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Auction 58: Fine Ancient Antiquities: May 13, 2017
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* After-auction prices 25% above auction start price.
* Reduced 19.5% In-House Buyer's Premium applies.
* First-come, first-served; some lots may sell before list is periodically updated.
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2: A large Egyptian faience Djed pillar of Osiris, Late Period: $300
5: An attractive Egyptian cartonnage panel, Late Period: $420
6: A Greek bronze leg with sandaled foot: $300
7: A Roman bronze patera handle in form of a dog head: $180
8: A Roman silver pendant depicting a mother goddess: $300
9: A group of 4 ancient tools and weapons: $360
11: Greek terracotta chair idol of a goddess, Metapontum: $240
12: An Eastern Greek terracotta rattle figure of a woman: $120
15: A Bronze Age ceramic flask, Holy Land: $240
22: Egyptian terracotta ushabti, Late New Kingdom: $480
24: An Egyptian gilded limestone head of a ushabti: $480
24A: Egyptian bright blue faience Book of the Dead shabti: $7200
25: Egyptian faience ushabti, 3rd Intermediate Period: $300
26A: A large and impressive Egyptian faience ushabt: $3600
27: An Egyptian faience ushabti, Late Period: $180
28: An Egyptian faience ushabti, Late Period: $480
30: Fantastic Egyptian amulet of Anubis: $360
32: A choice Egyptian faience amulet of Isis: $240 SOLD
33: A nice Egyptian black steatite amulet of Ra: $300 SOLD
34: Egyptian faience collar element with seated deity: $240
34A: A beautiful Egyptian bi-color faience amulet of Isis: $600
35: Egyptian faience amulet of Taweret, Late Period: $120
35A: A well-detailed Egyptian green faience amulet of Khnum: $240
35C: Nicely detailed Egyptian amulet of reclining a cat: $300
37: Group of 5 Egyptian faience amulets, Late Period: $180
38: A pair of Egyptian faience amulets: $180
41: Egyptian glazed steatite scarab, New Kingdom: $180
41A: Egyptian steatite scarab with cartouche of Thutmose III: $360
44A: A pair of Levantine stone scarabs, ex-Museum: $180
45: Egyptian Pre-Dynastic beaker, Naqada II: $2100
46: An Egyptian Pre-Dynastic terracotta vessel: $360
47: 3 large Egyptian terracotta molds, New Kingdom: $240
49: Egyptian amulet mold for a plaque depicting Hapi: $240
50: A large Egyptian terracotta mold for a bunch of grapes: $360
52: Egyptian ceramic concubine figure, Late Period: $360
54: Roman terracotta head of a fashionable lady, Egypt: $360
55: A Roman terracotta figure of the Sothic Dog, Egypt: $720 SOLD
56: Egyptian schist Pre-Dynastic Naqada II cosmetic palette: $1800
57: A fantastic Pre-Dynastic/Old Kingdom stone vessel: $3000
58: Egyptian diorite grinding palette, Middle Kingdom: $4500
58A: Fantastic Egyptian banded alabaster bowl,Middle Kingdom: $2400
59: Egyptian basalt kohl vessel, Middle Kingdom: $420
61: Egyptian serpentine cosmetic palette in form of a fish: $3600
61A: Gorgeous magnesite marble figure of Osiris: $6000
61B: A rare and exquisite limestone portrait of a pharaoh : $3000
62: Levantine limestone head of man, possibly a Pharaoh: $420
62A: Egyptian limestone mold for a 'Sons of Horus' amulet: $360
63: A pair of Egyptian stucco and limestone figurines: $180
64: A choice Egyptian banded alabaster perfumery vessel: $300 SOLD
64A: Choice Egyptian alabaster kohl vessel with original lid: $840
64C: A fantastic Egyptian bronze figure of Harpokrates: $7800
67A: An Egyptian bronze amulet of striding Harpokrates: $480
67B: An Egyptian bronze figure of Isis, Late Period: $600
68: A pair of Egyptian bronze situla, Late Period: $300
68A: An attractive seated bronze Ibis statuette: $1500
68C: A nice Egyptian bronze figurine of a shrew: $360
68E: Egyptian bronze head of an Ibis, Late Period: $480
72: Egyptian pale blue faience offering cup, Late Period: $180 SOLD
72A: A nice Egyptian faience rosette inlay, Late Period: $180
72B: An Egyptian turquoise glazed composition aryballos: $3000
73: An Egyptian faience head from a figure of Ptah: $360
73A: An Egyptian glazed terracotta head of a pharaoh: $960
75: Egyptian painted stucco avian votive, Ptolemaic: $180
76: A gilded Byzantine/Coptic bone doll: $420
77: Very rare Egyptian yellow glass paste inlay, Ptolemaic: $3000
81: Lovely pair of Coptic papyrus fragments from a letter: $960
82B: A very nice Bactrian banded stone amulet of a tortoise, ex-Museum: $180
83: A large red-white Bactrian marble column idol: $3000
83A: A Sabaean marble head of a man: $3000
84: A Bactrian green steatite footed cup: $1200
