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Auction 65: Antiquities Discovery Sale, February 11, 2018
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2: Large Egyptian faience amulet of Taweret, Late Period: $250 SOLD
3: A nice Egyptian black serpentine amulet of a baboon: $120
7: Egyptian faience items and Near Eastern bronze amulet: $100
9: A lot of 3 Egyptian bronze and faience items: $200
9A: A group of 7 Egyptian blue faience rosettes: $150
10: Egyptian steatite scarab with lion, 2nd Intermediate: $120
11: An Egyptian faience scaraboid in form of frog: $100
13: A pair of Egyptian steatite scarabs: $100
14A: An Egyptian scarab, scaraboid and a plaque: $100
15: Egyptian faience pectoral scarab, Ptolemaic Period: $200
16: Egyptian terracotta ushabti with Hieratic inscription: $300
16A: An Egyptian terracotta figure, Late Period: $150
17: An Egyptian faience ushabti, Late Period: $150
19: Egyptian white faience ushabti, Late Period: $250
20: Egyptian pale blue-green faience ushabti, Late Period: $200
21: A brooch with an Egyptian blue glazed ushabti: $150
22: An Egyptian light green faience ushabti: $120
24: A pair of Egyptian faience ushabtis: $150
24A: A lot of 6 Egyptian faience heads from ushabtis: $100
24B: A terracotta face of a pharaoh, Late Period: $120
25: Pair of Egyptian Old Kingdom cosmetic mixing palettes: $400
26: Lovely Egyptian Old Kingdom alabaster cosmetic vessel: $450
27: An Egyptian alabaster kohl jar, Middle Kingdom: $200
28: An Egyptian alabaster kohl jar, Middle Kingdom: $250
29: An Egyptian cylindrical stone carved alabastron: $400
31A: A large Egyptian seated wooden figure, Late Period: $400
31B: An Egyptian seated wood painted figure of a man: $400
32: A pair of Egyptian wood figures, Middle Kingdom: $300
32A: A large Egyptian wooden ‘mummy mask’, Late Period: $600
32B: An Egyptian wooden mummy mask with naturalistic detail : $800
33: Egyptian wooden panel from a sarcophagus or box: $300
36A: Attractive Egyptian bronze figure of Harpokrates: $600
37: An Egyptian bronze Apis bull figurine: $250
41: Egyptian painted stucco avian votive, Ptolemaic: $150
41A: A nice Egyptian ceramic figure of Harpokrates: $300
42: A rarely offered Egyptian terracotta offering tray: $700
44: Egyptian terracotta Sothic dog figure, Roman Period: $400 SOLD
45: A Romano-Egyptian ceramic 'frog' lamp: $100
47: Molded terracotta female votive figure, Roman Egypt: $200
48: A terracotta head from a bull, Roman Egypt: $120
49: Romano-Egyptian/Coptic bone cosmetic container: $100
49A: A lovely pair of Coptic papyrus letter fragments: $800
49B: A wonderful personal Christian papyrus letter in Coptic: $4000
49C: A fascinating Medieval Christian homily vellum fragment: $3000
50: Interesting collection of Egyptian cloth fragments: $250 SOLD
50A: A Coptic textile panel with embroidered strip, Egypt: $100
53: A pair of Egyptian faience bead earrings: $100
57: An attractive Egyptian faience bead necklace: $150
58A: Strand of Egyptian faience melon beads, Late Period: $200
60: A nice pair of Northern European stone tools: $200
61: Anatolian marble head from a Kilia idol, Bronze Age II: $150
61A: A fantastic Bactrian green steatite footed cup: $500 SALE PENDING
61B: A well-detailed Roman marble head of a man: $1500
62: A lovely antique limestone cosmetic dish, European: $100
63A: A pair of Near Eastern Bronze animals: $100
63B: Pair of bronze fragments depicting sacrificial scene: $250
64A: A nice Near Eastern bronze horse bit with cheek pieces: $1000
