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Auction 66: Fine Antiquities Spring Sale, March 25, 2018
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2: Charming little Egyptian green serpentine amulet of a frog: $200
7: An Egyptian terracotta votive depicting seated pharaoh: $350
8: Hellenistic/Roman bronze lion's paw candelabrum foot: $150
10: A Near Eastern bronze zoomorphic adze: $300
13: A lovely Greek painted terracotta figurine of an Erote: $300
15: A nice Cypriot Bronze Age dipping cup: $200
16: A Greek sprinkler vessel in form of female bust: $200
17: A nice Hellenistic Greek ceramic olpe with female head: $300
20: A Roman light blue-green glass bottle: $200
26A: A lovely and rare Egyptian blue-green faience ushabti: $1000 SOLD
31: A pair of Egyptian ushabtis, Late Period: $250
32A: An Egyptian blue faience bust from a huge ushabti: $1500 SOLD
35A: An Egyptian turquoise glazed composition aryballos: $2000
36: Egyptian faience head from large amulet of Nefertum: $100
36B: Stunning Egyptian faience amulet of the goddess Taweret: $700
36C: Egyptian glazed composition double Ba bird figurine: $800
37A: Large Egyptian diorite granite Eye of Horus amulet: $200
38: Pair of very nice stone Egyptian 'ib' or heart amulets: $200
39: Egyptian solar disk amulets, Late Period - Ptolemaic: $150
46: Cute Egyptian scaraboid in form of double hedgehog: $150
47: An Egyptian steatite scarab, Ramesside: $120 SOLD
48: An Egyptian gold foil scarab, Late Period - Roman: $750
49: Egyptian button scarab in speckled granite: $120
52: An Egyptian alabaster kohl jar, Old Kingdom: $250 SOLD
53: Fantastic trio of Egyptian stone cosmetic vessels : $700
53A: Nice Egyptian basalt jar, Predynastic – Early Dynastic: $1500
53B: An Egyptian diorite grinding palette, Middle Kingdom: $3000
54: Nice Egyptian alabaster kohl jar, Middle Kingdom: $300
55: A lovely Egyptian banded alabastron, New Kingdom: $1500
56A: A magnificient magnesite marble figure of Osiris: $5000
57A: Egyptian sandstone relief depicting a scene of worship: $6000
58: A fantastic Romano-Egyptian marble child's headrest: $2000
59: An Egyptian bronze figure of Osiris, Late Period: $500
59A: Egyptian bronze figure of Osiris, Late Period: $400
60: A well detailed Egyptian bronze figure of Harpokrates: $300
63: Egyptian bronze figure of Isis suckling the infant Horus: $600
64A: A very rare Egyptian bronze figure of a sacred fish: $2500
65: A nice group of Egyptian bronze objects, Late Period: $200
67: A nice Egyptian wooden figure, Middle Kingdom: $200 SOLD
68: Wonderful Egyptian wooden headrest, New Kingdom: $5000
69: A stunning upper portion of an Egyptian sarcophagus lid: $15,000
69A: Egyptian painted wood 'mummy' mask, Late Period: $600
70: Extremely rare Egyptian wooden depiction of Apis Bull : $10,000
71: Egyptian wooden relief with four cobras, Late Period: $800
73: A wonderful Coptic wood block and implements: $400
74: A rare Egyptian terracotta offering tray: $2500 SOLD
75: Lovely Egyptian ceramic concubine figure, Late Period: $200
78: A choice Coptic ceramic jar, Roman Egypt: $300
79: Romano-Egyptian terracotta figure of Priapos: $300
80: Egyptian terracotta Harpokrates seated on a ram: $300
80A: An Egyptian terracotta figure of Harpokrates: $300
83B: A group of 100+ Egyptian multicolored faience beads: $100
85: Fascinating Egyptian mummified young crocodile head: $1500
86: An Egyptian stucco figure of a bird, Late Period: $200
86A: Pair of Egyptian cartonnage fragments from sarcophagus: $2000
89: A pair of Romano-Egyptian bone decorative elements: $200
91: Important Coptic Biblical vellum fragment of Galatians: $3500
92: Coptic Liturgical text fragment, Ephesians I on paper: $3000
93: A pair of Stone Age-Neolithic tools: $100 SOLD
94: A Northern European Neolithic stone axe: $200
