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Auction 68: Fine Antiquities & Ethnographic Art, July 22, 2018
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1: Egyptian linen wrappings within a small glass bottle: $100
2: An attractive pair of stone Eye of Horus amulets: $120
6: Egyptian bronze Apis bull figurine, Late Period: $350 SOLD
8: A lovely Cypriot alabaster vase, Late Cypriot II: $450
10: Roman orange-ware round bodied vessel: $100
11: A cute miniature Greek votive ceramic oil lamp: $100
12: A nice Greek terracotta figure of a woman: $400
13: A Greek terracotta figure of a seated Harpokrates: $200 SOLD
14: An interesting Etruscan lion head fragment: $250
17: Roman glass conical beaker, 4th Century AD: $600
18: Byzantine silver & niello crescent ceremonial pectoral: $700
20: A trio of nice terracotta Chinese funerary figures: $200
21: Rare Egyptian cippus-style amulet of Pataikos: $1000
22: Egyptian green-glazed faience amulet of a striding bull: $250
23: Wonderful Egyptian blue glass amulet of Bes: $250
24: An Egyptian pale blue faience amulet of Bes: $100
25: An attractive steatite amulet of Bes: $100
26: A lot of 3 Egyptian glass amulets or inlays: $200 SOLD
27: 4 small faience Egyptian ‘Eye of Horus’ amulets: $120 SOLD
28: A group of 3 Egyptian ‘Eye of Horus’ amulets: $120 SOLD
28A: Large Egyptian diorite granite Eye of Horus amulet: $200
29: A lot of 4 nice Egyptian stone amulets, Late Period: $150
30: A group of 9 assorted Egyptian faience amulets: $150
31: A nice group of 9 assorted Egyptian faience amulets: $150
32: An Egyptian steatite scarab, 2nd Intermediate Period: $150
32A: Egyptian steatite cowroid, 2nd Intermediate Period: $150
33: An Egyptian red-yellow marble scaraboid: $200
33A: An Egyptian faience scarab with seated monkeys: $200
34: Egyptian steatite scarab with Thutmose III cartouche: $200
35: An Egyptian scarab and scaraboid, New Kingdom: $150
37: An Egyptian black steatite scarab with a jackal: $120
38: A lot of 4 Egyptian scarabs: $150
38A: A group of 4 Egyptian steatite and faience scarabs: $150
38B: An Egyptian scarab, scaraboid and a plaque: $120 SOLD
39: An Egyptian painted wood ushabti: $500
39B: An Egyptian terracotta Reis or overseer ushabti: $300
40: Wonderful and vibrant Egyptian ushabti, 21st Dynasty: $4500
41: A brilliant blue Egyptian faience ushabti: $700 SOLD
42: Pale blue Egyptian faience ‘Reis’ or overseer ushabti: $350
49: A lovely set of Egyptian stone cosmetic vessels: $1500
49A: A nice Egyptian alabaster kohl jar, Middle Kingdom: $300
50: An Egyptian alabaster kohl jar, Late Period: $120
52: A nice Egyptian stone standing figure of a woman: $4000
53: Egyptian sandstone Canopic jar lid representing Imsety: $3000
54: Egyptian granite head and upper torso of a man: $3000
56: An Egyptian alabaster body for an Ibis figurine: $150
57: A nice Egyptian sandstone relief depicting Horus: $7000
58: An Egyptian carved alabaster fish: $1250
59: An Egyptian greywacke cosmetic palette: $200
60: Egyptian copper mirror, c. 1st Intermediate Period: $300
61: Well detailed Egyptian bronze figure of Harpokrates: $200 SOLD
62: A nice Egyptian bronze figure of Osiris, Late Period: $800
63: A nice Egyptian bronze figure of Osiris, Late Period: $400
64: A pair of Egyptian bronze figures of Osiris: $150
65: An Egyptian bronze figurine of Osiris, Late Period: $200 SOLD
66: Fantastic Egyptian bronze, inlaid seated Osiris figure: $6000
67: Egyptian bronze figure of a striding Harpokrates: $9000
69: Pair of Egyptian wood figures, Middle Kingdom: $150
69A: Egyptian wood painted figure of a man from model boat: $400
70: A beautiful Egyptian carved wood figure of a Ba-Bird: $8000
71: Egyptian wood panel from a coffin or box: $250
72: A nicely framed Egyptian painted mummy mask: $2000
72A: An impressively large Egyptian wood mummy mask: $3500 SOLD
74: Egyptian wood ‘mummy’ mask, Late Period: $450
75A: A large Egyptian Predynastic clay vessel: $300
76: Egyptian terracotta funerary cone for Merymose: $800
77: Egyptian Middle Kingdom pottery Hippopotamus: $1500
