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Auction 70: Fine Antiquities, October 6th, 2018
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2: An Egyptian faience amulet of a cobra: $100
3: Egyptian green-glazed faience amulet of a striding bull: $200
6: A Roman terracotta figure of Harpokrates, Egypt: $300
8: Romano-Egyptian terracotta figure of Pan with goat: $400
9: Roman terracotta figure of a robed woman, Egypt: $120
11: A large and heavy Greek bronze situla handle: $300
12: A Roman bronze patera handle: $100
14: Set of 5 Near Eastern bronze arrow and spear points: $700
16: Attractive marble figure of a four-armed Hindu deity: $250
17: A gorgeous Roman amber glass bottle: $450
18: A tall, slender Roman pale blue glass vial: $200
19: An iron horseshoe and stirrup, Civil War period: $100
20: A great group of iron Civil War relics: $100
22: Wonderfully detailed Egyptian faience amulet of Isis: $500
22A: A beautiful Egyptian faience amulet of the goddess Mut: $800
23: A nice Egyptian faience amulet of Bes: $200 SOLD
25: A highly detailed Egyptian faience amulet of a falcon: $300
26: An Egyptian green-glazed amulet of the Apis Bull: $120
28: A pair of Egyptian stone amulets, Late Period: $120
30: A group of 5 Egyptian faience amulets, Late Period: $200
31: A group of 3 Egyptian stone amulets, Late Period: $200
32: A group of 7 Egyptian faience amulets: $250
33: 11 Egyptian faience amulets depicting animals: $200
33A: A group of Egyptian amulets and an Eye inlay: $150
35: Egyptian scarab depicting a Sphinx trampling enemy: $200
36: A large early 18th Dynasty Egyptian steatite scarab: $250
37: Egyptian faience scarab set in a beautiful gold ring: $800
37A: An Egyptian gold foil scarab, Late Period - Roman: $700
38: Large Egyptian terracotta ushabti, Late New Kingdom: $200
39: Egyptian terracotta ushabti, Late New Kingdom: $200
40: Egyptian terracotta painted ushabti, New Kingdom: $1250
42: An Egyptian pale blue-green faience ushabti: $350
45: Egyptian miniature faience ushabti with inscription: $200
45A: An Egyptian terracotta 'Reis' or Overseer ushabti: $150
46: A beautiful Egyptian banded alabaster alabastron: $800
46A: Elegant Egyptian alabaster vase, Ptolemaic-Early Roman : $2000
46B: A nice Egyptian basalt jar, Predynastic-Early Dynastic: $1500
50: Egyptian carved stone head of a Pharaoh, Late Period: $500 SOLD
52: An Egyptian limestone relief depicting standing Bes: $1250
54: An Egyptian bronze figure of Osiris, Late Period: $400
55: An Egyptian bronze figure of Osiris, Late Period: $400
56: A very impressive Egyptian bronze figure of Osiris: $4500
57: A fantastic Egyptian bronze figure of seated Isis: $5000
57A: A fantastic Egyptian bronze figure of Harpokrates: $2000
60: A very rare Egyptian bronze figure of a sacred fish: $1750
62: Pair of Egyptian bronze Osiris figurines, Late Period: $200
62A: A pair of Egyptian bronze situlas, Late Period: $150
64A: A large Egyptian seated wooden figure, Late Period: $400
65: Egyptian painted wood mummy mask, Late Period: $500
65A: A wonderful Egyptian painted wood ‘mummy’ mask: $800
65B: An Egyptian wood ‘mummy’ mask, Late Period: $600
66: A wonderful Egyptian wooden headrest: $4000
69: A Roman terracotta bust of Minerva, Egypt: $500
70: A nice Roman terracotta head of Harpokrates: $250
71: A rarely offered Egyptian terracotta offering tray: $600
72: An Egyptian molded terracotta head of a man: $100
72A: A nice Egyptian ceramic figure of Harpokrates: $300
73: Roman ceramic sistrum handle of female grotesque: $300
74: An attractive Egyptian terracotta flask: $200
74A: An Egyptian turquoise glazed composition aryballos: $2000
78: A wonderful Egyptian blue beaded pectoral net: $1500
