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Auction 78: Summer Antiquities Discovery Sale, September 7th, 2019
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1: A cute little strand/bracelet with Egyptian beads: $70
2: Egyptian glazed ushabti fragment, 3rd Intermediate: $120
3: Egyptian diorite granite Eye of Horus amulet: $100
3A: An attractive pair of stone Eye of Horus amulets: $100
4: An Egyptian seated limestone amulet of a baboon: $150
4A: Egyptian faience glazed amulet of a recumbent lion: $120
4B: Rare Egyptian faience amulet of the god Nehebkau: $400
4D: An Egyptian blue glass inlay of a bird: $150
5: A group of 3 Egyptian glass amulets or inlays: $150
5A: An Egyptian faience plaque of the Triad: $200
5C: A lot of 3 Egyptian faience amulets, Late Period: $120
5E: 3 Egyptian faience items and Near Eastern bronze amulet: $80
6: A pair of miniature Egyptian green faience amulets: $100
6A: Rather large Egyptian steatite 'Ib' or amulet of the heart: $120
6B: A group of 3 Egyptian stone amulets, Late Period: $150
7: A pair of Egyptian stone amulets, Late Period: $40
8: A lot of 4 nice Egyptian stone amulets, Late Period: $150
8A: An Egyptian steatite scaraboid, New kingdom: $100
8B: Egyptian faience plaque & Near Eastern bronze stamp seal: $120
8C: A nice Egyptian steatite cowroid: $100
8D: Egyptian scaraboid plaque w/ inscription on both sides: $100
9: Egyptian steatite plaque with Thutmose III cartouche: $100
9C: A lot with 2 Egyptian scarabs and a Sasanian seal: $120
9D: Egyptian faience scarab set in a lovely gold swivel ring: $500
10: Egyptian terracotta ushabti with Hieratic inscription: $150
10A: An large Egyptian pale blue-green faience ushabti: $250
11: Large Egyptian terracotta ushabti, Late New Kingdom: $150
13: An Egyptian blue faience ushabti, Late Period: $200
13B: An Egyptian green faience ushabti, Late Period: $200
13C: An Egyptian faience ushabti, Late Period: $120
14: Egyptian greywacke cosmetic palette, early Dynastic: $100
15: A group of Egyptian bronze objects: $120
16A: Egyptian bronze figure of Nefertum, Late Period: $300
16B: Egyptian bronze figure of Harpokrates, Late Period: $200
16C: Very rare Egyptian bronze figure of a sacred Bolti fish: $800
17: An Egyptian bronze figure of Osiris, Late Period: $150
20: Egyptian wood panel from a coffin or box, Late Period: $300
20A: Egyptian linen wrappings within a glass bottle: $100
20C: An Egyptian faience beaded necklace, Late Period: $200
20D: Gorgeous necklace Egyptian faience, glass & stone: $300
20E: An Egyptian faience beaded pectoral necklace: $300
20F: Egyptian terracotta mold for a plaque depicting Hapi: $150
21: Group 3 large Egyptian terracotta molds, New Kingdom: $150
21A: An Egyptian molded terracotta head of a man: $80
21B: Egyptian terracotta votive depicting seated pharaoh: $350
23A: A Romano-Egyptian terracotta head of Harpokrates: $150
24: A nice Romano-Egyptian terracotta head of Harpokrates: $200
25: Romano-Egyptian terracotta head of Harpokrates: $50
25A: A pair of nice Egyptian terracotta heads, Roman Period: $200
25B: Romano-Egyptian terracotta head of a grotesque: $200
26: Pair of heads from saintly or beneficent demon figures: $100
26A: An Egyptian limestone relief depicting standing Bes: $800
26B: An Egyptian alabaster figure of the goddess Hathor: $400
26C: A beautiful Egyptian banded alabaster alabastron: $600
26D: An Egyptian diorite grinding palette, Middle Kingdom: $1500
27: An Egyptian painted stucco avian votive, Ptolemaic: $150
28A: A terracotta souvenir pilgrim flask, Coptic Egypt: $200
29: A pair of Romano-Egyptian decorative bone elements: $200
30: Pair of Coptic bone dolls, Roman-Byzantine Egypt: $150
31: A lot of 3 decorative bronze fasteners, Central Asia: $100
32: A Near Eastern cast bronze hair pin: $100
32A: A pair of Near Eastern bronze pins: $250
