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Auction 77: Summer Exceptional Antiquities Sale, August 3rd, 2019
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3: Egyptian Ptolemaic-era green glazed faience amulet: $100
4: Wonderfully detailed Egyptian faience amulet of Isis: $300
6: A Roman terracotta figure of Harpokrates: $300
7: Very rare Egyptian Coptic terracotta head of a youth: $250
9: Greek figurine depicting seated musician, perhaps Erato: $250
11: A pair of Near Eastern terracotta votive animals: $50
12: A Roman bronze handle in the form of a feline: $200
13: An attractive Roman bronze handled bowl: $300
14: A collection of ancient bronze pins and tools: $250
15: A mounted set of 5 Near Eastern bronze points: $500
17: A nice little Roman green glass bottle: $200
21: A lovely Egyptian faience amulet of Taweret: $350
22A: Egyptian glazed composition double Ba bird figurine: $700
28: A pair of Egyptian faience objects: $50
35A: An Egyptian gold foil scarab, Late Period - Roman: $500
36: An Egyptian faience Amen-Re scarab in silver ring: $450
37: A lot of 3 ancient scarab amulets: $100
39: An Egyptian blue-green glazed faience ushabti: $350
40B: A wonderful and vibrant Egyptian ushabti: $4000
41: A large Egyptian bicolor faience ushabti, Ptolemaic: $800
43A: Stunning Egyptian fish form serpentine cosmetic palette: $2000
43B: A nice set of 4 Egyptian alabaster cosmetic vessels: $700
45: A nice Egyptian sandstone relief depicting Horus: $6000
46: A rare Egyptian bronze depiction of Harpokrates: $400
47: A wonderful Egyptian bronze figure of Osiris: $2000
48: A wonderful Egyptian bronze figure of Mut: $5500
49: A choice Egyptian bronze figure of Khonsu: $2000
50: A nice Egyptian wooden falcon of Horus on plinth: $400
50A: An extremely rare Egyptian wooden Apis Bull depiction: $5500
51: A nice Egyptian polychrome wood falcon, Late Period: $400
52: Beautiful Egyptian panel from the lid of a sarcophagus: $10,000
52A: A wonderful Egyptian painted wood mummy mask: $700
52B: An Egyptian wood mummy mask, Late Period: $500
53: Egyptian ceramic 'frog' lamp, c. 2nd - 4th Century AD: $300
54: A nice Egyptian 'frog' lamp, c. 2nd - 4th Century AD: $200
55: Egyptian pottery ostraca fragment with Demotic script: $700
58: Egyptian molds for a bezel with cartouche of Ramses II: $100
59: Ptolemaic Greek ceramic head of a woman, Egypt: $150
64A: Egyptian turquoise glazed composition aryballos: $2000
65: Egyptian glazed composition head of Harpokrates: $150
66A: Group of 5 Romano-Egyptian mosaic glass fragments: $300
67A: Incredibly rare set of 9 Book of Dead linen fragments: $6000
68: Fantastic 36 inch papryus page from a Book of the Dead: $10,000
69: A choice Near Eastern bronze horse bit: $2000
69A: A nice Achaemenid bronze bowl with etched eagle: $500
70A: Interesting Near Eastern sharpening stone with chain: $500
71: A nice little Near Eastern bronze bracelet: $200
72: An attractive Near Eastern bronze hairpin: $150
74: An Iberian bronze votive figure: $300
76: An Archaic Greek bronze male figure: $700
77: A Greek bronze head of a woman or goddess: $120
77A: A rare little Hellenistic silver kylix: $800
79: A fantastic Etruscan bronze figure of Hercules: $3000
80: A Scythian bronze votive razor: $100
81: Fantastic Roman bronze support leg in the form of Eros: $1500
82: Roman bronze cista foot in the form of a nude male: $250
82A: A beautiful Roman bronze figure of Aphrodite: $1500
82B: A lovely Roman bronze figure of Homonia: $600
82C: A Roman bronze figure of Isis-Fortuna: $500
82D: A detailed Roman bronze figure of seated Genius: $1200
83: A Roman bronze applique depicting a Minerva: $400
84: A nice Roman bronze trefoil olpe: $750
85: A nice Roman bronze lion knocker: $700
87: A group of 11 Roman bronze tools and implements: $150
88: A well-preserved Roman bronze barbed fishhook: $120
89: A nice Roman bronze handle or hook w/ wolf head: $250
90: A pair of Roman lead votive hand mirrors: $100
91: A cute Roman bronze dove: $100
92: A lovely Roman bronze strap ornament: $150
93: Romano-British enameled bronze brooch, horse and rider: $200
94: A well-preserved Roman bronze crossbow fibula: $150
95: A nice lot of 3 well-preserved bronze fibulae: $250
96: A lot of 4 bronze brooches: $200
97: A nice Merovingian brooch and a Roman latch: $150
99: A very nice Near Eastern bronze axe head: $1500
99A: A fantastic Near Eastern bronze crescent axe: $1200
100: A large Near Eastern bronze short sword: $1000