64B: Near Eastern bronze finial in form of rampant felines: $500 SOLD
65: A pair of Near Eastern bronze pins: $250
65A: A Near Eastern bronze handle in form of a bull: $150
66: A pair of Western Asiatic bronze bracelets: $100
67: An interesting Scythian zoomorphic bronze applique: $200
67A: A handsome Near Eastern bronze situla: $200
67B: A large and heavy Greek bronze situla handle: $450
67C: Rare and attractive Greek bronze figure of humped bull: $450
68: An attractive Etruscan bronze figure of Herakles: $1250
70: Romano-English bronze brooch in the form of a rabbit: $200 SOLD
71: A Roman lead miniature amphora: $200
72A: A rare Roman bronze figurine of an actor: $250
73: A lot of 3 Roman iron nails from the Holy Land: $100
74: A pair of Roman bronze objects: $100
75: A large Roman iron key: $120
76A: Roman bronze applique in the form of the head of Mars: $250
76B: Roman bronze mount in the form of a female bust: $200
78: Interesting Roman bronze applique from a weapons hilt: $200
79: A pair of Roman bronze tweezers: $200
80: A collection of ancient bronze pins and tools: $300
82: A mixed group of bronze and lead objects: $100
83: A Roman bell, nail and Medieval ring: $120
83A: A pair of Celtic bronze bracelets, Danube Region: $250
84: A group Chinese bronze ornaments: $120
85B: Nice Seljuk/Persian bronze feline formed incense burner: $450
87: An attractive Islamic silver bowl: $450
88: A pair of European iron keys: $200
88A: Indian bronze toy in the form of a bull, 19th Century: $50
89: A framed set of 12 Saharan stone points, Neolithic: $150 - SALE PENDING
91: A Near Eastern bronze spear blade: $200
91A: An interesting Near Eastern bronze dagger blade: $150
97: 8 Chinese bronze arrow points, Warring States to Han: $100
99: Chinese bronze arrow or ballista points,Warring to Han: $100
100: A pair of Frankish Merovingian bronze brooches: $100
100A: Large European bronze sickle-blade, Celtic to Medieval: $200
103: Group of European metal and ceramic fragmentary items: $100
106: A Near Eastern terracotta fertility figure: $150
106A: A nice Near Eastern terracotta figure of Astarte: $300
107: A very cute pair of Near Eastern terracotta animals: $120
109: A Near Eastern terracotta fertility figure: $500
109A: A Near Eastern terracotta figure of a ram: $200
110: A trio of very large Greek pyramidal loom weights: $200
110A: Lovely Greek antefix fragment with the head of a Gorgon: $400 SOLD
110B: Interesting Etruscan lion head fragment from sculpture: $300
110D: Archaic Greek terracotta robed female votive figure: $450
111A: A Greek terracotta head of a woman: $120
111B: An interesting pair of Greek terracotta heads: $100
111C: A lovely terracotta votive protome of Persephone: $250
112A: A nice Hellenistic terracotta figure of an actor: $500
112B: Wonderful Greek terracotta figurine of a winged Erote: $900
113: A Parthian terracotta horse and rider figure: $250
113A: Parthian terracotta rhyton in the form of a bull: $200
115: A lot of 3 Etruscan terracotta votive body parts: $100
120: An Early Bronze Age round-bodied jar: $200
121: A nice Anatolian grey-ware round bottomed vessel: $200
122: A nice Anatolian grey-ware spouted vessel: $250
123: A pair of large Bronze Age round bottomed vessels: $200
125: An attractive Bronze Age spouted jar: $200
126: A nice pair of Cypriot red-ware bowls: $200
127: A nice Cypriot red-ware dipper cup: $200
128: A Cypriot black slipped ribbed olpe: $120
130: A nice pair of Corinthian aryballoi: $200
131: A nice little Eastern Greek alabastron: $150
136: A Greek black-glazed kylix: $200