33: A large Near Eastern bronze avian pendant: $200
34A: An attractive Near Eastern heavy bronze bracelet: $150
35: A nice Near Eastern bronze bracelet: $100
35A: A Near Eastern bronze bowl: $200
36: A group of three Near Eastern bronze objects: $150
36A: A Near Eastern bronze handle in form of a bull: $150
36B: A pair of Near Eastern Bronze animals: $100
37A: Near Eastern bronze cuff ring, Southern Caucasus: $120
38: A Near Eastern bronze votive figure: $200
38A: A Levantine bronze amulet of a standing deity: $80
39A: Western Asian bronze adorant, Caspian Region: $250
40A: A well-preserved European Iron Age chain belt: $150
41: An attractive Roman bronze double phallic amulet: $150
41B: A lovely Roman bronze handle element: $120
41D: A Roman bronze patera handle in form of a canine: $70
42: A nice Roman silver knee brooch w/ floral devices: $100
43: Roman bronze leaf-shaped applique & Bronze Age razor: $150
43A: A nice Roman bronze circular double mirror: $450
44: Roman bronze handle from a box or piece of furniture: $100
44A: A Roman decorative element with a female head: $100
44B: A Roman bronze bust of a male wearing a Phrygian cap: $200
45: A lot of 4 Roman plate brooches: $150
45A: Roman/Byzantine bronze tripod leg in form of a lion: $120
46: A group of Roman bronze objects: $100
47: A lot of 3 Roman bronze objects: $120
47A: Roman bronze latch, zoomorphic hook, & Medieval ring: $120
47B: A lovely Roman bronze figural latch: $150
47C: A group of mixed bronze objects from the Holy Land: $150
48A: A very nice Byzantine bronze cross: $200
48B: A nice group of 7 Seljuk bronze objects: $200
48C: Seljuk/Persian bronze feline formed incense burner: $250
48D: A pair of Seljuk bronze objects: $120
49: An Islamic bronze spoon with decorative handle: $80
49A: A group Chinese bronze ornaments, Warring-Qin: $100
50: A crude Medieval bronze figure of a man: $250
50A: A Northern European Neolithic stone axe: $200
51: A group of 13 stone arrow points from North Africa: $100
52: A pair of Near Eastern bronze dagger blades: $300
53: A heavy Near Eastern bronze butt spike: $200
54: A group of 4 Near Eastern bronze blades: $200
56A: A group of 10 small bronze arrowheads, Roman Republic: $100
57: A pair of arrow points, one set in a silver brooch: $100
58: Group of 5 Chinese bronze arrowheads, Shang-Zhou: $100
59: A collection of late antiquity - Medieval iron blades: $100
59A: European bronze sickle-blade, Celtic to Medieval: $80
59B: A large Eastern Celtic bronze axe head: $250
59C: A Celtic bronze votive sickle, c. 8th - 5th Century BC: $100
60: Bronze applique or stopper in the form of a male head: $150
60A: A large lot of Hellenistic stone tesserae for a mosaic: $200
63: A pair of Near Eastern terracotta figures: $250
64: Near Eastern terracotta figure with avian body: $120
65: A cute Near Eastern terracotta horse figurine: $100
66: Syro-Hittite terracotta votive in the form of yoked bulls: $120
67: A Syro-Hittite terracotta stylized animal head: $100
68: A beautiful Near Eastern terracotta fertility figure: $200
68C: A Greek terracotta head of a woman: $120
68D: A Greek terracotta head of a woman: $120
69: Greek terracotta bust of a woman, Eastern Mediterranean: $100
70A: A terracotta votive figurine, Eastern Mediterranean: $150
70B: Group of 7 Cypriot terracotta parts from votive figures: $350
71: An Etruscan terracotta votive foot: $600
72: Roman terracotta votive depicting a pair of musicians: $250
72A: Roman sistrum handle with head of female grotesque: $250
72B: A lovely Roman terracotta antefix depicting Eros: $450
73: A large Roman ceramic spindle whorl: $70
74: An ancient terracotta figure of a mother with child: $150
75A: A large Amlash grey-ware tripod vessel: $200
78: A trio of ceramic vessels from the Holy Land: $150
79: A large Late Bronze Age jar from the Holy Land: $100
80: Pair of Bronze Age ceramic vessels, Holy Land: $120
