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Auction 84: May Exceptional Antiquities Sale, May 30th, 2020
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2: A lot of 3 Egyptian faience amulets, Late Period: $100
3: Egyptian faience amulet of Harpokrates, Late Period: $120
7: A group of 19 Greek terracotta loom weights: $300
9: Roman bronze cista foot in the form of a nude male: $200
10: A lovely Roman bronze figure of a seated putti: $150
11: Late Roman/Byzantine bronze double nozzle oil lamp: $300
14: An interesting stone axe with handle: $100
15: An Etruscan Genucilia group pedestal dish: $100
16: Greek black glazed feeder vessel, Magnia Graecia: $150
17: A Greek black glazed squat lekythos: $250
18: An attractive Roman green glass sprinkler vessel: $200
19: An attractive Roman pale green glass bottle: $250
21: Charming Egyptian green faience amulet of Pataikos: $600
22: Wonderfully detailed Egyptian faience amulet of Isis: $400
23: An Egyptian faience amulet of Pataikos, Late Period: $70
23A: A Romano-Egyptian calcite amulet of a hippopotamus: $250
24: Egyptian bronze amulet of an ichneumon or shrew: $200
25A: A lot of 3 Egyptian ushabtis and an amulet: $120
26: A lovely Egyptian faience amulet of Pataikos: $600
26A: Egyptian diorite Eye of Horus amulet: $100
27: Large Egyptian steatite 'Ib' or amulet of the heart: $100
27B: A pair of Egyptian steatite amulets, Late Period: $100
29: A pair of Egyptian amulets, Late Period: $100
30: Egyptian faience items and Near Eastern amulet: $70
31A: Beautiful silver bracelet set with amulets and scarabs: $1500
33: A wonderful Egyptian steatite scarab with fish: $300
34: An Egyptian steatite scarab depicting a sphinx: $150
36: A nice Egyptian glazed composition scarab : $200
37: Scarabs and an amulet from Near East and Egypt: $150
38: Egyptian terracotta painted ushabti, New Kingdom: $700
40: A large and stunning Egyptian faience ushabti: $4000
44: Egyptian Predynastic jar, Naqada III - Dynasty I: $800
45: An interesting trio of Egyptian stone vessels: $600
46: Egyptian alabaster jar, Early Dynastic Period: $700
47: An Egyptian alabaster jar, Old Kingdom: $450
49: Egyptian Middle Kingdom alabaster mortar vessel: $1000
51: An attractive Egyptian Early Dynastic Gneiss dish: $350
52: An Egyptian grey stone vessel: $250
53: An Egyptian cylindrical stone carved alabastron: $300
54A: Egyptian granite head and upper torso of a man: $1500
55: A lovely Egyptian diorite figure of a recumbent bull: $2000
57: A fantastic Egyptian bronze figure of Harpokrates: $1500
58: An Egyptian bronze standing figure of Osiris: $500
60: An Egyptian bronze figure of Osiris, Late Period: $200
61: A rare Egyptian bronze figure of a sacred Bolti fish: $800
61A: A beautiful Egyptian panel from the lid of a sarcophagus: $9000
62: A rare Egyptian wooden figure of Horus: $2000
62A: A wonderful Egyptian wood 'mummy' mask: $3000
62B: A large Egyptian painted wood 'mummy mask': $800
63: An interesting Egyptian wooden relief depicting four cobras: $500
63B: A wonderful Egyptian wooden headrest, New Kingdom: $3500
65: A nicely framed Egyptian painted mummy mask: $1500
66: An Egyptian polychrome jar representing Bes: $300
67: Egyptian terracotta mould for an amulet of Sekhmet: $200
67A: Nice Egyptian ceramic figure of Harpokrates, Ptolemaic: $250
68: A Romano-Egyptian terracotta head of a grotesque: $200
68A: Pair of Egyptian beaded images of Isis and Nephthys: $700
69: An Egyptian beaded collar, Late Period: $200
70: An Egyptian beaded necklace with amulet of Khnum: $200
71: A lovely Egyptian faience bead necklace: $200
72: Rare Egyptian yellow glass paste inlay, Ptolemaic: $1500
73: A group of 5 Roman-Egyptian objects: $100
74: A nice set of four Coptic bone utensils: $150
74A: A group of 5 Coptic textile fragments, Egypt: $150
