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Auction 86: Summer Exceptional Antiquities Sale, August 1st, 2020
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* First-come, first-served; some lots may sell before list is periodically updated.
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12: A Near Eastern bronze zoomorphic adze: $250
14: A Cypro-Archaic pilgrim's flask: $300
16: An Etruscan Malacena-ware trefoil olpe: $250
21: A wonderful Egyptian deep blue frit amulet of Bes: $600
22: A rare Egyptian bronze Harpoon of Horus pendant: $600
23: Rare Egyptian green-glazed faience hybrid amulet: $500
28: Beautiful antique gold bracelet with 7 Egyptian scarabs: $2000
30A: An Egyptian gold foil scarab, Late Period - Roman: $500
35: A nice Egyptian terracotta ushabti, Dynasty 21: $500
36: A fantastic Egyptian deep blue glazed ushabti: $5000
43: Nice Egyptian alabaster footed cup, Middle Kingdom: $300
44: A nice little Egyptian stone votive/offering vessel: $150
44A: An Egyptian alabaster jar, Middle Kingdom: $250
48: Set of 4 large Egyptian alabaster canopic jars: $8000
49: Egyptian serpentine figure of a recumbent dog: $2000
50: A lovely Egyptian black steatite figure of Harpokrates: $800
52: An important Egyptian bronze figure of Khonsu: $5000
53: A fantastic Egyptian bronze figure of seated Osiris: $3500
54: Rare Egyptian bronze figure of Osiris with Isis on back: $2000
55: Egyptian bronze Osiris with silver inlaid eye remnants: $2000
58A: A wonderful Egyptian funerary mask, Late Period: $5000
60: Egyptian terracotta funerary cone for Heritephutamun: $350
62B: A lot of 4 Romano-Egyptian ceramic 'frog' lamps: $200
64: Greek terracotta head of a woman, Ptolemaic Egypt: $200
68: A neat Egyptian glazed composition head of a woman: $250
69: A fantastic Egyptian mummified cat: $9000
70: Egyptian cartonnage over wood Ptah-Sokar-Osiris: $5000
71: An attractive beaded Sons of Horus group: $400
72: Egyptian faience beaded necklace with rare herm amulet: $300
72B: A group of Egyptian linen wrappings within a glass bottle: $100
72C: A lot of 3 Coptic textile fragments, Egypt: $100
73: A wonderful Near Eastern bronze horse bit: $2000
74: Near Eastern bronze figure of a deer with large antlers: $700
75: Near Eastern bronze protome in ram's head form: $600
76: A nice Near Eastern bronze pin: $120
77: A pair of Near Eastern bronze elements: $150
77A: A Levantine bronze amulet of a standing deity: $80
80: A large and heavy Greek bronze situla handle: $200
82: A massive Hellenistic bronze trident: $4000
83: A wonderful Etruscan bronze figure of a male youth: $3500
84: An Etruscan bronze handled pan or patera: $250
85: A Roman/Etruscan bronze mirror: $350
86: Roman bronze figurine of Mercury seated on an eagle: $800
87: A nice Roman bronze lamp with head of a griffin: $2000
88: A Roman bronze seal box lid: $60
89: Large Roman bronze double side phallic amulet: $200
90: A Roman bronze phallic applique: $150
92: Nice Roman bronze Kraftig Profilierte fibula: $150
93: A lot of 4 Roman plate brooches: $150
94: A pair of Roman & Persian bronze inkwell lids: $50
95: A Roman lead sling bullet and two other objects: $70
95B: A Byzantine bronze cross set into a custom silver pendant: $250
95C: Seljuk bronze applique in lion form: $150
96: A beautiful Capsian culture Neolithic celt: $130
97: A Northern European Neolithic stone axe: $200
98A: A Near Eastern bronze axe: $250
100: A large Near Eastern bronze short sword: $800
101: A nice Near Eastern bronze sword blade: $250
101A: A well-preserved Near Eastern bronze spear head: $150
103: A pair of nice Near Eastern bronze javelin points: $100
104: A large Near Eastern spear or javelin point: $100
111B: Achaemenid arrowhead set in silver & sapphire pendant: $250
112: A Celtic bronze socketed hammer or other tool: $150