81: A pair of ceramic vessels from the Holy Land: $100
82: A group of ancient vessels from the Holy Land: $150
82A: An elegant ovoid jar from the Holy Land: $150
83: An Eastern Mediterranean ceramic bottle with banding: $150
85: Well-preserved Cypriot ceramic flask, Late Cypriot II: $300
86: A nice Cypriot handled cup: $250
89: A nice Campanian black glazed kylix: $350
90: An attractive Attic footed kylix: $200
91: A Greek black glazed pedestal bowl: $100
95: A pair of Greek black glazed ceramic vessels: $120
96: An attractive Greek footed kothon: $200
97: A nice Greek deep handled bowl: $120
99: An attractive Villanovan impasto handled cup: $250
101: A fragmented Etruscan footed kylix: $120
102: A tall Daunian ceramic pottery lid: $150
103: A pair of Romano-Egyptian ceramic vessels: $120
103A: A nice Roman ceramic pitcher: $120
103B: A Late Roman single-handled flask: $120
103C: Roman terracotta vessel fragment depicting battle scene: $100
104: A group of 3 Roman terra sigillata fragments: $150
104B: An ancient orange-ware aryballos, Late Antiquity: $100
105: Medieval stoneware green-glazed spouted vessel: $150
106: 29 Near Eastern & Egyptian decorated pottery fragments: $100
107: An attractive ceramic pinch lamp from the Holy Land: $120
109: A pair of ancient ceramic lamps: $150
110: A Late Roman ceramic lamp: $100
111: A pair of ceramic spouted lamps, likely not ancient: $50
112: A Byzantine ceramic lamp: $100
113: A lovely Byzantine/Islamic ceramic lamp: $300
114: A lot of 3 Roman-Byzantine ceramic lamps: $100
114A: A Hellenistic bronze lamp: $350
115: An Islamic glazed ceramic lamp: $120
116: An attractive Islamic glazed spouted oil lamp: $150
117: A nice Roman glass date flask: $500
118: A nice little Roman glass bottle: $100
119: A cute little squat Roman glass vessel: $150
120: A Roman glass unguentarium: $100
120A: A Roman yellow-green glass amphoriskos: $300
121: A Roman pale green glass bottle: $200
122: A nice Seljuk green glass bowl: $300
124A: Necklace comprised of brown serpentine disk beads: $100
125: A group of 7 Elamite faience cylinder beads: $150
128: A choice necklace comprised of Roman glass beads: $100
130: A nice glass counter or weight and a bead: $100
130A: A group of Roman glass bracelets and counters: $100
132: A group of large, attractive, and colorful trade beads: $50
134: A pair of modern gold rings: $50
139: A pair of Roman silver rings with inset ring stones: $250
140: A pair of Roman bronze rings: $150
140A: A Byzantine bronze ring with inscribed bezel: $150
140C: A group of 4 Roman - Modern rings: $150
141: A lot of ancient - Medieval bronze rings: $150
141A: Ancient scaraboid & group of 15-19th C. ring/ringstones: $150
141B: A group of 4 stone loom weights from the Holy Land: $100
142: A group of 4 Late Roman - Byzantine bronze weights: $150
143: A group of 4 Roman lead document seals or bullae: $150
144: A Western Asiatic steatite rectangular seal: $120
145: A Sumerian marble conoid stamp seal, Jemdat Nasr: $150
147: A Near Eastern faience cylinder seal: $100
148: A green-black chlorite stamp seal, Southern Anatolia: $120
149: A red steatite pyramidal stamp seal, Southern Anatolia: $100
150: A nice Anatolian bronze stamp seal with offerings: $100
152: Levantine steatite cylinder seal w/ banquet scene: $120
153: A nice faience scarab with sunburst motif, Levant: $100
156: Aramaean/Canaanite black serpentine tabloid stamp seal: $80
157: A black serpentine scaraboid with recumbent antelope: $100
158: A pair of Near Eastern stone stamp seals: $100
158A: Heavy Islamic bronze stamp seal, Eastern Mediterranean: $100
158B: A Persian bronze seal dated AH 1274, 1857-8: $100
159: Sasanian chalcedony ring stone depicting standing figure: $120
160: A pair of Sasanian stamp seals: $150
160A: A Roman carnelian intaglio depicting Venus: $120