95: A framed set of 25 Native American arrowheads: $300
95A: A nice group of 4 Paleo-Indian stone tools: $150
95B: Absolutely gorgeous pink marbled Bactrian stone weight: $2500
97: A choice Bronze Age lidded alabaster jar: $3500
98A: Graeco-Roman satyr head with attributes of Zeus-Ammon: $20,000
98B: A beautiful Eastern Roman Empire marble head of a woman: $2500
98C: A wonderful Eastern Mediterranean stone head of a youth: $3500
99: A Roman marble cinerary lid with theater mask motif: $2000
99A: A large Roman marble fragment with a facing bull's head: $1250 SOLD
100: A fantastic Roman marble funerary stela: $8,000
100A: Roman marble fountainhead in the form of a youth: $10000
101: A nice Byzantine carved stone vessel: $200
102: An Anatolian bronze head of a bull: $300
102A: A nice Bactrian bronze cosmetic container with spatula: $120
103: A stunning Near Eastern bronze pin with canine: $1500
104: A Near Eastern bronze fitting: $100
105: A pair of Near Eastern bronze cosmetic pins: $100 SOLD
106: Scythian bronze applique in form of stylized avian head: $150
108: Iron-Age European votive in the form of a male: $150
109A: A rare Etruscan bronze helmet of Negau type: $15,000
110: An attractive Villanovan lunate bronze razor: $600
111: An Etruscan bronze figure of a nude male: $800
112: An Etruscan bronze figure of an attendant: $2500
114: An Etruscan bronze figure of a youth: $350
115: A beautiful Roman bronze strainer: $2500
117: Roman bronze bust of a male wearing a Phrygian cap: $300
118: A nice Roman bronze horse in naturalistic style: $350
119: A nice Roman bronze figurine of Hermes: $200
119A: A Roman bronze mount in the form of a bust of Mars: $400
120: A pair of Roman bronze latches: $200
121: A Roman bronze spoked wheel: $200
122: A nice Roman enameled bronze seal box: $150 SOLD
123: A lovely Roman bronze lion mask door knocker: $1500
123A: A beautiful Roman bronze hand-held mirror: $5000
124: Wonderful Roman bronze theater mask applique: $500
125: An attractive Roman bronze double phallic amulet: $150
125A: A Roman bronze phallic amulet: $150 SOLD
127: A pair of Roman bronze implements: $200
128: A lot of 4 ancient spoons, Roman-Medieval: $200
128A: A beautiful Roman silver gilt knee brooch: $500
131: Roman bronze handle from a box or piece of furniture: $150
133: A nice group of Roman bronzes: $100
135: Nice Byzantine bronze reliquary cross depicting Christ: $250
137: Large Byzantine bronze reliquary cross with Christ: $500
138: A wonderfully detailed Seljuk bronze lion: $300
139: A choice Near Eastern bronze axe head: $1500
140: A large Near Eastern bronze dagger: $800
141: A nice Near Eastern bronze dagger: $600
142: A large Cypriote bronze spear head: $750
143: Set of 5 Near Eastern bronze arrow and spear points: $1250
144: A group of 6 Near Eastern bronze arrow heads: $150
146: Chinese bronze arrow/ballista points, Warring to Han: $150
147: Chinese iron/bronze arrow/ballista points,Warring-Han: $100
151: Chinese iron arrow and spear points, Liao to Qing : $100
152: Chinese iron spear points, Liao to Qing Dynasty: $120
153: A large Medieval iron knife with bone handle: $300
154: A bronze and iron split blade knife: $500
154B: Neo-Sumerian foundation cone from the time of Gudea: $2500 SOLD
157A: A nice Old Babylonian terracotta seated woman: $200
158: A trio of very large Greek pyramidal loom weights: $150
158A: Front half of large Etruscan terracotta head: $4000
158B: A stunning Romano-Etruscan head of youth: $2000
159A: A wonderful Greek terracotta figure of a woman: $1250
159B: A large Greek terracotta votive horse with three riders: $700
159C: 20 inch tall Greek terracotta bearded deity w/ ram: $4500
161: Large ancient terracotta architectural element w/ 4 lions: $1750