85: Southern Mesopotamia stone bowl,3rd Millennium BC: $240
85A: An extremely rare Near Eastern limestone fertility amulet of female breasts: $300
85B: A Near Eastern tan marble amulet of a foot, ex-Museum: $240
86: A Near Eastern stone figure of a trussed ox: $840
86A: Sumerian/Jemdat Nasr steatite amulet stylized feline, ex-Museum: $420 SOLD
86B: Sumerian crème marble amulet of a human head, ex-Museum: $240
86C: Sumerian limestone triple human headed mace-head amulet, ex-Museum: $240
88: A fine Ghandaran stone oil lamp: $75
90: Lovely Ghandaran figural fragment: $125
90A: A lovely Ghandaran female head: $75
91: Fine Ghandaran Bodhisattva head: $100
91B: Anatolian marble Kylia head and neck from a 'Stargazer' idol, ex-Museum: $150
91C: Large black serpentine incised pendant, Southern Anatolia, ex-Museum: $180
91D: Anatolian stone amulet in the form of a 4-knobbed mace head, ex-Museum: $240
92: Cypriot limestone statue fragment of clenched hand: $1800
94: Fascinating Ancient to Renaissance marble bust of 'Emperor Vitellius': $60,000
95: Roman marble architectural fragment from Cloaca Maxima: $600
97: Islamic stone calligraphic bowl, 16th - 18th Century: $180
99: Nice Near Eastern bronze horse bit with cheek pieces: $1500
100: A nice Near Eastern bronze finial with rampant goats: $420
100A: Group of 5 ancient Near Eastern animal amulets, ex-Museum: $600
100B: A lot of 6 varied ancient animal amulets, ex-Museum: $720
100C: A group of 8 Near Eastern bull and ram stone amulets, ex-Museum: $240
100D: Interesting pair of ancient semi-precious stone amulets, ex-Museum: $240
103: Beautiful Near Eastern bronze figurine of a zebu bull: $420
104: A Near Eastern bronze amulet of a goat: $180
105: A Near Eastern bronze amulet of a goat: $240
106: A large Near Eastern bronze stag amulet: $360
108: A Near Eastern bronze figurine of a horse: $120
108A: A fine Near Eastern bronze cosmetics container: $75
108B: Near Eastern bronze amulet in shape of double-blade axe, ex-Museum: $300
109: A collection of ancient bronze and bone implements: $480 SOLD
110: A group of Urartu and Near Eastern bronze objects: $180
112: Scythian bronze applique in form of stylized avian head: $180
113: A Thracian bronze seated horseman: $480
116: Nicely detailed Roman bronze vessel, head of Nubian: $600
117A: A lovely Roman bronze figure of a seated Putti: $480
118A: Roman small bronze Mercury seated sideways on an eagle : $1800
119: A Roman bronze head of Mars: $480
123: Roman bronze applique in the form of a dolphin: $240
124: A choice Roman bronze figurine of a ram: $1800
127: A Roman bronze phallic amulet of interesting form: $240
132: An attractive Byzantine bronze reliquary cross: $240
133: A Byzantine bronze reliquary cross: $240
134: Byzantine/ Islamic bronze plated bird from Holy Land: $300
136: A nice Seljuk/Persian bronze incense burner: $840
137: A Roman bronze Kraftig profilierte type fibula: $120
138: A Romano-British bronze plate brooch: $180
141: A pair of Roman fibulae: $65
142: A choice Near Eastern bronze axe head: $1800
143: A nice Near Eastern bronze dagger: $300
144: A trio of Graeco-Scythian arrowheads: $60
145: A rare Eastern Scythian/Ordos culture bronze dagger: $3000
148: A Near Eastern iron sword, likely Kushan Empire: $175
149: A fine iron ballista point or spear-tip: $60
150: A fine iron ballista point or spear-tip: $60
151: A European bronze knife, c. 14th - 17th Century: $240
153A: A Neo-Sumerian foundation cone from the time of Gudea: $2400
154: An Old Babylonian terracotta bulla: $240
155: Nice terracotta votive figurine, Eastern Mediterranean: $240
156A: A group of 3 Near Eastern ceramic figurines, ex-Museum: $300
157: A nice Syro-Hittite ceramic horseman: $240
158: A Syro-Hittite terracotta yoked horses votive: $180
158A: Rare Cypriot terracotta female idol, c. 1500 – 1200 BC, ex-Museum: $240
159: Boeotian Greek terracotta votive figure, Archaic Period: $300
159A: A beautiful Greek terracotta relief scene : $15,000
161: A Greek terracotta head of a woman: $240
162A: An outstanding Greek terracotta figure of seated woman: $5500
163: A nice Hellenistic Greek terracotta head of a female: $480
165: A miniature Greek terracotta head of a youth: $240
165A: A stunning Romano-Etruscan head of youth: $2400
165B: Very rare Etruscan terracotta ‘canopic vase’ lid: $4200
166: A Seleucid-Parthian terracotta figure: $540
167A: An attractive Roman female head fragment: $50
170: A Northern Mesopotamian globular vessel: $225