113: A nice Celtic/Central European bronze adze/axe: $200
114: A rare pair of Villanovan bronze scabbards/sheaths: $900
114A: Chinese bronze arrow point and clay seal from Sri Lanka: $50
115: 4 Chinese bronze arrow or ballista points, Qin Dynasty: $120
116: 7 Chinese bronze arrow or ballista points, Qin Dynasty: $100
117: 7 mixed Chinese bronze arrow or ballista points: $100
121: 5 marble Kilia idol heads from 'Stargazer' idols: $250
124: A Sabaean marble head of a man: $2000
126: Roman marble section of a circular cinerarium cover: $1500
129: A Near Eastern terracotta fertility figure: $400
131: A Cypriot terracotta figure of a bearded man: $600
131B: A marvelous Etruscan terracotta head of a man: $4000
131C: A fabulous Etruscan terracotta head of a young woman: $2500
131D: A beautiful Etruscan terracotta half head of woman: $1800
132: Greek terracotta votive of a goddess, possibly Demeter: $450
136: Wonderful Greek terracotta figurine of a winged Erote: $500
137: A Greek terracotta figure of a seated woman: $300
139: Hellenistic terracotta figure of Eros on horseback: $450
139A: A wonderful Hellenistic terracotta figure of an actor: $200
142: A Parthian terracotta centaur-like rider votive: $250
143: Lovely Roman terracotta antefix depicting Eros: $400
145: A Roman roof tile with LEG X…: $200
146: A choice Yortan culture kernos : $500
147: An attractive Yortan black-ware two-handled jar: $200
149: A nicely incised Yortan black-ware vessel: $400
150: Choice Yortan black-ware vessel with rounded body: $350
152A: A pair of Late Bronze Age bowls: $120
154: Iron Age II black-ware juglet from the Holy Land: $50
155: An Iron Age footed cup, Levantine: $150
156: A nice banded Cypriot bichrome amphora: $400
158: An attractive Greek ceramic alabastron: $350
159: A lovely Attic black-glazed kantharos: $400
161: An attractive Greek footed kothon: $200
164: A Greek black-glazed olpe, Magna Graecia: $120
166: A pleasing Greek black-glazed olpe, Magnia Graecia: $200
167: A pair of Greek footed bowls, Magnia Graecia: $120
168: Lovely Campanian black-glazed bowl, Magnia Graecia: $400
169: A Greek black-glazed pedestal bowl: $100
170: A Greek black-ware squat lekythos: $250
171: A cute pair of Greek spindle vessels: $150
173: A nice Italo-Megarian bowl: $200
174: A lovely Etruscan bucchero trefoil olpe: $500
175: A lovely Etruscan bucchero chalice: $800
177A: A lot of 3 Roman ceramic vessels, Holy Land: $100
177D: A pair of Roman ceramic bottles: $120
178: A Roman spouted jug in the form of a canine: $450
181: A group of ancient pottery fragments: $100
184: A four-spouted Bronze Age ceramic lamp: $100
185: A very large Iron age pinched ceramic lamp: $200
187: Fantastic Roman ceramic lamp with bust of an actor: $400
189: Roman lamp with theater masks decorating discus: $150
193: An Islamic glazed pinched lamp: $100
194: An Islamic ceramic lamp from the Holy Land: $150
194A: A pair of Islamic turquoise-glazed lamps: $50
197: A Roman yellow-green glass tear drop vessel: $100
197A: A pair of Roman pale green glass unguentariums: $150
198: A nice Roman green glass vial: $120
198A: Roman glass unguentarium, c. 1st - 2nd Century AD: $100
200: A large Roman pale blue-green glass bottle: $500
200A: A nice Roman green glass bottle with piriform body: $200
201: Choice Roman dark green glass double unguentarium: $350
202: Large Roman green glass funnel-mouthed bottle: $450
204: Large and substantial Byzantine/Early Islamic bowl: $1200
204A: A nice Islamic glass bracelet or hair ring: $70
205: A fantastic Roman bone figure or doll as Venus: $2000
206: A beautifully carved Roman bone figure of a lion: $750
207: A lovely group of Hellenistic core glass rods: $450
207B: A nice lot of 6 Roman and later glass beads: $100
211A: A pair of lead tokens or weights from the Holy Land: $100