162: A large Islamic ceramic votive with bull's head: $300
163: A choice Nal culture bowl from the Indus Valley: $150
164: A choice Nal culture bowl from the Indus Valley: $250 SOLD
165: A choice Harappan jar from the northern Indus Valley: $120
166: A fine ceramic pyxis from the Indus Valley: $150 SOLD
168: Rare example of a painted grey-ware vessel, Sonkh: $300
171: A very large late Bronze Age krater vessel: $400
171A: A nice Corinthian plemochoe, mid-6th Century BC: $200
171B: Greek red-figure oinochoe depicting a lady of fashion: $1000
171C: A fantastic Attic black-figure skyphos: $3000
173A: A lovely Greek Gnathian-ware prochus, South Italy: $450
174: A large Messapian banded olpe: $350
176: A Greek footed bowl with banding decoration: $200
177: A very large Greek black-glazed skyphos: $400
178: A Greek black-glazed olpe, 4th Century BC: $200
179: A Greek black-glazed olpe, Magnia Graecia: $150
180: A pair of Greek black glazed vessels: $200
181: A fine Roman spindle bottle: $100
182: A Hellenistic rounded bottomed olpe: $200
187: A lovely group of Hellenistic core glass rods: $500
188: A beautiful Hellenistic core-formed glass alabastron: $1000
189: A lovely Roman aubergine glass cosmetic teardrop bottle: $400
190: A lovely Roman aubergine glass perfume bottle: $500
192: A pair of attractive Roman glass bottles: $200
193: A Roman pale yellow-green glass bottle: $120
195: A choice pale purplish Roman glass sprinkler flask: $500
197: A beautiful and large Roman colorless glass vessel: $700
198: Roman green glass sprinkler vessel with white streaks: $350
199A: A nice Islamic pale yellow-green glass bottle: $300
199B: A pair of beautiful multicolored glass bracelets: $200
204: A lot of 3 Roman ceramic lamps: $200
205: A lot of 4 Roman-Byzantine ceramic lamps: $250
205A: A nice Roman bronze lamp with hinged lid: $800
207: A lot of 4 Roman glass pendant beads, Holy Land: $100
210: Roman gold ring with a carnelian ring stone: $600
210A: A nice pair of Roman crescent-shaped gold earrings: $300
212: A lot of 4 rings, Roman-Medieval: $100
213: Late Hellenistic-Early Roman silver chain with pendant: $500
216: Roman glass sherd in an attractive wire-wrap pendant: $50
217: Egyptian blue glass applique depicting a theater mask: $100
219A: A nice group of 100+ mixed ancient beads: $400
220: A lovely pair of ancient glass beads: $150
222: A beautiful Persian beaded necklace: $400
224: A rare strand of Roman amber beads: $150
225: Strand of Persian faience, bronze and carnelian beads: $150
226: Two nice strands of ancient stone and glass beads: $150
229: A Hellenistic bronze knucklebone or 'astragalus': $300
231: A pair of Roman silver coins: $200
232: A superb collection of 24 Roman imperial bronze coins: $1500
232A: A nice silver coin of Alexander the Great: $200
232B: A nice lot of 4 Greek silver coins: $120
232C: Silver 4-reale 'cob' from the wreck of the Sao Jose: $250 SOLD
233: Pair of Roman terracotta counterfeiter/forger's moulds: $150
234: Group of 16 coins and weights from the Holy Land: $100
235: 19 mixed bronze coins from the Holy Land: $100
237: 8 Roman and Byzantine lead seals and tokens: $150
238: An antique Korean bronze erotic coin or marriage token: $150
246: Near Eastern copper stamp seal in form of two birds: $150
250: A Roman glass ring stone depicting a togate man: $150
253: A pair of Ban Chiang corded-ware vessel: $200
254: A nice Ban Chiang corded-ware vessel: $150
255: A group of 3 Ban Chiang vessels: $200
257: Attractive 20th C. stone head in ancient Egyptian style: $100
258: A large, modern alabaster jar in ancient Egyptian style: $200
259: An Armenian antique brass mule's bell: $150
260: A nicely framed illuminated leaf from the Koran: $250
263A: A lovely Ottoman silver torc, 16th – 17th Century: $300