74B: A large Coptic textile panel, Egypt: $150
74C: A large Coptic textile panel, Egypt: $150
74D: A framed swatch of ancient Egyptian mummy linen: $120
75: A bronze idol of Astarte, Eastern Mediterranean: $2000
76: A fantastic Levantine bronze figure of a woman: $2500
77: A choice Near Eastern bronze horse bit: $1500
80: Near Eastern bronze stopper decorated with 2 birds: $100
80A: A nice Scythian zoomorphic bronze finial: $300
81: Nice Etruscan/Umbrian archaic bronze votive figure: $1500
81A: A Villanovan bronze bracelet: $70
82A: A lovely Roman bronze handled olpe: $800
82B: A Roman bronze patera with handle: $600
83: Romano-British enameled bronze brooch, horse and rider: $200
84: A Roman bronze applique in the form of a dolphin: $200
84A: A fantastic Roman bronze figure of a goddess: $1200
84B: A beautiful Roman bronze figure of Aphrodite: $1500
84C: A beautiful Roman bronze figurine of Isis-Fortuna: $1500
85B: A choice Roman bronze bust of a Julio-Claudian woman: $1800
85C: A choice Roman bronze figure of Aphrodite: $800
86A: Roman bronze applique in the form of the head of Mars: $250
87: A Roman bronze bull's head from a figurine: $200
87A: Roman bronze latch, zoomorphic hook and a Medieval ring: $80
87B: A pair of Late Roman/Byzantine hinged bronze seals: $50
87D: A large Roman iron spike : $250
88: A pair of Roman bronze brooches: $70
89: A lot of 3 mixed Roman bronze fibulae: $120
89A: A Byzantine bronze cross depicting Christ: $150
89B: Beautiful Byzantine bronze reliquary cross with Christ: $500
90: A lot of 4 ancient bronze objects: $100
91: A lot of 3 ancient decorative elements: $100
92: A lot of 4 ancient bronze objects: $100
95A: A fantastic Near Eastern bronze crescent axe: $800
97: An attractive Near Eastern bronze votive axe head: $450
98A: A heavy Near Eastern bronze spear butt: $150
99: A large Near Eastern spear or javelin point: $70
99A: A wonderful Near Eastern bronze dagger: $700
99B: A nice Near Eastern bronze dagger: $300
100: A pair of Near Eastern bronze dagger blades: $150
102: A nice lot of 5 Near Eastern bronze arrowheads: $100
104: Pair of Near Eastern bronze arrow points: $150
106: A trio of fine Near Eastern bronze arrowheads: $100
107: A group of 10 ancient bronze arrowheads: $80
107A: 10 ancient Greek and Near Eastern bronze arrowheads: $100
108A: Cypriot bronze spear tip and Near Eastern dagger blade: $400
108B: An interesting framed set of ancient bronze weapons: $1200
109: Celtic Bronze Age socketed axe, Central European: $250
109A: Large European bronze sickle-blade, Celtic to Medieval: $80
109B: A nice Medieval iron flanged mace head: $400
110: 5 Chinese bronze arrow or ballista points, Qin Dynasty: $100
111: 4 Chinese bronze arrow or ballista points, Qin Dynasty: $100
112: 5 Chinese bronze arrow or ballista points, Qin Dynasty: $100
113: 10 Chinese iron points, Liao to Qing Dynasty: $100
114: 10 Chinese iron points, Liao to Qing Dynasty: $100
114A: A rare Saharan desert petrified wood log: $6000
115: Anatolian dickite bearded elder or God, Lake Van: $2000
116: A gorgeous Near Eastern alabaster vessel: $2000
116A: Interesting Near Eastern sharpening stone with chain: $500
118: A nice Greek grooved alabastron: $450
118A: Romano-Thracian marble relief depicting horse and rider: $900
118B: A Roman marble head of a youth: $2000
119: A nice Roman marble head depicting a Nubian: $5000
119A: Beautiful Eastern Roman Empire marble head of a woman: $2500
120: A Roman marble bust of Serapis: $800
121: A Roman marble herm of Zeus-Ammon: $1200
121A: A large Coptic limestone funerary stela depicting a youth: $6000
122: A collection of pavement and architectural fragments: $120
122A: A Medieval limestone head of a bearded man: $2000
123: A Sabaean marble head and torso of a youth: $600