170A: An Assyrian green ware juglet, Neo-Assyrian, ex-Museum: $240
170B: An Amlash anthropomorphic tripod rhyton: $840
171: A group of 3 Holy land terracotta pottery vessels: $180
173: An attractive Cypriot pedestal dish: $300
173A: Huge Cypriot red-polished ware jug with design,19" tall: $9600
174: A Corinthian trefoil oinochoe with lid and decoration: $6000
174A: A lovely Corinthian footed pottery aryballos with Siren: $2100
174B: A beautiful Greek cockleshell aryballos: $6500
175: Greek black-figure lekythos,Hercules and Cretan Bull: $5000
176: Greek black-figure lekythos depicting three figures: $3000
177: Greek black-figure lekythos with palmette decoration: $600
178A: An Attic red-figure Nolan amphora by the Ethiop Painter: $4200 SOLD
178B: A beautiful Greek red-figure footed plate, Apulia: $1800
179: A lovely Greek Gnathian-ware squat lekythos: $540
179A: A lovely Gnathian Greek pelike, 4th Century BC: $960
179B: A Greek footed black-figure plemochoe: $540
180: A lot of 5 Campanian ceramic votive vessels: $120
181: An attractive pair of Greek ceramic plates: $420
182: A fine Hellenistic alabastron: $100
183: A nicely formed Hellenistic spindle bottle: $100
186: An Etruscan footed kantharos: $420
188: A choice Etruscan Bucchero oinochoe: $480
188A: A nice Roman orange-ware bowl with central decoration: $300
188B: A lovely Roman two-handled orange-ware juglet: $840
188C: An enormous Greek ceramic transport amphora, Spain: $3900
189: A lovely Roman green glass aryballos: $420
190: A lovely Hellenistic core glass handled amphoriskos: $1100
191: A beautiful Roman marbled amber glass unguentarium: $2100
191A: A Roman blue-green glass candlestick unguentarium: $240
192: A lovely Byzantine glass jar: $300
193: Excellent terracotta oil lamp from the Indus Valley: $75
195: A nice Roman bronze lamp: $480
196: A nice Roman discus lamp depicting an eagle: $240
198: Roman terracotta discus lamp with central seashell : $240
200: Erotic Roman oil lamp depicting a woman and hound: $360
201: A Late Hellenistic - Early Roman ceramic lamp: $120
202: Roman orange-ware lamp with leaping lion: $480
204: Group of 4 ancient ceramic lamps from the Holy Land: $180
205: A pair of ancient glass bracelets: $180
207: A mixed group of assorted Roman glass beads: $180
217: A rare Levantine gold foil incantation scroll: $600
218: A pair of fine Assyrian gold ear ornament: $100
219A: A Judean ‘Widow’s Mite’ set in a silver cross pendant: $180
219B: A necklace with a Scythian bronze arrowhead pendant: $180
220: A Hellenistic iron signet ring: $240
221: A Greek bronze ring with a dancing woman: $180
224: A Roman silver ring with intaglio: $240
227: A Roman square lead 3 Uncia weight: $240
227A: An antique gilded Ottoman silver-alloy buckle: $180
227B: A beautiful antique gilded Ottoman buckle: $420
228: A lot of 4 Bactrian bronze stamp seals: $180
228B: Rare Neo-Babylonian creme marble stamp seal in the form of a duck, ex-Museum: $300
229: A Sumerian black steatite cylinder seal: $180
229A: A Levantine grey limestone cylinder seal: $180
230C: An Anatolian red steatite stamp seal: $240
230D: A black serpentine hemispherical stamp seal, Anatolia: $180
231: An unusual Buddhist stamp seal from Southeast Asia: $50 SOLD
235: Guro heddle pulley from the Ivory Coast, West Africa: $100
237: A group of fossilized Crinoid stems from Kentucky: $120
238: A nicely carved Inuit black steatite fish charm: $540
239: Orange jasper Neanderthal hand axe, Mousterian, France: $180 SOLD
240: A collection of 30 stone arrow/spear points: $600
240A: A group of 20+ small obsidian arrowheads and fragments: $180
241A: A large and attractive Colima mahogany obsidian blade: $720
243: A long strand of Michoacán shell beads, Mexico: $120
250: A pair of Chiriqui/Diquis objects from Costa Rica: $180
251: A stone stirrup-shaped rocker-arm pestle, Costa Rica: $180
252: A late Murillo applique style monochrome vessel: $120
253: Central Highland redware tripod rattle vessel: $120
254: A Central Highland tripod bowl, Costa Rica: $120
255: Huge Greater Nicoya ceremonial vessel: $960
256: An early Nicoya Guinea incised bulbous bowl: $480
257: A pair of ceramic finger drums from Costa Rica: $180
258: A lovely Costa Rican ceramic funnel: $420
259: A Nicoya monochrome shoe pot, Costa Rica: $120
268: A fine Inca bird pendant: $100
269: A trio of Manteno stamps from Ecuador: $100
272: A matched pair of Bahia figurines from Ecuador: $250 SOLD
273: A fine LaTolita bust from Ecuador: $50

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