137: A lot of 4 Greek black-ware pottery vessels: $200
138: A set of 4 Greek black-ware pottery vessels: $200
139: A group of 4 Campanian black-ware votive vessels: $120
139A: A beautiful Hellenistic ceramic olpe of unique form: $400
140: A Hellenistic ceramic bowl and a jar: $150
140A: A nicely formed small Greek olpe: $100
140B: A Greek ceramic trefoil olpe: $100
141: An attractive Italo-Megarian bowl: $400
144: Pair of Roman ceramic vessels from the Holy Land: $150
145: A trio of Roman bottles, c. 1st - 2nd Century AD: $150
146: A stout Roman black-ware jar: $200
147A: Roman unguentarium and stamped amphora handle: $100
148: A Roman red-ware shallow bowl with central star: $300
148A: Roman North African orange-ware piriform footed vessel: $100
149: Pair of Roman North African terra sigillata fragments: $200
150: A late Roman black ware cosmetic vessel: $120
151: An interesting Late Roman decorated vessel: $350
152: A Medieval ceramic footed pouring vessel: $200
154A: A Post-Roman orange-ware vessel : $120
155: A pair of lovely Roman glass unguentariums: $200
156: A Roman pale-green glass bottle: $150
157: A lovely Roman blue glass bottle: $300 SALE PENDING
157A: A Roman blue-green glass unguentarium: $200
158: A lovely Roman glass bottle from the Holy Land: $120
159: A Roman pale-green glass bottle: $250
160: A Roman pale green glass goblet: $200 SALE PENDING
163: A pair of Late Roman glass jars: $300 SALE PENDING
164: A cute miniature Islamic yellow-green glass bottle: $150
164A: Large Central Asian glass medallion depicting sacrifice: $150
165: A large Iron age pinched ceramic lamp: $120
166: A Roman ceramic oil lamp: $100
166A: A Roman terracotta lamp with busts of Isis and Serapis: $250
166B: A nice Roman ceramic lamp with radiate bust of Serapis: $300
167: A pair of Roman ceramic oil lamps: $200
167B: A Roman bronze oil lamp: $200
169: An Islamic ceramic lamp from the Holy Land: $120
169A: An Islamic bronze lamp with ornate handle: $300
170: A pair of Islamic green glazed lamps: $50
174: A pair of Papal lead bullae or tokens: $150
175: A group three bronze and lead 'bottle caps': $150
179: A pair of Persian faience beaded necklaces: $150
179A: A Persian white and blue faience beaded necklace: $120
180: A strand Roman glass beads: $150
181: A choice necklace comprised of Roman glass beads: $100
182: A nice strand of Roman glass beads: $150
183: Nice necklace of ancient and African trade beads: $100
184: A necklace comprised of colorful African trade beads: $50 SOLD
185: A nice Roman silver pendant: $150
185A: Group of 6 bronze and glass weights, Roman - Islamic: $100
185B: A Roman square lead 3 Uncia weight: $120
186: A nice Byzantine bronze weight of 6 Drachms: $50
188: Greek bronze ring depicting lion attacking an animal: $200
188A: A Hellenistic iron signet ring: $200
189: Sasanian ring w/ intaglio depicting rider and camel: $150
189A: A pair of nice antique bronze rings: $100
190: An antique silver ring stylized BE in the bezel: $150
190A: Group of 20 19th Century Ottoman silver coins on chain: $120
191: Small Proto-Elamite grey steatite cylinder seal: $150
192: A nice Proto-Elamite black serpentine cylinder seal: $120
193: A Proto-Elamite serpentine cylinder seal: $100
194: Dark brown steatite stamp seal, Central Anatolia: $150
195: Levantine steatite cylinder seal with banquet scene: $150
196: A Levantine dark green serpentine cylinder seal: $150
197: A Near Eastern black-green serpentine stamp seal: $150
198: A Neo-Assyrian prism-shaped stamp seal: $150