124: Charming Sabaean calcite statue of a robed figure: $2000
124A: A prehistoric Cyanobacteria Stromatolite colony fossil: $325
124B: Giant mass extinction fossil with large trilobites: $15,000
124C: European Schellwienella Brachiopod colony on shale: $450
124D: Jurassic mass extinction event fossil with sea urchins : $500
124E: Dinosaur-era giant fossil open coil Heteromorph ammonite: $2500
124G: Rare group of Mackerel Shark fossil vertebrae in situ: $3750
124H: A published, exceptionally well-preserved Auroch’s skull: $16,000
124I: European Ice Age Steppe Wisent (Bison) fossil skull: $4000
124K: A group of 4 fossil fish jaws, Mid-Cretaceous Period: $100
124N: A fantastic dinosaur tooth from an adult Tyrannosaurus rex: $20,000
127: An Old Babylonian molded plaque fragment: $200
128: Well-detailed Near Eastern terracotta bust of Astarte: $150
130: A pair of Near Eastern terracotta loom weights: $100
131: Archaic Greek flat terracotta figurine of a goddess: $500
132: A Greek ceramic votive of a seated couple: $200
135: A group of 3 ancient terracotta heads: $120
136: Rare Etruscan terracotta canopic vase lid: $1500
136A: An outstanding Etruscan terracotta head of a Nubian: $2500
136B: A gorgeous Etruscan terracotta female votive head: $4500
136C: A wonderful Etruscan terracotta votive head of a woman: $3500
137: Fantastic large Etruscan terracotta panther sculpture: $3000
138: A nice pair of Etruscan votive feet: $1200
141A: A pair of ceramic vessels from the Holy Land: $120
142: A Cypriot Middle Bronze Age juglet: $120
143: Iron Age ceramic cooking pot from the Holy Land: $100
144A: A very large Etruscan Bucchero sottile kantharos: $3000
144B: A Greek alabastron in the form of a recumbent ram: $2000
146: A lovely red-figure hydria from Apulia: $3500
146A: A wonderful Apulian red-figure bell krater: $4500
147: A nice Greek black-glazed guttus, Magnia Garcia: $300
148: A lovely Greek stemmed dish or cup: $200
149: A Greek black-glazed skyphos, Magnia Graecia: $200
151: A nice Campanian black-glazed skyphos: $250
151A: A Campanian Greek black glaze bowl, Magnia Graeca: $100
153: A nice Greek squat olpe, Magnia Graecia: $150
157: A Greek ceramic shallow bowl: $150
157A: Rare European ceramic burial cup, Urnfield culture: $375
157B: A very large Roman terracotta transport vessel: $350
158: A pair of Roman pottery vessels: $120
159: Nice group of 3 Roman orange-ware plates/dishes: $200
161: An Iron Age ceramic pinched lamp, Holy Land: $100
163: A Hellenistic black-ware lamp: $150
165: An attractive orange-ware Roman lamp: $200
168: A Roman ceramic oil lamp, Egypt: $70
169: Roman ceramic lamp with Dionysus within discus: $400
170: Large Roman orange-ware ceramic lamp with Hermes: $450
171: A very nice Byzantine/Islamic bronze oil lamp: $250
172: A pair of Late Roman / Byzantine ceramic lamps: $120
172B: A pair of attractive Byzantine lamps, Egypt: $120
173: An attractive deep ribbed Roman glass bowl: $400
173A: Roman glass cylindrical bottle, Eastern Mediterranean: $400
173B: Nice Roman pale blue glass jug, Eastern Mediterranean: $300
173C: An attractive Roman glass pouring vessel: $350
174: A beautiful Roman colorless glass cup: $250
174A: A lovely Roman pale green glass footed beaker: $500
175: Roman green glass bottle, Eastern Mediterranean: $250
175A: Roman green glass jar, Eastern Mediterranean: $400
175B: Roman olive green glass pitcher, Eastern Mediterranean: $250
175C: A large Roman olive green glass bottle: $300
176: A lot of 5 Roman and Islamic glass objects: $100
176A: A group of Roman glass bracelets and counters: $100
176B: Central Asian glass medallion depicting a sacrificial scene: $150
177: A beautiful strand of Roman blue glass eye beads: $1200
179: Pair of necklaces with assorted ancient/antique beads: $100
180: Strand of beautiful Venetian glass beads: $100