79: A ceramic Egyptian model of house or other building: $1250
80: A large Egyptian terracotta mold for a cobra head: $150 SOLD
84A: An Egyptian ceramic 'frog' lamp: $100
85A: A terracotta souvenir pilgrim flask, Coptic Egypt: $200
86: Egyptian painted stucco avian votive, Ptolemaic: $150
87: An Egyptian faience head of pharaoh, Ptolemaic: $2000
88: An Egyptian New Kingdom blue glazed faience ring: $200 SOLD
89: A nice Egyptian glazed steatite shrine fragment: $500
90: Beautiful Egyptian faience beads shaping a face mask: $300
91: An attractive faience beaded collar, Late Period: $300
92: A lovely Egyptian Late Period faience bead necklace: $75
93: Two strands of well-preserved Egyptian faience beads: $200
94: A pair of Egyptian faience bead necklaces: $150
95: A group of Egyptian faience beads: $200
96: A huge strand of Egyptian round faience beads: $400
96A: A pair of Egyptian faience bead earrings: $50
97: Egyptian blue-glazed rosette amulet set into a brooch: $150
98: An Egyptian fish mummy, Graeco-Roman: $1500
99: A group of ancient ceramic and stone fragments: $100
100: Incredibly rare set of 9 Book of Dead linen fragments: $8000
100A: A large papyrus Coptic Christian letter fragment: $4000
100B: Coptic Liturgical text fragment, Ephesians I on paper: $3000
101: A pair of Coptic textile fragments, Roman Egypt: $200 SOLD
101A: Coptic textile panel with embroidered strip, Egypt: $100
102A: A pair of Near Eastern Bronze animals: $120
103: Near bronze votive of a chariot pulled by two horses: $700 SOLD
104: Near Eastern heavy bronze bracelet: $120
104A: A Levantine bronze amulet of a standing deity: $120
105: A pair of Celtic knobbed ring currency: $140
108: A beautiful Roman bronze figurine of Isis-Fortuna: $1500
110: A nice Roman bronze handle from a vessel: $250 SOLD
110A: Roman bronze mount or applique in the form of a female bust: $200
111: A pair of Roman small bronze appliques: $100
112: Cute Roman miniature bronze figure of a child: $100
113: A Roman bronze phallic amulet: $150
113A: A Roman bronze phallic amulet: $200
114: An attractive Roman decorative iron knife handle: $300
114A: A Roman bronze decorative element in form of a panther: $150
115: Roman bronze handle in form of screaming eagle: $150
115A: A beautiful Roman bronze patera handle with lion: $2000
116: A nice Roman silver dolphin fibula: $150
117: A pair of Roman bronze fibulae: $120
118: A lot of 4 Roman plate brooches: $150
119: An excellent pair of Roman bronze tweezers: $100
123: A nice Medieval bronze iron key: $150
124: Medieval bronze attachment w/ central Crusader cross: $350
125: A pair of Seljuk bronze objects: $150
126: A nice group of 7 Seljuk bronze fittings: $500 SOLD
126A: A nice Macedonian / Thracian bronze fertility bracelet: $100
127: A post Medieval bronze alloy spoon: $150
129: A Near Eastern bronze dirk or spear blade: $250
130: A heavy Near Eastern bronze chisel or gouge: $300
131: A lot of 5 Greek bronze trilobate arrowheads: $150
131A: A lot of 10 Roman Republic trilobate arrowheads: $100
135: Chinese bronze dagger or knife handle, Shang - Zhou: $150
136: Chinese bronze probe-like tool, Shang - Zhou: $100
137: Chinese bronze knife coin, Eastern Han Dynasty: $200
139: A wonderful Sumerian limestone figurine of a lion: $300
140B: A splendid Roman limestone funerary stele: $4000
142: Ancient to Renaissance marble bust, 'Emperor Vitellius': $20,000
142A: A large red-white Bactrian marble column idol: $1700
143: A nice Byzantine/Islamic carved stone vessel: $150 SOLD
143A: A Medieval stucco figure of a soldier with shield: $200
148: A pair of Near Eastern terracotta bull figurines: $100
148A: A pair of Near Eastern ceramic chariots: $150
149: An attractive Near Eastern antlered stag rhyton: $800
151: A Greek terracotta head of a woman: $100 SOLD
152: A Greek terracotta head of a woman: $120
153: A pair of Greek ceramic pyramidal loom weights: $150
155: Greek terracotta head and torso of a man: $100
155A: A large Greek terracotta figure of the goddess Hera: $1200
157: A Greek terracotta female body: $150