101: A very nice Near Eastern bronze dirk: $600
102: A fine Celtic bronze axe, Western European: $350
103: A well-preserved Celtic socketed Bronze Age axe: $400
104: A nice Celtic Bronze Age socketed axe: $300
105: A Celtic bronze socketed hammer: $250
105B: A large Medieval iron spear head: $150
105C: A large Medieval iron spear head: $150
105D: A nice iron mace head, Eastern Europe: $350
106: A mixed group of iron and bronze blades and points: $200
111: 4 Chinese bronze arrowheads, Qin Dynasty: $80
114: A gorgeous Near Eastern alabaster vessel: $3000
114B: A large and important Old Assyrian Merchant's Weight: $500
115: Fantastic, large Archaic Greek stone head of a Kouros: $15,000
116: A Celtic limestone head of male: $300
117: A nice Roman marble head depicting a Nubian: $7,000
118: Roman marble head in the manner of Livia Drusilla: $9,000
119: Roman marble head of a woman in Antonine style: $500
119A: A splendid Roman limestone funerary stele: $4,000
120: A fantastic Roman marble torso of a youth: $12,000
121: A pair of Roman marble fragments depicting lions: $400
121A: Romano-Thracian marble relief depicting horse & rider: $1200
123: A Roman marble leg fragment from a statue: $1000
124: A group of 4 Roman marble fragments: $120
124A: A lovely Coptic marble relief depicting saints, Egypt: $2000
125: A Medieval stucco figure of a lion: $350
126A: A large red-white Bactrian marble column idol: $2000
126B: Gorgeous pink marbled Bactrian stone weight: $2500
127: A pair of European gilded wood appliques: $300
128: A pair nice Greek wooden bread stamps: $150
130: An Old Babylonian molded plaque fragment: $300
131: Well-detailed Near Eastern terracotta bust of Astarte: $150
132A: A large Greek terracotta figure of a bearded deity: $4000
134A: A large Greek terracotta figure of the goddess Hera: $1000
135: Greek terracotta robed female body & ceramic boss: $150
135A: A highly detailed Etruscan terracotta votive right foot: $500
136: Fabulous Etruscan terracotta head of a young woman: $3000
138: A charming Etruscan terracotta head of a youth: $2000
139: A large Early Bronze Age spouted vessel, Holy Land: $200
144: A pair of ceramic vessels from the Holy Land: $150
145: Cypriot ceramic flask, Late Cypriot II: $250
146: A nice Cypriot white painted ware dish: $250
147: A lovely Attic black-figure skyphos: $3000
148: Attic red-figure oinochoe by the Mannheim painter: $3500
149: A wonderful Lucanian red-figure skyphos: $5000
153: An attractive Greek footed guttus, Magnia Graecia: $600
156: A Campanian Greek ribbed olpe, Magnia Graecia: $200
157: A cute little Campanian Greek squat lekythos: $250
158: A Greek black-glazed glazed olpe, Magnia Graecia: $150
161: A wonderful Villanovan/Etruscan Impasto kyathos: $400
162: An Etruscan Bucchero footed kantharos: $300
162A: A very large Etruscan Bucchero sottile kantharos: $3500
163: An Etruscan Bucchero oinochoe: $350
164: A lovely Etruscan bucchero chalice: $500
166: A group of pottery fragments, Elephantine, Anatolia: $100
167: A four-spouted Bronze Age ceramic lamp: $120
168: A Bronze Age four-spouted ceramic lamp: $100
169: A nice Late Bronze Age ceramic lamp, Holy Land: $120
171: A nice Roman bronze oil lamp: $350
172: A nice Roman ceramic lamp: $300
174: A cute Roman grey ceramic lamp with a lion: $150
174A: A pair of 2 matching Roman ceramic lamps, Levant: $150
174B: A group of 3 ceramic lamps from the Holy Land: $150
175: A large Byzantine double-spouted bronze lamp: $8000
176: A pair of nice Byzantine/Islamic ceramic lamps: $150
178: A large Roman yellow glass bowl: $400
178A: A Roman turquoise blue glass bottle: $200
178B: A pair of Roman pale green glass unguentariums: $200
179: A Roman blue-green glass flask: $250
179A: A rare Roman core glass unguentarium: $3000
181: Beautiful strand of Roman blue glass 'eye' beads: $1500
184: A strand of beautiful Venetian millefiori glass beads: $100
185: A pair of necklaces strung with assorted antique beads: $120
187: Hellenistic - Roman bone knucklebone or astragalus: $250
188: Roman deep blue glass token or applique with lion: $150
191: A group of 6 terracotta bullae, Roman: $100
192: A beautiful rock crystal amulet in the form of a lion: $150
195: A pair of discoid stamp seals, Bactria/Margiana: $100
196: A beige calcite pyramidal stamp seal, Turkmenia: $150
202: Roman silver ring with carnelian ring stone: $350
202A: Beautiful and wonderfully preserved Roman gold ring: $2000