80A: Antique silver bracelet set with amulets and scarabs: $2000
81: A lovely pair of Egyptian faience beaded necklaces: $150
82: A gorgeous Egyptian faience bead choker: $150
83: A lovely Egyptian faience bead choker, Late period: $150
84: Lovely necklace comprised of Egyptian faience beads: $150
85A: A bottle of Egyptian linen mummy wrappings: $100
86: Eastern Greek-Achaemenid bronze mesomphalic phiale: $700
87: A nice Near Eastern bronze finial: $600
88: Nice Near Eastern bronze horse bit with cheek pieces: $800
89: An attractive Near Eastern heavy bronze bracelet: $150
89A: A pair of Western Asiatic bronze bracelets: $100
89B: A pair of Celtic bronze bracelets: $150
90A: A Roman bronze powder spatula or aurispeculum: $120
90B: A Roman bronze medical or cosmetic spoon: $120
90C: A Coptic wood block for holding tools and implements: $350
92: A wonderful Etruscan bronze figure of a male youth: $4000
94: An attractive Etruscan bronze figure of Herakles: $1000
94A: A wonderful Etruscan bronze figure of an attendant: $2500
95: A choice Roman bronze figure of Aphrodite: $900
96: A Roman bronze figure of Isis-Fortuna: $500
96A: Roman bronze mount or applique in form of a female bust: $150
97: A lovely Roman bronze lion mask door knocker: $1200
98: A large and impressive Roman bronze serving bowl: $2000
99: Choice Roman bronze panther from a Bacchic group: $1000
100: A Roman bronze figurine of sheep: $200
101A: Roman bronze latch, zoomorphic hook and a medieval ring: $150
103A: Highly detailed Roman bronze mount in the form of Mars: $250
103B: A small Roman bronze bust of Minerva: $50
105: A large Roman Kraftig profilierte bronze fibula: $100
106: A nice Roman bronze P-shaped bow fibula: $120
106A: A beautiful Roman silver gilt knee brooch: $250
107A: An attractive Villanovan lunate bronze razor: $600
107B: An attractive Villanovan bronze bracelet: $120
108: A lot of 4 spoons, Roman - Medieval: $200
108A: 20+ ancient through medieval bronze items: $100
109: A collection of mixed bronze objects: $120
109A: A fantastic bronze and iron split blade knife: $500
110A: A Medieval bronze barrel key: $120
111: A well-preserved Iron Age chain belt: $150
111A: Anglo-Saxon bronze clothing fastener and pin head: $100
111B: A pair of Anglo-Saxon bronze belt buckles: $100
111C: A trio of Anglo-Saxon artifacts: $120
111D: A Macedonian/Thracian bronze fertility bracelet: $150
112: A Spanish-Moorish bronze mortar with pestle: $450
113: An Eastern Orthodox bronze censer: $250
114: A pair of African manillas, 18th Century: $120
114A: A fine Mousterian Neanderthal chert biface handaxe: $1900
115B: Pair of Near Eastern iron daggers, Achaemenid Empire: $1300
116: A European bronze age copper flat axe: $150
117A: Large European bronze sickle-blade, Celtic to Medieval: $200
119: A large Eastern Celtic bronze axe head: $250
122: A choice Chinese bronze socketed adze, Shang-Zhou: $250
123: A narrow Chinese bronze axe blade, Shang-Zhou: $150
124: A small Chinese bronze cutting blade, Shang-Zhou: $100
125: A heavy Chinese bronze adze blade, Shang-Zhou: $250
126: A nice Chinese bronze adze blade, Shang-Zhou: $150
127: A group of 2 Chinese bronze arrow or ballista points: $150 SOLD
131: 5 Chinese iron points, Liao to Qing Dynasty: $100
132: A Medieval iron battle axe, Eastern Europe: $350
133: A nice Medieval iron flanged mace head: $450
134: A lovely iron spear point, Southern Philippines: $200
134A: Large Near Eastern stone carved figure of a bearded man: $800
134B: A Near Eastern limestone head of a woman: $300
135: A wonderful Greek marble head of a youth: $10,000
135A: A fantastic Neo-Punic limestone stele depicting a man: $7,000
136: Choice Roman marble head of a man, Julio-Claudian: $18,000
137: Roman marble busts of Emperor Elagabalus & his mother: $30,000