158A: A marvelous Greek terracotta yarn-making relief scene: $7000
160: A group of 3 Greek terracotta objects: $100
161: A Greek ceramic vessel depicting a female head: $2500
162: A nice Hellenistic ceramic figure of a woman: $250
162A: Rare and interesting Etruscan terracotta canopic vase: $2000
163: A highly detailed Etruscan terracotta votive right foot: $1500
163A: A large Etruscan terracotta head of a young man: $3500
165: A large Bronze Age round bodied vessel: $200
166: A Bronze Age spouted vessel: $200
167: Pair of Bronze Age ceramic vessels, Holy Land: $100
168: A large Near Eastern spouted vessel: $250
169: A huge Cypriot red-polished ware jug, Early III-Mid I : $7000
170: A nice Cypriot Bichrome bowl: $200
171: A large Cypriot round-bodied jug: $300
172: A nice Cypriot banded bowl: $150
173: An attractive Cypriot footed dish: $200
173A: A nice grey-ware amphora, Eastern Mediterranean: $250
176: Stunning Greek kylix, Battle of Lapiths and Centaurs: $4000 SOLD
177: Beautiful Greek black-figure lekythos, Harpy w/ lyre: $4500
178: A very nice Corinthian skyphos w/ swans and panther: $1000
179: A choice Campanian red-figure swan lekythos: $1500
180: Apulian red-figure lidded oinochoe, Patera Painter: $4000
181: Apulian Xenon-ware kylix with central duck: $600
184: A lovely Gnathian Greek pelike with swan scene: $700
186: A lovely Greek Gnathian-ware squat lekythos: $300 SOLD
187: Nice Greek black-glazed feeder vessel with lion's head: $300
188: A Greek black-ware 'duck-shaped askos': $200
189: A lovely Apulian red-figure fish plate: $500 SOLD
192: A Canosan ceramic kantharos, Magnia Graecia: $300
193: A nice Greek black-glazed spindle epichysis: $700
195: A pair of lustrous Greek skyphoi: $250
197: A nice Hellenistic Greek ceramic olpe: $250
200: A Villanovan impasto jug, Italic: $250
202: A lovely and vibrant Daunian geometric kyathos: $350
203: A Daunian geometric olpe: $150
204: An attractive large Daunian polychrome oinochoe: $200
205: A large Messapian two-handled jar, Italic: $300
206: A Roman gray-ware beaker: $150
210: A Gandharan chlorite lamp, Bactria: $200
215: Roman terracotta lamp depicting Leda and the Swan: $120
216: Roman ceramic lamp with Serapis on an eagle: $150
217: Nice set of 4 Roman and Byzantine ceramic lamps: $200
218: Nice set of 4 Roman and Byzantine ceramic lamps: $150
218A: A nice Roman bronze lamp with hinged lid: $800
219: A rare Roman core glass unguentarium: $4000
220: Lovely little Roman purple and white glass bottle: $400
221: A lovely Roman pale green glass bottle: $180
222: A nice Roman pale blue-green glass bottle: $200
222A: A Roman blue-green glass double unguentarium: $300
224A: A beautiful early Roman banded glass alabastron: $1500 SOLD
226A: Roman pale yellow glass bottle, Eastern Mediterranean: $400
229A: Islamic blue-green glass amphora, Eastern Mediterranean: $150 SOLD
233: A Byzantine gold foil ornament with a cross: $200 SOLD
233A: A Phoenician glass pendant with the face of a demon: $250
234: A nice glass counter or weight and a bead: $150
234A: A group of Roman calculi or glass counters: $100
234B: A necklace comprised of brown serpentine disk beads: $100
235: Necklace comprised mostly of Roman glass beads: $150
236: A necklace composed of Roman/Islamic glass beads: $150
237: A lot of 3 beaded necklaces, ancient through antique: $150
239A: A nice Roman Egyptian coin pendant: $100
242: A lot of 7 Roman - Byzantine lead tokens or tesserae: $100
243: A lot of 14 Roman - Byzantine lead tokens or tesserae: $100
244: Rare Old Assyrian merchant’s set of hematite weights: $500
245: Large and important Old Assyrian Merchant’s Weight: $500
245A: A Roman square lead 3 Uncia weight: $120
245B: A group of 6 bronze and glass weights: $100
247: A chlorite stamp seal in the form of a rosette: $150
247A: Levantine black serpentine cylinder seal, Mitanni style: $150
248: A red steatite pyramidal stamp seal: $150
253: A red steatite ovoid stamp seal, Mesopotamia: $100
255: A black steatite stamp seal with solar symbol: $150
257: A pair of ancient stone stamp seals: $120 SOLD
259: A pair of Sasanian stamp seals: $150
