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Auction 59: Fine Ancient Antiquities: July 2, 2017
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* After-auction prices 20% above auction start price.
* Reduced 19.5% In-House Buyer's Premium applies.
* First-come, first-served; some lots may sell before list is periodically updated.
* There is no fee for payment by check; other payment methods' fees can be found in the auction terms.
* There may be errors/typos in this quickly-compiled list. Please forgive - we're only human!

2: Egyptian turquoise glazed faience amulet of a hare: $180
5: An Egyptian faience amulet of the White Crown: $240
7A: A choice Egyptian light blue faience Triad amulet: $1500
10: A lot of 3 Egyptian amulets, Late Period: $180
11: A trio of Egyptian turquoise glazed faience amulets: $300
19A: A pair of Egyptian stone scarabs, Late Period: $120
19B: A lot of 3 Egyptian Scarabs and a plaque: $240
20: An Egyptian stone button scarab, Late Period: $120
22: A nice Egyptian alabaster kohl vessel, Late Period: $240 SOLD
27: Egyptian bronze sarcophagus for a shrew, Late Period: $480
28: A pair of Egyptian bronze objects, Late Period: $180
28A: A group of 3 Egyptian bronze figures of Osiris : $180
29: An Egyptian molded terracotta head of a man: $120
33: 3 Egyptian painted wooden objects, Late Period: $240
38: A lovely light green glazed faience offering cup: $480
41: Egyptian glazed composition double Ba bird figurine: $1500
42: A Romano-Egyptian fragment from a stucco mask: $120
45: A Sumerian stone head of a heifer: $480
46: An attractive Bactrian stone cosmetic vessel: $100
47A: An interesting ancient serpentine stone statuary base: $240
49: Western Asiatic alabaster horned goat cosmetic vessel: $2500
52: A fine Gandharan votive stone dish: $100
52A: A nice Northern European Neolithic stone axe: $240
56B: A Greek bronze figure of a humped bull: $480
61: A Roman bronze phallic amulet: $240
64A: A large Roman bronze fitting in the form of a goose: $1800
66: A Roman bronze figurine of an eagle: $240
67: A small Roman bronze bust of Minerva: $120
68: Late Roman bronze applique in form of a female face: $300
70: A lot of 4 ancient bronze items: $120
77: A very nice Byzantine bronze cross: $240
79: Interesting Medieval vellum fragment,post 10th C. AD: $3600
89: A Greek terracotta head wearing and actor's mask: $240
90: A nice Hellenistic terracotta figure of an actor: $600
92: Hellenistic terracotta head of a Macedonian youth: $180
94: A beautiful Roman terracotta female head fragment: $60
95: Nicely detailed Mauryan terracotta head of a man: $240
97: A choice terracotta jar from the Indus Valley: $150
99A: A Near Eastern orange ware ram-headed rhyton: $540
101: A Near Eastern ceramic vessel in the form of a bird: $300
103: A nice Near Eastern Devil-Trap bowl: $300
103A: A Bronze Age ovoid footed jar from the Holy Land: $140
126: A nice Greek guttus with central face, Magnia Graecia: $420
133A: A Roman pottery vase in the form of an African youth: $600
134: A group of Greek and Roman pot sherds: $100
145: Roman terracotta lamp with busts of Isis and Serapis: $360
153: A pair of lovely Roman glass unguentariums: $240
154: A Roman blue-green glass unguentarium: $240
155: An attractive Roman glass sprinkler bottle: $420
157: A choice Roman fluted flask in yellow-amber glass: $960
158: A beautiful early Roman banded glass alabastron: $2100
159: A Late Roman pale blue-green glass bottle: $180
163: A strand of Roman multicolored glass beads: $180
163A: Beautiful Persian faience and stone beaded necklace: $180
164: A nice strand of Parthian stone and faience beads: $120
165B: A nice Sasanian carnelian beaded necklace: $120 SOLD
167A: 4 Bohemian Idar Oberstein glass beads and 5 other types: $120
169: An antique beaded necklace and bracelet: $120
170A: Athenian silver owl tetradrachm in antique wood mount: $720
171: A lot of 6 Roman Potin tetradrachms from Egypt: $100
172: A group of 5 Medieval Armenian coins: $180
174: A Mesopotamian tan stone amulet of Auzu: $240
175: A neat Roman red mosaic glass votive bowl: $180
176: Group of 4 Roman/Medieval bronze rings: $180
176A: An English lead seal from the family Le Cartere: $120
177: Serpentine stamp seal with feline, Southern Anatolian: $180
178: Sumerian crème marble stamp seal, Jemdat Nasr: $140
179: Near Eastern faience cylinder seal with geometric design: $120
180: Near Eastern copper seal, form of two wading birds: $240
181: Levantine black serpentine cylinder seal, Mitanni style: $180
182: A Levantine black chlorite cylinder seal: $180
183: Neo-Hittite serpentine stamp seal depicting quadrupeds: $180
185: A Neo-Assyrian red steatite cylinder seal: $180
186: A nice Neo-Assyrian pale blue frit cylinder seal: $180
187A: A nice group of 4 small glass objects: $140
188: Central Asian glass medallion depicting sacrificial scene: $180
191B: A pair of Chinese bronze hooks, Warring States to Han: $180
191C: Lot of 3 Chinese bronze objects, Warring States to Han : $120
194: A group of 4 Paleo-Indian stone tools: $180
197A: 15 large African yellow painted clay beads, mid-20th C.: $120
199: Trio of ethnographic musical instruments from Mexico: $60
200: 18th Century portrait of a young woman, Austria: $240
201: A lovely European silver spoon: $480
204: 6 silver Bedouin bracelets from the Holy Land: $180
205: A lot 5 antique iron skeleton keys: $120
206: Trio of strands of modern Egyptian 'style' ceramic beads: $120
207: Pair of modern Holy Land-style ceramic oil lamps: $50
208: Lot of 3 ancient style replica items: $120
208A: Ancient Mixtec pendant with 9 attractive replica items : $180
209: An Inuit wooden drag handle: $120
210: Lot of dinosaur bone fragments and petrified wood: $120
211: A mixed group of 8 fossils: $120
212: A group of mixed invertebrate and plant fossils: $180
214: A Spondylus shell necklace from Costa Rica: $180
216: Olmec Pre-Classic terracotta head, Mexico: $120
217: A fine Olmecoid maskette pendant from Guatemala: $275
223: A nice Nayarit gourd-shaped jar, West Mexico: $100 SOLD
224: A Nayarit Ixtlan del Rio style standing woman: $200 SOLD
227: A Chinesco standing figure of a mother holding child: $200 SOLD
234A: Nice group of 27 Mayan ceramic beads and spindle whorls: $120
235: An unusual Colonial era mask from Mexico: $75
237: Figural vessel from Middle Cauca region, Colombia: $60
238: Trio of Tairona 'Anchor' type pendants from Colombia: $75
239: An excellent Tairona avian pendant from Colombia: $75
240: Group of assorted Tairona stone beads from Colombia: $75
241: 10 exquisite Tairona carnelian beads from Colombia: $100 SOLD
242: A pair of Pre-Columbian shell avian pendants: $140
243: A pair of Pre-Columbian shell avian pendants: $180
245: A beautiful Pre-Columbian silver nose ornament: $240 SOLD
249: A large Tumaco seated lord on a throne, Ecuador: $200
250: A beautiful Carchi olla from Ecuador: $75
253: Tumaco-La Tolita ceramic head of a man, Ecuadorååå: $100

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