212: Group of 6 Late Roman - Byzantine bronze weights: $150
212A: Lot of 6 ancient - Medieval rings, and one more modern: $100
213C: Herod the Great bronze coin in a silver pendant: $150
213D: Biblical silver shekel of Tyre from the time of Christ: $900
215C: A group of 4 Roman bronze and silver coins: $150
216A: A group of 10 terracotta bullae, Roman: $100
217: A brass John V three pound twelve coin weight: $100
218: A lovely collection of 16 ancient coins: $75
218B: A cluster of Chinese coins from a hoard: $100
219: A nice Near Eastern black steatite cylinder seal: $800
220: A pair of Levantine stone stamp seals: $120
225: A Levantine grey steatite cylinder seal with animals: $150
225A: An Achaemenid yellow glass ovoid stamp seal: $80
226: Group of 3 Near Eastern ceramic and bone seals/beads: $150
228: A group of Roman and Sasanian intaglios: $150
231: A Bactrian chlorite bowl: $200
233: A nice Gandharan stone oil lamp: $75
237: A Neolithic Chinese cup with line decoration: $60
237A: A cute Majapahit terracotta head of a child, East Java: $100
237B: Beautiful Majapahit terracotta head of a woman, East Java: $120
238: A Thai bronze bust of Buddha: $100
239: A Thai Ayutthaya glazed spouted vessel: $100
240: A Southeast Asian bronze figure of a deity: $150
241: Gilded lacquered wood figure of Shin Thiwali (Sivali): $70
243: A choice Maximon mask from Guatemala: $120
244: A modernly re-carved Near Eastern marble fragment: $200
244A: A wonderful, large framed Saqqara replica relief: $400
246: Large composite stone replica of Egyptian seated scribe: $250
247: Large and attractive Egyptian stone head replica: $250
248: A beautiful scarab brooch in ancient Egyptian style: $300
250: Group of 5 interesting Egyptian tourist-type replicas: $150
251: A group of 5 Greek-style ceramic replica objects: $150
251A: A handsome Greek replica of the Piraeus Apollo: $250
253: A lovely replica of an Etrusco-Corinthian olpe: $200
253A: A lot of three attractive antique glass bottles: $60
254: Group of large and attractive ancient-style replica rings: $100
254A: A nice Greek wooden bread stamp, c. 19th Century: $120
254B: A lovely Ottoman silver torc, 16th - 17th Century: $250
260: Attractive Egyptian-style tomb painting, 20th Century: $250
265B: A lovely Native American beaded ornamental sash: $100
267: A cute little West Mexican ceramic bird figurine: $100
269: A lot of 4 West Mexican ceramic votive jars: $100
271: A nice Olmec standing figure, Mexico: $200
272: Choice Jalisco Ameca style seated hunchback figure: $350
273: A nice Colima serpent vessel, West Mexico: $300
Sale pending
273A: A cute Colima coiled dog, West Mexico: $700
277: Colima votive depicting a man strapped to a canopied bed: $120
277A: A nice Colima figure of a man with dental problems: $200
278A: An attractive Jalisco figure of a seated man: $150
279: A Huastec standing female figure, Mexico: $200
281: Cute Chupicuaro standing female figurine, Mexico: $80
281A: A lovely Chupicuaro bowl in the form of three breasts: $100
282: A beautiful Chupicuaro ceramic bowl, Guanajuato: $300
282A: A Nayarit Post-Classic creme jar, West Mexico: $100
282B: A nice Nayarit Post-Classic globular vase: $100
285: A large Chinesco fine-line flat bowl, Mexico: $200
287A: A trio of fine Maya obsidian objects: $100
289A: An early Nicoya Guinea incised bulbous bowl, Costa Rica: $400
290: A pair of Costa Rican pottery vessels: $50
290A: A huge Greater Nicoya polychrome ceremonial vessel: $700
291: A massive Nicoya figural urn, Costa Rica: $1000
292: A fine La Selva tripod dish, Costa Rica: $100
294: A large Narino bullet-shaped amphora: $450
302B: Jamacoaque-Guangala ceramic architectural elements: $100
305: An interesting La Tolita ceramic figure of an armadillo: $400

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