137A: A well-detailed Roman marble head of a man: $1500
138: Roman limestone sarcophagus fragment depicting a bull: $1750
138A: Marble panel from a sarcophagus, Late Roman / Byzantine: $2000
139: Romano-Thracian marble fragment with horse's head : $800
139A: A wonderful Sumerian carved stone head of a bull: $450
140: A large Gothic Limestone architectural fragment: $1200
143: A pair of Near Eastern terracotta votive animals: $100
144: A pair of Near Eastern terracotta votive horses: $100
145: Near Eastern terracotta votive in the form of a stylized bull: $200
146: A large Greek terracotta figure of a bearded deity: $4000
148: A Greek terracotta figure of a youthful male: $200
151A: A large Etruscan terracotta foot from a statue: $450
152: A detailed Roman terracotta head of an elderly man: $200
153: Large Roman terracotta head of fashionable lady, Egypt: $250
154: A lovely Roman terracotta antefix depicting Eros: $600
155: Detailed Roman terracotta head of a lady with diadem: $250
156A: A wonderful, large Bronze Age pottery churn: $2000
157: A nice Cypriot red-ware dipper cup: $150
158: An important Cypriot red polished ware jar: $2500
158A: A large Amlash grey-ware tripod vessel: $300
159: A Cypriot bichrome spouted vessel: $150
160: A very large Gnathian-ware skyphos: $1200
161: A fantastic Attic black-figure skyphos: $3000
162: A large Greek red-figure high handled oinochoe: $1000
162A: Greek sprinkler vessel in form of female bust: $200
163: Group of 4 Campanian Greek miniature votive vessels: $100
163A: A Campanian Greek black-glazed kylix: $400
164: A group of 4 Greek pottery vessels, Magnia Graecia: $200
165: Beautiful Canosan false oinochoe, early 3rd Century BC: $3000
166: Etruscan red-figure oinochoe depicting females & satyr: $3500
168: A very large Etrusco-Corinthian alabastron: $2000
170A: A Roman molded jug with two African heads, Egypt: $500
171: A nice Eastern Mediterranean lagynos, Asia Minor: $200
173: A nice Roman squat amphora: $150
174: A nice Roman ceramic pitcher: $150
175: A nice trio of Roman terra sigillata pottery fragments: $150
175A: Rare Bronze Age ceramic burial cup, Urnfield Culture: $500
179: A beautiful Roman purple glass double unguentarium: $450
180: A large Roman glass two-handled bottle: $700
181: A large Roman green glass funnel-mouthed bottle: $800
181A: A choice Roman fluted flask in yellow-amber glass: $900
183: Roman manganese purple glass bottle with threading: $1500
185A: A nice Islamic pale yellow-green glass bottle: $300
186: Roman ceramic lamp depicting a hare and a hunter: $200
186B: An attractive orange-ware Roman lamp with dolphin: $200
189: Large Roman orange-ware ceramic lamp with Hermes: $600
190: A Roman ceramic lamp in the form of a bull's head: $800
190A: A nice Roman bronze lamp: $400
191: A Phoenician multicolored glass face bead: $150
192: Sasanian silver ring, intaglio depicting rider & camel: $150
197A: A lovely strand of vibrant ancient glass beads: $600
198A: Large Central Asian glass medallion depicting sacrifice: $150
201: A large bronze coin of the emperor Hadrian: $150
203C: A lot of 4 silver and bronze medieval Armenian coins: $100
203E: A large silver coin from the wreck of the El Cazador: $100
203F: A coin from the wreck of the Admiral Gardner: $80
204: A group of 10 Byzantine lead bullae and tokens: $100
204A: A lot of 60 late 19th Century Japanese coins: $100
207: A green-black chlorite stamp seal, Southern Anatolia: $150
208: A dark brown steatite stamp seal, Central Anatolia: $150
209: Anatolian/Caspian cone-shaped serpentine stamp seal: $150
210: A Near Eastern black-green serpentine stamp seal: $150
213: A nice Nal culture ceramic figure of a bull: $150