263B: A large and impressive Ottoman silver bracelet: $500
264A: Gorgeous 18k gold, diamond & ruby checkerboard bracelet: $9000
265: A well carved Chinese jasper chop: $100 SOLD
266: Charles-François Daubigny (French, 1817-1878): $6000
267: Anton (Anthonij) Mauve (Dutch, 1838 – 1888): $8000
268: Charles V & Isabella of Portugal, 16th Century drawing: $1000
268A: Lovely 19th Century portrait miniature of a young woman: $100
272: An Anasazi Mesa Verde ceramic pitcher: $400
273: An Anasazi Mesa Verde ceramic ladle: $350
275: An oval Navajo basket with two handles: $100
276: A Navajo woven deep bowl: $150
277: A large and well-preserved Navajo wedding basket: $150
279: Beautiful seed pot by Roy Tsigowanu and Kwa Povi: $400
282: An attractive pair of Navajo rugs.: $300
283: A lot of 3 sections of iron barbed wire: $50
284: A group of 8 pewter figures from the Franklin Mint: $100
285: A beautiful brass pitcher, Southwest USA: $100
286: A very nice Colima standing woman upraised arms: $120
286A: A Colima matched standing couple, West Mexico: $350
287: A nice little Colima figure of a man, West Mexico: $100
288: A Colima figure of a woman lying on a bed: $150
288A: Ceramic Colima male figure lying on a bed, West Mexico: $150
289: A Colima 'Gingerbread' standing shaman figure: $250
291: A very nice Colima black-ware face effigy jar: $200
292: A cute Colima effigy vessel in the form of a frog: $300
293: A very cute Colima curled dog, West Mexico: $350
294: A large Colima standing warrior, West Mexico: $600
294B: A large and attractive Colima seated figure with peyote: $1000
296: A fine sello from Colima, West Mexico: $75
298: A cute Jalisco sitting fat coatimundi rattle: $150
298A: A wonderfully vibrant Jalisco standing female figure: $1250
299: Nayarit figure of a kneeling woman, West Mexico: $250
300: A Nayarit standing woman wearing a skirt: $150
301: A nice Olmec standing figure, Mexico: $300
301A: A fantastic Vera Cruz articulated figure, Mexico: $1500
302: A nice Chupicuaro standing female figure, Mexico: $200
303: A large Michoacan standing shaman, Mexico: $150
303A: A nice Michoacan seated woman, Mexico: $150
303B: A long strand of Michoacan shell beads, Mexico: $100
304: A nice Huastec figure of a standing woman: $150
305: A cute Vera Cruz standing 'Crazy Monkey': $200
306: A pair of clay molds from Teotihuacan, Mexico: $75
307: A colorful Maya cylinder from El Salvador: $600
308: A nice Maya cylinder from Guatemala: $200
308A: A nice Mayan ceramic Monkey effigy vessel with pedestal: $250
311: A pair of Pre-Columbian ceramic vessels: $100
311A: A pair of Chiriqui/Diquis objects from Costa Rica: $150
312A: An early Nicoya Guinea incised bulbous bowl, Costa Rica: $400
312B: A Nicoya monochrome shoe pot, Costa Rica: $100
313: A very nice Nicoya tripod human effigy vessel: $450 SOLD
313A: An attractive Nicoya polychrome tripod bowl: $350
313B: Huge Greater Nicoya ceremonial vessel with jaguar head: $800
314: An impressive incensario cover with stylized caiman: $800
316: A large Narino 'bullet-shaped' amphora, Colombia: $800
317: A superb Narino amphora from Colombia: $350 SOLD
321: A fine Pre-Columbian orange ware bottle: $175
322: A nice Pre-Columbian black-ware vessel: $100
323: A late Salinar black-ware vessel: $100
325: A large Pre-Columbian canteen: $350
326: Unusual Shipibo vessel from the upper Amazon region: $100
327: A pair of Pre-Columbian ceramics vessels: $120
327A: A lovely Cajamarca polychrome ceramic bowl: $100
327B: A Cajamarca polychrome ceramic bowl: $100
327C: A nice Moche polychrome ceramic conchero : $500
327D: Set of Chimu corded bands adorned with parrot feathers: $120
330: A fine Bahia shaman figure from Ecuador: $200
332: 5 Jamacoaque/La Tolita-Tumaco large ceramic torsos: $50

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