259A: A heavy Islamic bronze stamp seal: $150
265: A nice Amlash spouted vessel in the form of a bird: $150
266: A terracotta head from the Indus Valley: $75
267: An attractive Parthian glazed terracotta jar: $350
267A: Large and vibrant Nishapur ceramic bowl, 12th Century AD: $400
268: A large and beautiful Nishapur glazed plate: $500
270: A Tang Dynasty ceramic tomb guardian: $800
270A: A nice Korean stone-ware pedestal bowl, Silla Period: $200
273: An East Indian terracotta head of a lion: $500
273C: An Indian wooden figure of a Yaksha: $200
275: An 'Idiok Ekpo' mask from the Ibibio of Nigeria: $400
276: An attractive Idoma wood mask from Nigeria: $300
276A: A nice antique hanging Sabbath lamp, Norblin and Co.: $100
277A: A pair of Jewish Sabbath candlesticks: $150
277C: An attractive brass platter with ornate decoration: $100
277D: A large and deep tinned-copper food bowl, Levantine: $250
277E: A pair of antique tinned-copper food bowls: $100
277F: Ku-shaped brass alloy vase, China, Late 19th-early 20th cent: $125
277G: An wonderful antique bronze figure of a stag: $500
277H: Patinated bronze eagle sculpture by Antoine Louis Barye: $500
278A: A pair of antique French glazed vessels: $150 SOLD
278B: Western European Baroque brass ‘Tower-style’ inkwell: $150
280: Beautiful modern Egyptian gold and lapis jewelry set: $150
280B: Large Egyptian ibis in ancient style, mid-20th Century: $250
280C: Anton (Anthonij) Mauve (Dutch, 1838 - 1888): $8000
280D: Charles-Francois Daubigny (French, 1817-1878): $6000
280E: A beautiful traditional Greek icon painted on wood: $1200
282: Delaware Indian Catlinite effigy pipe in form of fish: $350
283: A trio of Inuit/Native American figures: $100
283B: A lovely black on black olla by Dora Quezada: $150
284: A pair of Pre-Columbian ceramic figures: $120
284A: A trio of cylindrical Colima ceramic ear spools: $300
285: A handsome Colima seated solid black figure: $250
288: A very nice Colima brown-ware face effigy jar: $250 SOLD
288A: Large and attractive Colima seated figure, West Mexico: $1000
288B: A large Colima standing warrior, West Mexico: $600
292: A large Jalisco seated hunchback figure, West Mexico: $1500
293: A large Jalisco ‘sheep face’ standing warrior: $500
294: An adorable Jalisco puppy from West Mexico: $400
296: Handsome Nayarit seated woman, Ixtlan del Rio style: $350
297: A nice pair of Nayarit/Chinesco foot effigy vessels: $300
298: A fine Chinesco ‘Type C’ seated male, West Mexico: $250
299: A rare Huastec head fragment from Vera Cruz: $60
301: An attractive Nayarit Post-Classic effigy jar: $200
302: A nice Chinesco Fine-Line ceramic bowl: $200
304: A nice little Nayarit gourd pot, Mexico: $150
305: A lovely Nayarit Post-Classic jar, West Mexico: $150
306: Nayarit bowl from the Lagunillas area of West Mexico: $150
307: A very large Nayarit Post Classic shallow bowl: $150
309: A nice Mayan stone barker beater: $300
310: A large and attractive Vera Cruz ceramic head: $750
310A: A fantastic Vera Cruz articulated figure, Mexico: $1000
311: A large and impressive Vera Cruz Standing priest: $1750
315: A very nice orange-ware tripod jar, Teotihuacan: $200
316: An outstanding Teotihuacan jadeite figure: $7500
317: A choice Tlatilco female figure from Mexico: $150
318: A nice Toltec whistle figure from Mexico: $100
319A: A rare obsidian Aztec eccentric from Mexico: $100
321: An attractive Mixtec molcajete bowl from Mexico: $100
322: A fine turtle effigy olla from Costa Rica: $125
324: A large Nicoya basalt mace head, Costa Rica: $275
325: A granite mulling stone, Costa Rica: $75
326: A fine Narino chalice from Colombia: $150
327: A fine Narino amphora from Colombia: $150
331: A nice Pre-Columbian wood and textile comb: $100
332: A fine Lambayeque (Sican) Naymlap bottle: $250
337: A choice Pre-Columbian miniature stone figure: $850
338: Recuay figural vessel depicting woman and two jaguars: $1250
340: A detailed Jamacoaque figural vessel: $1500
344: A fine Jamacoaque figure from Ecuador: $250

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