199: A beige calcite pyramidal stamp seal, Turkmenia: $150
200: Roman glass intaglio depicting the head of Apollo: $100
201: A pair of Roman glass intaglios: $120
202: A Sasanian limestone stamp seal depicting a bird: $100
203: An oval Sasanian carnelian stamp seal: $50
204: Heavy Islamic bronze stamp seal, Eastern Mediterranean: $200
205: Neo-Classical orange glass intaglio depicting Tiberius: $100
206: A large Chinese Neolithic vessel: $150
207: A group of 4 Asian antique vessels: $100
208: A lovely Asian red-ware vessel, of an uncertain period: $200
208A: Japanese commemorative incense burner, Akihito marriage: $100
209: A pair of 20th C. gold earrings in ancient Sinu style: $150
210: A lot of 3 Ethiopian silver crosses: $300
211: Superbly carved Hemba fly whisk from D.R. Congo: $75
212: Exceptional Guro heddle pulley from the Ivory Coast: $75
213: A great 20th Century African brass cat, Burkina Faso: $200 SOLD
214: A group of animal figures in ancient style: $100
215A: Patinated bronze eagle sculpture by Antoine Louis Barye: $500
215B: French 19th Century portrait miniature of a young woman: $100
216A: A large and impressive Ottoman silver bracelet: $500
217: A nice trio of ancient gold, silver and bronze jewelry: $120
218: A nice antique silver bracelet and earrings, Nepal: $100
218A: Set of 3 old silver dowry bangles from Uzbekistan: $200
219: Pair of ornate silver earrings, Afghanistan, 19th C.: $100
219A: An Indian wooden figure of a Yaksha: $200
219B: An Inuit wooden drag handle in animal head form: $100
219C: A pair of Colonial Mexican wood Santos figures: $50 SOLD
219D: Pair of vintage shadow puppet characters, Java: $100
220: Wonderful wooden shadow puppet depicting Lord Hanuman: $100
220A: A group of three small fossils: $50
222B: A Native American iron trade axe: $100
222C: A lovely Shipibo ceramic bowl, mid-20th Century: $150
222E: A gorgeous burnished Santa Clara jar, Reycita Naranjo: $500
222F: A very nice Hopi woven basket, Early 20th Century: $100
223: A nice Colima seated shaman figure, West Mexico: $150
225: Nice Colima standing figure of a woman, West Mexico: $80 SOLD
225A: A choice Colima standing woman clutching her back: $80 SOLD
226A: Well-preserved Michoacan standing woman, Mexico: $100
227: A cute Jalisco 'sheep face' human effigy vessel: $100 SOLD
228: A cute Jalisco sitting mother with child, West Mexico: $100
229: A cute miniature Nayarit standing figural whistle: $50
233: A pair of fine Maya eccentrics from Guatemala: $100
234: An interesting Maya bust from Roatan, Honduras: $100 SOLD
235: Group of Pre-Columbian ceramic whistles and bell: $150
238A: A lot of 3 strands of shell beads, Panama: $100
240: Lovely Sinu shell and stone bead necklace, Colombia: $150
242A: A late Murillo applique style Nicoya monochrome vessel: $100
242C: A Nicoya monochrome shoe pot, Costa Rica: $100
243B: A lovely Costa Rican ceramic funnel: $350
245: A pair of Pre-Columbian shell pendants: $100
247: A group of 6 Pre-Columbian copper rings: $75
248: Pre-Columbian beaded necklaces with central amulets: $120
248A: A pair of Pre-Columbian ceramic figures: $100
249: A pair of rarely seen Inca miniature canopas: $150 SALE PENDING
250: A pair of Ecuadoran ceramic figures, Manteno: $120
251: A fine Jamacoaque shaman figure from Ecuador: $100 SOLD
253: A fine Manteno stamp from Ecuador: $75
254: A fine Jamacoaque roller seal (sello) from Ecuador: $75 SOLD
256: A pair of Jamacoaque seated lords, Ecuador: $50 SOLD

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