203: A Roman bronze ring with original ring-stone: $200
204: A Roman iron ring with jasper ring-stone: $200
206: A lovely silver ring with a Roman bronze follis: $200
207: A nice bronze coin of the Roman emperor Nero: $150
208: A lovely bronze coin of the Roman emperor Diocletian: $300
213: 10 Roman & Byzantine lead bullae and tokens: $100
214: Two clusters of coins from the Song Dynasty: $100
218: A lovely bust from a Mauryan ceramic goddess figure: $150
219: A nice Gandharan schist stupa reliquary: $500
221: An antique bronze lamp supported by an elephant: $200
223: Chinese ceramic figure of a seated man, Tang Dynasty: $300
229: A nice gilded bronze figure of Buddha: $150
232: A spectacular Yoruba beaded hanging for a shrine: $900
232A: A rare Owo heirloom Chief's stool from Nigeria: $800
233: An attractive Idoma wood mask from Nigeria: $300
235: Anatolian-type alabaster 'violin' idol of uncertain age: $200
236: A wonderful, decorative Egyptian boat with rowers: $400
237: Impressive Charioteer of Delphi, Alva Museum replica: $200
240: Alva Studios Museum replica of a 'A Little Boy': $200
242: A group of 4 iron meteorite specimens, Campo del Cielo: $100
247: A large dinosaur vertebra from the Carcharodontosaurus: $150
249: A lot of 4 fossil reptile teeth, 3 dinosaur & 1 lizard: $100
250: A large and rare Sea Scorpion fossil: $1400
251: European Devonian Brachiopod fossil colony: $200
253: Rare, large open coil Heteromorph Ammonite fossil: $3250
254: Giant ancient sea mass extinction fossil w/ trilobites: $15,000
255: Prehistoric Cyanobacteria Stromatolite super-colony fossil: $4,500
256: A large detailed Paramblypterus fish fossil: $650
257: Three-dimensional armored Araripelepidotes fish fossil: $800
258: Incredibly rare Hadrosaurid vertebral column 'as found': $15,000
259: Rare fossil skull from Ice Age European wild boar: $14,000
260: European Ice Age Steppe Wisent (Bison) fossil skull: $4,250
261: A colorful, naturally petrified wood log, Miocene: $350
262: African Oldowan pebble chopper axe with great color: $1200
268: Cute little West Mexican ceramic bird figurine: $100
269: A large Colima standing female 'flat': $150
270: Cute Colima votive depicting woman strapped to a bed: $120
275: A nice Colima standing ballplayer, West Mexico: $200
276: A pair of nice Colima black-ware effigy vessels: $50
277: A fantastic Colima red-ware howling dog vessel: $1500
278: A Colima double chambered flute, West Mexico: $150
280: A very nice Jalisco Ameca style seated woman: $350
283: A large Nayarit Ixtlan del Rio style sitting woman: $550
284: A cute Nayarit ocarina in the form of a sitting dog: $300
285: Chinesco 'Type C' figure of a standing woman: $150
286: A trio of early Chinesco seated figurines: $150
288: A rare Michoacan volcanic stone seated lord: $250
289: A Huastec standing female figure, Mexico: $200
294: Vera Cruz standing costumed figure in the form of an insect: $100
294A: A fine Vera Cruz bust from Mexico: $100
299: Jalisco San Juanito type cooking or storage vessel: $130
300: A beautiful Chupicuaro ceramic bowl, Guanajuato: $400
301: A great Nayarit San Sebastian type gourd pot: $300
303: A lovely La Selva tripod bowl from Costa Rica: $100
303A: Huge Greater Nicoya polychrome ceremonial vessel: $700
303E: A pair of Chiriqui/Diquis objects from Costa Rica: $150
304: A fine Cocle pedestal plate from Panama: $250
305: A large greyware bowl, Colombia: $100
306: An excellent Taino head from Hispaniola: $60
311: A gorgeous Taino bone anthropic snuffing vessel: $500
319: An excellent Tairona pendant from Colombia: $75
323: A Chancay Cuchimilco standing female figurine: $250
324: A beautiful late Chavin bone carving: $300
328: A pair of necklaces - Chimu and Spanish Colonial: $150
329: A large ovoid Chimu vessel: $200
330: A large ovoid Chimu vessel in the form of a fruit: $300
331: A fine Chimu flask with monkey deity: $130
332: A choice Chimu-Inca stirrup vessel: $400
332A: A nice Moche polychrome ceramic conchero (corn popper): $500
334: A handsome Inca Coquero head vessel: $500
334A: A Sican funerary mask, Lambayeque region: $500
335: A fine Nazca bowl with band of two-headed serpents: $275
336: Unusual Shipibo vessel from the upper Amazon region: $100
337: A large Vicus effigy vessel in the form of a woman: $500
339: A choice Bahia figure from Ecuador: $275
340: An excellent Jamacoaque figure from Ecuador: $500
342: A nice Valdivian stone owl idol, Ecuador: $700

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