181: 15 large African pale-yellow painted clay beads: $50
182: Roman bronze ring with arm holding sword in bezel: $150
182B: A Greek bronze ring depicting a winged horse: $150
182C: A Roman silver ring with intaglio depicting eagle: $150
183: A lot of 3 Greek and Roman bronze rings: $100
184: A lot of 4 ancient bronze rings: $100
185: A rare Near Eastern black steatite amuletic head: $200
188B: Copper coin from the HMS Admiral Gardner shipwreck: $50
190B: A Near Eastern steatite scaraboid: $100
191: A lot of 4 bronze stamp seals: $150
191A: An important Byzantine bronze bread stamp with a menorah: $1000
192: A lot of 4 Sasanian stamp seals: $100
193: A lot of 3 Sasanian chalcedony intaglios: $100
194: 6 Roman seals & tokens of various materials: $100
194A: Roman administrative bulla from Ephesus: $100
195: Lot of 7 Roman and Byzantine lead bullae: $100
197: A nice Bactrian alabaster jar: $250
198: A fine Kushan head from the Indus Valley: $50
199: Nice Gandharan stone oil lamp from the Indus Valley: $85
200A: Decorated Gandharan libation vessel, Indus Valley: $300
201: Gandharan stone head from the Indus Valley: $100
202: A nice Gandharan schist stupa reliquary: $400
204: A nice Khmer ceramic fragment with head of a man: $150
205: A nice bronze head of Buddha, Thailand: $150
206: A large and attractive bronze Buddha head: $250
206A: Indian cast brass figure of Hanuman on a squared base: $100
207: A Koma ceramic figure, Ghana: $120
208: A pair of European gilded wood appliques: $200
211: Antique polychrome figure of a reclining hoplite: $300
212: Decorative Egyptian-style sandstone relief fragment: $150
212A: Wonderful decorative Egyptian boat with rowers replica: $300
213: A lovely banded alabaster stone bowl: $200
215: Attractive Egyptian bronze scarab reproduction: $100
220: 6 antique brass Roman-style lamps of elaborate form: $100
220A: Pair of ceramic vessels in ancient style, 20th Century: $70
221: A mixed lot of 9 Byzantine-style replica crosses: $100
222A: Wonderful antique replica of a 17th C. Spanish morion: $200
223: A pair of antique English white clay pipes: $80
229: A nice pair of Colima standing male figures: $130
231: A Colima effigy figure of a person on a bed: $80
231A: A Colima figure of a man lying on a bed, West Mexico: $100
234A: A fantastic, large Colima standing warrior: $350
234B: A fantastic Colima red-ware howling dog vessel: $1200
236: A nice Jalisco seated male figure, West Mexico: $150
237: A choice Jalisco sheep face standing male figure: $300
238A: An excellent Aztec vulture fragment from Mexico: $100
239: A cute Quimbaya figural whistle, Mexico: $150
239A: A Chupicuaro rounded bottomed vessel, Mexico: $100
240: A nice Pre-Classic figure from Mexico: $150
242A: Attractively carved Maya cylinder from El Salvador: $500
242B: A striking Maya polychrome plate from Guatemala: $600
243: A large Mayan ceramic ocarina: $200
243A: A pair of Pre-Columbian ceramic figures: $50
246: A choice Chinesco polychrome double-lobbed jar: $200
248A: A pair of Pre-Columbian ceramic vessels: $150
249A: A choice Taino carved stone Death Head: $1500
252: An attractive Chancay bichrome ceramic bowl: $100
253: A nice little Chancay Cuchimilco figure: $120
257: A group of 3 Inca stone conopas: $150
261A: A nice Huari/Wari quartzite figure of a noble: $300
263: A lot of 3 Chimu ceramic figural beads: $100
263A: A large strand of Chimu shell and stone beads: $120
264: A pair of Chimu copper ear spools: $350
264A: A colorful swatch of Chimu fabric: $150
265: A lovely Moche figure of a warrior: $400
265A: A nice Moche polychrome ceramic conchero: $500
266: An excellent Valdivia ceremonial hacha: $300
267: An unusual chalice from Ecuador: $100
269: A group of 3 Jamacoaque-Guangala figures: $100

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