161: A Neo-Classical cameo of a youth, c. 18th Century: $200
161A: A Neo-Classical glass applique with a winged putto: $100
162: A rare Roman silver coin of Julius Caesar: $150
164: A Roman silver coin of emperor Titus: $100
165: A pair of Roman bronze coins, Domitian & Constans: $100
166: A large bronze coin of the emperor Hadrian: $150
167: A Roman bronze coin of Commodus. Macedonia: $100
169: Group of 4 Greek bronze coins with antique labels: $150
169A: A group of Byzantine & Seljuk bronze coins: $150
170A: Coin from wreck of the Admiral Gardner, sunk in 1809: $75
175: A pair of necklaces with assorted ancient beads: $100
177: A Gandharan chlorite oil lamp, Kushan: $300
178: A Persian ceramic rhyton in the form of a ram: $150
179: A Seljuk green-glazed bowl: $100
180: A group of 4 Islamic redware spout fragments: $50
181: A large Chinese Neolithic vessel: $150
185: A bronze figure of the Laughing Buddha: $50
185A: Lovely Asian red-ware vessel, of an uncertain period: $150
186: A rare Hindu bone carving from Indonesia: $150
186A: A pair of Ashanti brass weights for weighing gold: $20
187A: Beautiful Japanese blue and white porcelain wash basin: $750
187B: Spanish War of Independence document, dated 1821: $200
187C: Very well-preserved English mortgage document, 1788 AD: $200
187D: An attractively carved Coptic wood and bone kohl tube: $200
187E: A nice Greek wooden bread stamp, c. 19th Century: $150
188: A pair of stucco ancient-style reproductions: $70
189: Egyptian ancient-style reproductions of seated baboons: $100
189A: Carved stone fish in ancient Egyptian style, mid-20th C: $70
190: Beautiful modern Egyptian gold and lapis jewelry set: $150
190A: A mixed group of 6 decorative beaded necklaces: $120
191: A group of 5 reproduction glazed scarabs: $80
192: Group of 3 Egyptian modern reproductions amulets: $80
193: A pair of ancient-style bronze animal reproductions: $50
194: Attractive reproductions of Hellenistic core glass vessels: $100
195A: Inuit wooden drag handle, c. 16th Century: $100
195C: 20+ small obsidian arrowheads and fragments: $100
196: A Colima standing dog whistle, West Mexico: $100
197: A Colima standing figure of a woman: $120
198: Charming Colima standing male figure with folded arms: $100
199: A Colima figure strapped to a 4-legged bed: $100
201A: A huge Colima red slipped cooking vessel, West Mexico: $150
202: A very nice Jalisco seated male figure: $170
203: A nice Jalisco standing canine effigy vessel: $150
204: An attractive Nayarit couple, West Mexico: $300
205: A Chinesco Type C seated male figure, West Mexico: $250
206: A Chinesco Type C standing woman, West Mexico: $120
208: A lovely Chupicuaro slab base standing female figure: $200
210: A large Chinesco polychrome bowl: $150
212: A nice Teotihuacan figure from Mexico: $100
213: Three obsidian arrowheads/spear points, Teotihuacan: $100
213A: A large Mayan stone bark beater: $300
214: A choice Mayan tan chert blade, Mexico: $300
214A: A pair of Pre-Columbian ceramic figures: $50
214C: An early Nicoya Guinea incised bulbous bowl: $400
214D: A late Murillo applique style Nicoya monochrome vessel: $100
214E: A detailed Costa Rican terracotta seated figure: $150
215: A cute Costa Rican shoe-form vessel: $120
215A: A gorgeous Taino andesite bird and frog cohoba pestle: $1500
215C: Tairona ceramic votive in the form of a coiled serpent: $150
217: A group of 20 Tairona beads from Colombia: $100
217A: A nice Cajamarca polychrome ceramic bowl: $100
217B: A lovely Cajamarca ceramic bowl: $250
218: A wonderful, large Chimu silver pectoral: $750
219: A beautiful Chancay woven textile: $250
219A: A nice Inca black-ware ceramic aryballos with caiman: $150
219B: An attractive Lambayeque black-ware bottle: $200
220: A fine Inca copper amulet: $75
222: Pair of earrings comprised of Manteno spindle whorls: $150

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