216: Choice Harappan cup from the northern Indus Valley: $150
217: A fine ceramic oil lamp from the Indus Valley: $60
218: Lovely ceramic beaked spouted jar, Khurvin/Marlik: $100
218A: Wonderful Khmer sandstone head of a male temple deity: $1500
219A: An East Indian terracotta head of a lion: $500
220: Egyptian-Revival ceramic flask, early-mid 20th Century: $150
221: A gold pendant/brooch with replica Egyptian scarab: $200
224: Huge Egyptian-style stone reproduction head of Pharaoh: $300
224A: An Inuit wooden drag handle, c. 16th Century: $100
224B: A group of mixed invertebrate and plant fossils: $120
224C: Large limestone fossil slab of Ocean floor with ripples: $800
224D: Pyritized Hildoceras and Dactylioceras ammonites fossil: $400
224E: A rare open coil Heteromorph Ammonite ocean fossil: $3750
225: A group of Native American stone arrowheads: $120
226: A Native American stone tool in a black stone: $120
226A: A Navajo wedding basket, c. 1930 - 1940: $100
226B: A Navajo flat basket with two small handles: $100
226C: A nice Navajo Wide Plains saddle rug: $200
227: Anasazi Mesa Verde ceramic pitcher, Southwest USA: $400
228A: A lovely black on black olla by Dora Quezada: $150
228B: Attractive black-ware vessel from American Southwest: $150
230: A large strand of Native American glass trade beads: $150
231A: A Nicoya monochrome shoe pot, Costa Rica: $100
231B: A pair of Chiriqui/Diquis objects from Costa Rica: $150
231C: Early Nicoya Guinea incised bulbous bowl, Costa Rica: $400
231D: An impressive incensario cover with stylized caiman: $800
233: A nice Colima seated woman, West Mexico: $100
234: Cute Colima standing dancer in costume West Mexico: $150
234A: A fantastic, large Colima standing warrior, West Mexico: $600
236: A Colima standing dog whistle, West Mexico: $150
237: A pair of Jalisco ceramic whistles, West Mexico: $100
238: A choice Jalisco 'sheep face' standing male figure: $400
238A: A wonderfully vibrant Jalisco standing female figure: $1200
239: A cute Nayarit seated drummer, West Mexico: $300
240: An attractive Nayarit couple, West Mexico: $350
241: A nice Huastec figure of a standing woman, Mexico: $150
242: Chinesco 'Type C' standing woman, West Mexico: $150
243: Large Jalisco San Juanito type cooking/storage vessel: $180
245: A nice Chinesco 'Type B' bottle vase, Mexico: $150
246: A group of 5 West Coat Mexican Post-Classic vessels: $100
247: An excellent Olmec stone pendant from Mexico: $75
249: Lovely Chupicuaro 'slab base' standing female figure: $250
250: A trio of adorable Chupicuaro figures from Mexico: $100
251: A nice Michoacan Pre-Classic seated lord, Mexico: $200
252: A long strand of Michoacan shell beads, Mexico: $100
253: A choice Mayan tan chert blade, Mexico: $350
254A: A nice Moche polychrome ceramic conchero (corn popper): $500
254B: Beautiful Huari textile fragment with vibrant pattern: $500
254C: Chimu textile with geometric pattern & original pigments: $600
257: An excellent Tairona stone celt from Colombia: $150
258: An excellent Tairona avian pendant from Colombia: $75
259: A group of 14 beautiful Tairona beads from Colombia: $100
260: A group of 10 large Tairona beads from Colombia: $75
261: Pair of excellent Tairona crystal beads from Colombia: $75
262: A nice Tairona bar pendant from Colombia: $50
264: A group of eight Inca votive mace heads: $75
265: Two pairs of votive sandals from perhaps the Ica Valley: $100
267: An excellent Valdivia bust from Ecuador: $60
268: Rare Manteno offering dish or snuff palette, Ecuador: $150
268A: A detailed Jamacoaque figural vessel: $1500
269A: A pair of Pre-Columbian ceramic figures: $100
269B: A lot of Pre-Columbian ceramic whistles and bell: $100

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