japanese coins: $120
226: Green serpentine stone stamp seal, Southern Anatolia: $180
229A: A stunning Old Babylonian hematite cylinder seal: $1800
230A: A nice Levantine black serpentine stamp seal: $180
232: Neo-Assyrian chalcedony pyramidal stamp seal: $120
234: A Roman serpentine 4-sided prism, Egypt: $120
235: Beautiful milky chalcedony Sassanian stamp seal: $180
236: A heavy Islamic bronze stamp seal: $240
238: A gorgeous polychrome jar from the Indus Valley: $300
239: Lovely Harappan jar from the northern Indus Valley: $180
243: A rare Bactrian clay mold: $120
245: A Central Asian clay head: $75
246: Lovely Gandharan stucco head from the Indus Valley: $240
247: A Gandharan stone oil lamp from the Indus Valley: $125
248: Elaborate terracotta female bust from the Indus Valley: $120
249: Strand of beautiful stone beads from the Indus Valley: $120
249A: An Indian standing wood figure of a female deity: $120
249B: Detailed carved stone fist from a statue,Medieval India: $540
251: An attractive Chinese ceramic figure of a guard: $420
252: An antique bronze censer, Southeast Asia: $180
252A: An attractive Southeast Asian ceramic vessel: $300
256: An 'Idiok Ekpo' mask from the Ibibio people of Nigeria: $480
257: A fantastic Dan 'Racing Mask', Liberia / Ivory Coast: $1800
258: A choice Makonde figure of a standing female: $360
259: A nice Bambara (Bamana) Ntomo Society Mask from Mali: $360
261: Martin Engelbrecht (1684-1756), engraving of Basel: $120
263A: An 18th Century English copper plate engraving: $120
265: Patinated cast bronze eagle by Antoine Louis Barye: $600
266: 2 Attractive bronze figures depicting ancient figures: $200
267: Beautiful Greek black-figure oinochoe reproduction: $360
269: An antique silver incense in the form of a pomegranate: $240
269A: A pair of Roman-style glass bottles: $50
272: A framed set of 12 Saharan stone points: $150
274: A large and well-preserved Pinedale bowl: $360
279: Santa Clara black ware vessel by Flora Naranjo: $125
280: Lovely burnished Santa Clara jar by Reycita Naranjo: $720
281: Group of lovely antique Native American silver jewelry: $240
281A: A lot of 3 Native American beaded necklaces, c. 1940: $180
282: A bronze prong horn platter by Joesph Lonewolf: $3500
285: A group of 8 western-themed collector plates: $180
287: Pair of Pre-Columbian ceramic figures from Mexico: $180
289: Colima matched standing couple, West Mexico: $480
290: Colima standing figure of a woman with a platter: $120
292: Colima figure strapped to a bed, West Mexico: $240
295: Colima double chambered flute, West Mexico: $180
296: A fine Colima clay mold for the head of a fox: $75
297: Jalisco seated 'Sheep face' musician, West Mexico: $300
297A: A large Jalisco female 'water Carrier', West Mexico: $1500
297B: A choice Jalisco standing female figure, West Mexico: $1500
299: A Chinesco 'Type D' seated pregnant woman: $180
300: A nice Chupicuaro standing male figure: $180
302: A nice Michoacan seated woman: $240
303: A lovely Mixtec Molcate (grinding dish) from Mexico: $120
304: A fine Mixtec orange-ware bowl from Mexico: $75
305: A lovely painted Mixtec jar, Mexico: $240
313: A lovely Chavin stone bowl or mortar: $180
314: A pair of rare Pre-Columbian copper ear spools: $420
317: A trio of Pre-Columbian miniatures: $120
319B: A late Salinar black-ware tripod vessel: $180
321: Beautifully detailed Jamacoaque figure from Ecuador: $75
322: An excellent Jamacoaque bust from Ecuador: $75
324: A fine Valdivia bust from Ecuador: $60
327: Group of 5 Jamacoaque & La Tolita-Tumaco ceramic heads: $120
328: Group of 5 Jamacoaque & La Tolita-Tumaco ceramic torsos: $120

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